Top 5 Universities to Study in Denmark To Earn High Income

study in denmark universities

Denmark is not just a good destination for tourism but also has some prestigious universities.

 Denmark ranks high in the list of the most popular international study destinations in Europe. 

Top Denmark Universities offer low study costs, high-quality English, affordable Master’s degrees and above all some best innovative teaching methods. Moreover, these universities are employers’ favourites. Alumni from these universities have some of the top-paying job positions worldwide.

Now, you too can study in Denmark as an international student. You need not look any further. Here are all the details about tuition and living costs that will help you make an informed decision for your career. Analyze and compare the courses and costs of various top universities in Denmark. Choose the ones that align with your career goals and apply before the deadlines!

Top-Ranked Universities To Study in Denmark for International Students

In Denmark, the EU and Swiss students can study for free. However, international students are required to pay tuition fees. Here is a list of the top universities to study in Denmark. Check out the study in demark application deadlines as well as tuition fee here below.

1. The University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen

Thousands of international students from all over the world fly to Denmark to study at the University of Copenhagen every year. The University of Copenhagen employs research-based teaching techniques to prepare its 39,000 students for real-world challenges. With a beautiful campus, this university also boasts one of the world’s greenest campuses.

QS World Universities Ranking- 76

Tuition Fee- For EU and Swiss students- Free
For Non-EU students- the tuition fee is up to $10,920 per year.

Application Deadline– For Bachelor’s Program- March 15 is the application deadline.

Apply online on The University of Copenhagen website.

2. The Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby

One of the best colleges to study in Denmark. The university ranks 62 in terms of international faculty. Thus, it has a great ability to attract and retain excellent faculty members. It offers 200+ courses for graduates and undergraduates. The Technical University of Denmark aims to advance students in natural sciences and technical science fields. It has secured 45th position in the top 50 worldwide for its Environmental Science course.

QS World Universities Ranking-103

Tuition Fee-EU/EEA citizens can study for free. No fees are required.
For International Students the tuition fee is $8,951 per semester.

Application Deadline- March 15 is the application and fee deadline.

Apply online on The Technical University of Denmark website.

3. Aarhus University, Aarhus

Ever since 1928, the university boasts of having students from over 120 countries. It has approximately 40,000 international students. Aarhus University offers 50+ Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs in English. The university has been achieving international excellence and has secured the 147th position amongst the top universities in the world.

QS World Universities Ranking-147

Tuition Fee- The tuition fee for international students is $17,000. Domestic students study for free. Their fee is covered by the Danish State.

Application Deadline– THe last date to apply online is April 1.

Apply online on The Aarhus University website.

4. Aalborg University, Aalborg

Aalborg University has one of the highest scores this year for the international faculty indicator. It has up to 15%, international students. The main campus is located in Aalborg. However, Aalborg University has campuses across several other Danish cities, including Copenhagen, Aalborg, Esbjerg. The university is dedicated to offering students a real-world approach to learning which is backed up with world-class research.

QS World Ranking-305

Tuition Fee- Just like other Danish Universities, the residents need not pay any tuition fee.
The tuition fee of Aalborg University for international students is $8000 per semester.

Application Deadline– THe last date to apply online is 15 March.

Apply online on the Aalborg University website.

5. The University of Southern Denmark, Odense

Situated in Odense, The University of Southern Denmark is famous for education quality in the fields of Life sciences, humanities and management. It is one of the top public universities. Furthermore, it is the only university in Scandinavia that offers a course in chiropractic studies (Clinical Biomechanics). With a strong research department, this university is a perfect destination for those seeking research as a career. It has campuses in several cities across Denmark-, Odense, Slagelse, Sønderborg and Kolding, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen.

QS World Ranking-353

Tuition Fee- The tuition fee for international students is $10,000 per year.
You can get a Faculty scholarship and it will cover one-third of the tuition fees.

Application Deadline– The last date to apply online is March 1.

Apply online on The University of Southern Denmark website.

So, these are the top 5 universities to study in Denmark. Choose the one that answers your dreams and do check out the last date of application. If you have queries, comment below. We wish you luck with your application!



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