Writing a resume cover letter- Suggestions and Examples

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As you sit down to draft a resume cover letter, the first thought that comes to your mind- Why not google it? So, once you do that you get a heel lot of samples, templates, formats. Now, you end up thinking: Are they really required? Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if I could just let my resume speak for itself?

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So, here we are to guide and assist you in resume cover letter writing. Yes, these cover letters can really help in getting a job. In fact, for certain recruiters, they are the most important part of your application. In a nutshell, these cover letters give you a golden to tell employers who you really are, why they should hire you, and how you stand out among all the other applicants. Here we have for you some tips that will surely help you improve your cover letter and guide you to the best.

1. Don’t Restate Your Resume

A cover letter is not just about repeating yourself. In fact, here you highlight those additional details that you were unable to squeeze onto the single-page resume. You can be more detailed. You can make use of full sentences instead of points and bullets. Thus, you assure the hiring manager that you’re the perfect fit for the company.

2. Do not stick to praising the company.

This is one common cover letter mistake. We begin to talk about how great the position would be for us. Remember, that they know about the company and its available positions. The recruiters are looking forward to discovering you. They really want to know what you are going to bring to the position and company.

3. Highlight your capabilities

Now what all you have accomplished holds importance no doubt, but what you can do in your future is more important to the recruiters. Understand the key requirements and priorities for the job, and present the reviewer with what you can do to optimize growth. You can craft a section within the letter that states ‘Here is all that I can deliver in this role.’

4. Your Skills catch attention

Once you decide that this job is perfectly matched to your skills, but your past experience doesn’t sell you as the perfect option for the position, focus on your skills. It is always good to present your skills in the best way possible where ever you find space be it your resume or CV.

5. Academic Qualification is not Necessary

Usually, freshers and undergrads over-focus on their educational backgrounds. You must not forget that hiring managers care the most about your work experience. If you don’t possess relevant work experience you can highlight your volunteer or internship experience. These are as powerful as your working experiences.

6. Make Use of Few Numbers

In the field of job search, numbers can often speak louder than words. So, include statistics to illustrate your impact on companies you have worked for in the past. The recruiters love to see numbers as it shows them that you speak their language. Also, it states that you understand what they are looking for in an employee.

7. Cut the Formal Statements

Being overly formal makes you seem insincere as well as robotic. You do not look friendly, approachable, and wonderful-to-work-with person. So, avoid indulging in formalities like-‘I am glad to convey my interest in filling the available position at your fine establishment’. A formal attitude of such a level is not appreciable. Of course, you must be sincere and must not sound way too casual.

These suggestions are worth following when you wish to create a job-winning resume cover letter.

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