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Check out the top five resume formats and get them for free.

The five seconds are crucial. A number of things can happen. For instance, every five seconds Americans consume 1,750 pizza slices, two jars of Nutella are sold, and 300 new Instagram pictures are uploaded. Interesting, isn’t it?

Well, if you are a job seeker, there is one more interesting fact that you need to know: recruiters spend just five seconds scanning your resume. In these crucial five seconds, they decide whether you are qualified for a role or not. So, what exactly a job seeker needs to do to create an impression in such a short span of time? Correct Resume formatting.

You may have great qualifications, best of skills yet you might fail to put them all in an impressive manner. So, no worries. We are here to disclose the secret of beautifying your resume.

Best resume formats

Here, we have for you five different styles or formats available as PDF as well as image form. Download for free and create your impressive resumes.

Professional resume format

Professional Resume format pdf
Resume format Professional

This has an eye-catching font size in the header. It clearly displays your contact information. This clear resume format focuses on your accomplishments without any distraction. The glance is directed to your skills and experiences.

Best suited for– This type of format is best for professionals. However, individuals applying for fields like that of law or finance must go in for this format.

Pin Stripe Resume format

Pin Stripe Resume Format

This clear and bright resume with green brings your name and contact details to the forefront instantly. Furthermore, the orderly format draws attention to your accomplishments. The bullets organize your sections, making them easy to scan.

Best suited for- job seekers in creative industries, like that of fashion, journalism, or anyone who wants to show off a bit of creativity without neglecting an orderly as well as easy-to-read design.

Modern resume format

modern resume format

This type of resume format has the right aligned contact information and bold font reveal your candidacy. Also, the white background has the recruiter’s attention focused on your accomplishments.

Best suited for- Job hunters who plan o show off their accomplishments with some personal style.

Artistic Resume format

Artistic Resume Template

The color red symbolizes strength and determination. It sends a perfect message to the viewer. This bold header grabs the attention right away. The separator in red make the various sections easy to find.

Best suited for- This format is not just for artists. Any professional who aims at showcasing their background, with flair can go in for this format. For instance- Professionals in advertising and designing.

Administrative Resume format

Administrative Resume Format

This is a simple and polished resume format. The clear black and white format work well for all types of employees. It keeps the focus on your achievements with no distracting elements.

Best suited for– This one is suitable for those seeking executive-level roles. Also, anybody who likes simplicity can adopt this format.

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