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Best 5 Web Developer Resume Samples 2019

Best 5 Web Developer Resume Samples 2019
Written by Alan Win

The IT sector is in great demand for web developers. However, this does not mean that you can get the job that easily. A perfect resume that speaks out for you is a dire need in any field. So, find out the top 5 web developer resume samples 2019.

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5 Amazing Web Developer Resume Examples 2019

We have created our web developer resume with the help of IT industry vets. Choose your favorite and download it for free!

Do follow our experts’ pieces of advice, and make our way to the interviewers’ office.

This is an entry-level web designer resume.

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Tips for Writing A Web Developer Resume

With an ever-increasing demand of web developers in the industry, specificity is a must. New businesses emerge online each day. An individual with an ability to create unique websites is a gem. However, the websites must be user-friendly and must attract traffic. A web developer with these skills and a learning attitude to keep pace with the ever-changing technologies is really wanted.

Web developers with expertise in their field efficiently translate every client’s requirements into an attractively reliable website. He/she must be adept at testing and fixing technical issues. Furthermore, he/she must have sound knowledge of various applications and software.

So, to win any web developer job, you must come up with examples of these traits in your resume. Review the web developer resume samples for a better understanding.

Here is all that you must know while writing a web developer resume.

1. A Career Summary that Hooks the Recruiter

The Career Summary serves as the opening statement in your resume. It must be designed to give the potential recruiter a reason to read your resume further. Check how Noelle has put across a perfect resume summary statement.

An ideal resume summary for a web developer consists of the following-

  • Years of experience and expertise.
  • Abilities that showcase communication skills and other soft skills.
  • Accomplishments pertaining to the IT sector as well as technical knowledge.

In a nutshell, you must successfully convince the reader why you will be a good candidate for the job. Definitely, writing stories is a big no. A resume summary is a maximum of four to five lines. So, in a very short amount of space you play your business. Seeing your statement, the recruiter must get intrigued and must look for evidence of your claims in the resume.

Being a web Developers you must add any programming language, software, and tools that you are proficient in.

A fresher may opt for a web developer resume objective. Objectives focus less on what you have accomplished in the past.

2. Tips for A Perfect Professional Experience Section

Now, this is the time to back up all that you claimed in the career summary section. Provide relevant examples in your professional experience section. List them in a bulleted format. Review the web developer resume samples above. Here are a few strong professional experience section examples.

  • Developed unique and user-friendly websites included attributes that increased user clicks and enhanced customer purchases by 25%.
  • Effectively designed web application security applications, that minimized hacker attacks up to 60%.

So, as you notice designing web applications while maintaining security is an important aspect. A Web Developer who promises and carries out web security efficiently will be chosen by any company. Furthermore, quantifying your work is quite beneficial. It gives the hiring manager a clearer picture of your skills. Targeting and using statistics, numbers are certainly better than writing long paragraphs.

3. Skills for a Web Developer Resume

Any IT sector job is specific to their skills requirement. Technical skills are a must. In addition to this, soft skills play a major role. Often we tend to ignore soft skills. However, a recruiter never does. So, carefully include relevant skills. You need not create a heap in this section. Be specific. Be relevant. Lastly, be honest. Lies are easily caught.

Programming languagesTechnical SkillsSoft skills
JavascriptPhotoshopGood communicator
SQLInDesignCritical Thinking
Visual BasicWordPressProblem-solving

Also, review the samples above. Notice how the candidate lists the technical skills she possesses. Moreover, web Developers must always include programming language, hardware, software, and tools that possess expertise in. Space it all out. When you do so, the hiring Managers can immediately scan whether the skills they need are in or not.

How to make your Web Developer Resume Stand out?

Here are some suggestions from experts that will help you make your resume stand out from the crowd.

ATS Resume Formatting

Formatting your resume to suit ATS -Applicant Tracking system is most important. Moreover, when you rightly optimize it, you enhance your selection chances. So, here are some steps to follow-

-Firstly, avoid headers and footers.
-Unnecessary creativity like using tables and charts is not helpful.
-Make use of resume keywords from the job description.
-Keep it simple.
-Be consistent in your formatting. For instance use the same font color, size, and style for headings.
-Lastly, do not be vague and general. Be specific and relevant. Customize and tailor your resume to the position you are applying for.

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Attach a Cover Letter

Attaching a cover letter to your resume adds a professional touch. Moreover, you get some more area to showcase your talents. So, make sure you attach a customized cover letter, not a general one. Furthermore, do not restate your resume in the cover letter. Add something New.

Also, find out- Best 5 Web Developer Cover Letter Samples 2019

So, these were some most essential tips for a web developer. Comment your queries below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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