summer work outfits

Well, work outfits have always been a thought to ponder upon. Now, when it comes to the scorching temperatures, it can be all the more challenging. You strive not to sweat to death, neither gain tan nor freeze in the evenings. This can be tricky. Surely, nothing is classier than a strong, independent woman dressed so sophisticatedly for work.

So, get inspired by these classy summer work outfits. They will surely make you look best and feel comfortable.

Work outfits for hot summer days

Summer outfis for office
  • Skater Skirts for Office Wear

Skater and Tennis Skirts for office wear are back in trend. These are comfortable, unlike the gripped skirts which people usually do away with, in summers. Also, team up with some nice colored shirt. Put on your high heels and your look is done.

  • High-waisted Pants

When the dress code is formal, high-waisted pants make you look classy. However, this fashion is usually recommended for women with ideal figures.

  • Cigarette Pants

Pair your classy cigarette pants with high pencil heels and a blouse.  These are comfortable and attractive, especially in summers.

  • Mid-length flared skirts

These skirts are a part of the latest trend. They help make you look trendy and professional both at the same time!

  • Pencil skirts

Never underestimate the extreme level of sophistication that comes with pencil skirts.

Summer work outfits for plus size

Generally, plus size women are found worried. They usually find it hard to decide what to wear. Selecting the best outfits on a daily basis is tricky. Indeed it is challenging to decide outfits that suit the body shape well. Therefore, follow these tips while purchasing the outfits.

  • A shirtdress

A shirtdress paired with pumps makes for an effortless combo. Also, shirts usually give you a slimmer look and makes you look classy yet professional. They are best summer work outfits.

  • Longitudinally striped shirts

Dresses with vertical lines are good for women who have put on some weight.

  • A-line dresses

Full-figured women should choose A-line dresses. Also, dresses made of sturdier fabrics such as cotton, denim are better than flowy, body-hugging options like silk and satin.

  • Tunic dress

A tunic dress that is held at the waist with a belt will look fantastic on your figure. So, make sure to add some to your wardrobe this summer.

Summer work outfits business casual

Business casual is yet another challenging dress code. While you have to be casual, you must not forget the formal part. Women can opt for a combination of skirt or slacks paired with a button-down blouse. Furthermore, you can also go in for a simple sheath. Ideally shoes should be closed-toe, but women can wear peep-toes or open-toe shoes with heels.

Here, are some examples for business casual outfit:

  • Bottoms: pencil skirts, knee-length skirts, high waisted pants are great summer work outfits.
  • Blouses: wrap-around cotton blouses, sleeveless shirts, tops with decent necklines, turtle necks, sheath dresses. Wear lighter fabrics like cotton and khaki.
  • Footwear: stilettos, open-toed heels, closed heels, pumps.
  • Don’t – Avoid flip-flops, strappy flat sandals, denim pants with bold prints and bright, electric colors.

The color scheme for Summer outfits

Choosing the right color is critical. Generally, in summers people do two things-opt for something that gives a cooler effect and secondly, do away with darker shades.

When you choose the right color you stand to instantly look more attractive. However, few things influence the color choice in summer-

  1. Your body figure- women who are lean should select lighter shades. While those have put on weight can choose a bit darker ones.
  2. Your skin tone- choose the colors that go well with your skin shade.

Here are some colors in trend this summer

  • Millennial Pink
  • Sage Green
  • Yellow
  • Pastel purple
  • Neutral shades
  • Orange
  • Cobalt blue
  • Peachy pink

Indian work outfits


It is time to make your dull & monotonous work hours enthralling with your glamorous looks. So, it is mandatory for you to know about the most suitable and trendy styles of sarees. Your formal look can be far more attractive and glamorous than you think.

Khadi sarees

 This style is a symbol of India’s freedom. Also, it has become a new fashion statement. Khadi, which is also known as khaddar is actually a hand-woven cloth from India. Mahatma Gandhi initiated this material. So, khadi is a perfect choice for women working in the corporate sector. It bestows elegance and subtleness. Their raw colors, rough texture and decent designs are simply stunning.  

Linen sarees

Don’t want to look dull after reaching office? Well, linen sarees can be helpful. They are known for their high absorbing capacity. Furthermore, these are soft & silky in texture. People prefer these over cotton due to their cool and fresh character. Earlier, linen sarees were not that common. However, recently artistic Indian designers have discovered this comfortable and charming fabric. Include these and you will be known for your stylish collection.

So, make sure you turn classy yet professional this summer by following these tips.


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