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CV writing

Whether you are hunting for your first job or trying to make a career change, the process begins with your resume. This one document can either make or break your chances of getting hired. It creates your first impression. So, writing a professional CV or resume is a crucial thing.

In this comprehensive guide, you will come across-

  • What is a resume?
  • How is a CV different from a resume?
  • Different resume format for job Interview- Choosing the best resume format.
  • Ideal Resume layout.
  • How to write a resume?
  • Resume examples, 2019 resume templates.

What is a resume?

A resume is a document containing a brief summary of personal, educational, and professional experiences used for job applications.

How is a CV different from a resume?

A Curriculum Vitae or CV is a detailed summary of educational histories and professional experience, used for job applications.

We get to hear this question all the time. However, the main difference between a Curriculum Vitae and a resume is the length and amount of details.

  • A resume layout and content are selective and concise. In contrast, a CV outlines the entire educational as well as professional history, in addition to major accomplishments, and other credentials.
  • A resume is a one-page maximum it can be more only in exceptional cases like two-paged for senior roles. While a CV is always more than two pages in length.
  • Generally, a resume is used when applying for jobs in the private sector. While a CV is used for jobs in the public sector.

Choosing the Best Resume Format.

Here are the three basic Best Resume Formats-

  1. Reverse chronological resume format – This format is the most popular one. It is ideal for people with plenty of work experience relevant to the role they are seeking.
  2. Functional/skills-based resume format – In case an individual lacks relevant work experience or is a fresher, he can choose this format. Also, those opting for a career change, the skills-based format is a good choice.
  3. Combination resume format– A blend of the above two. This one is a great choice if you have a diversified set of skills and work experiences relevant to the desired role. Writing A professional CV in this format is preferred by many.

An Ideal Resume Layout

An ideal Resume Layout Must possess-

1. One page length– a too-long resume with irrelevant details is a big no-no. An ideal resume is a one-page document

2. Clear section headings- The section headings must be clear. Selecting a color scheme is crucial. It must be neat and clear.

3. Enough white-space- There should be ample white space especially around the margins. this gives a clean and professional look. Also, such CVs are easy to read and not a sore to the eye.

4. Easy-to-read font. – Getting experimental with fonts and formats is certainly not wise. However, always maintain an easy-to-read layout with proper fonts, backgrounds, etc.

Formatting a resume

How to Write a Resume- Writing a Professional CV

Resume writing is a skill in itself. People with the best of work experience may be neglected over those with very little experience due to their resume.

The most important sections for a perfect resume are:

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Awards, Honors, and Accomplishments

One can make use of resume builders online. These can help in filling the above-mentioned sections easily. These may involve some payment. However, you can download our templates for free and create a job-winning resume.

Tips on Contact Information

  • You must mention the home address, email, contact number. These three are mandatory. Furthermore, you can also provide links to social media or your web pages.
  • Never include cheesy e-mail addresses like-coolgirl@gmail.com, etc. Always use a professional email. Create one if you do not have any.
  • Do not include your religion or marital status unless asked for.

Professional Summary Writing Tips

  • A professional resume summary states a convincing snapshot of your skills and experience.
  • It will be two or three lines of text.
  • Usually present at the very top of the page.
  • It hooks the reader so it must be eye-catching and promising.

Work Experience And Education Section

  • Either of these has to be detailed. If you possess extensive work experience, then cut short the education section and vice versa.
  • Use only relevant details.
  • Avoid stating duties in the work section rather state accomplishments.

Resume Skills

There are three basic categories-

Hards Skills for a Resume

  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Equipment operation
  • Proficiency with specific software
  • Negotiation
  • Written or verbal communication

Soft Skills For Resume

  • Emotional intelligence
  • logical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Active listener
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinker

Technical Skills

  • Java, HTML, CSS
  • Microsoft Office
  • Photoshop
  • Other software and applications

Awards and Honors

  • Scholarships and industry awards.
  • Mention the organization that gave you this as well as the year of achievement.

Proofreading and Customizing A Resume

  • Once you are done writing a resume, check out for typos.
  • Grammatical errors and other mistakes prove to be a blunder.
  • Ask a family member, friend, or colleague to scan your document for errors. there is a possibility that the other person may catch the errors you have missed.
  • Check out for action verbs and resume keywords.

Resume examples, 2019 Resume Templates.

Here are some professional resume templates. These have been created by our expert teams and are also recruiter-approved. Download them for free. Customize and you will create a perfect resume that wins jobs. Check out templates for experienced as well as freshers and entry-level candidates.

Resume for entry level candidate
Resume for entry-level candidate

For more such templates, tips on resume writing and samples, stay connected to wantcv.com. Comment your queries below in the comment section and our experts will solve all your issues in the best way possible.


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