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A fresher resume is the profile used by fresh graduates. Here you list down all the information that adds value to your resume. Also, it provides all the necessary information and details that the company would like to know. Furthermore, a good professional looking resume is the key to a successful interview.

Some dos and don’ts for your resume

Here we have listed some important dos and don’ts for resume writing.

The Dos

  • Do list down your impressive and most relevant achievements first so that they catch the readers attention.
  • Use resume keywords and optimize for applicant tracking systems.
  • Do mention soft skills. These may include communication skills, problem-solving powers.
  • Tailor your resume for the company/firm you are applying for.
  • Do try to keep your resume to fit exactly one page.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t mention what is obvious
  • Avoid using over fancy pictures and colors
  • Don’t make use of weak action verbs like  “help lead” or “assisted”. Use strong action verbs.

Sample fresher resume formats

Here, we have some fresher resume formats for you. Download these doc templates for freshers and edit according to your profile.

Make sure you edit and put in your details.
Tailor your resume every time you apply for a new job vacancy.

A generalized template for freshers. Download this and frame your resume in minutes.

Download free resume format for computer science engineering students and Bcom student resume format.

Resume writing or looking for a correct resume format is supposed to be one of the most crucial responsibilities that you come across once your school year ends. It is essential that your resume communicates the important details as to why employers should hire you. Also, it serves the main purpose that is it advertises you, your skills plus your experiences.

Download free resume formats

MBA students are you in need of some unique, creative resume formats? Here you can download some best resume formats for free.

MBA fresher resume sample format

Resume template for A Law student

Mass communication sample resume format

The template you choose has an important role in making your first impression. The best resume formats and resume layouts must look professional. Here are many free resume templates available and are also creative ones. So, rather than starting from scratch and thinking about how to frame your resume in Microsoft Word, have a look at these resume layouts and some creative resume templates. You will surely make your resume successful.

Before you begin scanning these available templates, draft your details and decide your goals and objectives. Once you have done that, you are all set. Download these free docs and put in your details.

Resume format for an undergraduate

Undergraduates are often found clueless about what all to incorporate in their resume. Remember, if you don’t have work experience, it is not the end of the story. Every successful person has to begin his/her career from some point. Every millionaire was once a beginner. Other than work experiences, you have a lot more to showcase on your resume. So, keep all your worries aside, scan these suggestions and download resume templates for free.

Free Resume Format links

Fresher Resume Format

College student resume

Undergraduate Resume Format

These were top 10 resume formats for freshers, college students, undergraduates. For more such resume tips, formats, templates, and samples, stay connected to



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