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Best Pediatrician Resume Sample & 5+ Pediatric Skills

pediatrician checking a baby
Written by Alan Win

Indifferent to the matters of this materialistic world, a child’s smile captivates the heart. And to a great extent, a child’s wellbeing depends upon his pediatrician.
Pediatricians deal with infants, children, and adolescents. Therefore, an ideal pediatrician resume must reflect relevant responsibilities.

Here we bring to you some best pieces of advice on how to write a pediatrician resume along with pediatrician resume sample.

pediatrician checking a baby

Also, check out the top 10 skills of a pediatrician. So, scroll down and make resume writing easier for yourself like never before.

Pediatrician Resume Sample

Review the pediatrician resume sample below for inspiration. You can also save it for free.

Pediatric Physician Resume

Pediatric Resume in Simple Text

Pediatric Physician

Street Address City, ST ZIP Code | Contact Number | Email
Dedicated pediatrician recently completed a residency in medicine and pediatrics. With 5+ years’ experience, aiming to extend my love to serve the community with my skills.
Key Skills & Abilities
Pediatric Specialist
Preventive care expert
Excellent Patient and family communicator
Decision making under pressure
Caring and empathetic
Urgent care specialist
Adept in handling equipment and instruments.
Pediatric Physician           2016-Present
– Examined up to 40+ patients on a daily basis.
– Carefully analyze test results to diagnose illness and prescribe medication accordingly.
– Closely examine a child’s medical history and administer immunizations.
– Refer patients to specialists in case of severe issues.

Pediatric Physician             2012-2016
– Maintained patient records and documented history in detail.
– Regularly assessed infants and children for optimal growth and development.
– Examined 30+ patients daily.
Albany Medical College, NY
Doctor of Medicine – 2012
Member of Medicine Club
Community Service
Conduct monthly campaigns for free wherein infants are immunized.
American Board of Pediatrics
Board-certified in infectious disease.

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Quick Tips on Pediatrician Resume Writing

The following tips will help you write an eye-catching resume for a pediatrician job.

  1. Create a Stellar Resume Summary. A well-written beginning hooks the reader.
    Add some resume keywords, skills, and your best accomplishments. Use numbers/ statistics wherever possible.
  2. Highlight Accomplishments in the experience section.
    Add a few bullet points that provide insights to your extra-ordinary contributions and success.
  3. Pay attention to the education section.
    Relevant education is a prerequisite in the medical sector. Add your completion of a professional medical degree, such as a Doctor of Medicine.
    You must also mention three to eight-year residency and certification such as with the American Board of Pediatricians.
  4. The skills section should be a perfect blend of soft and hard skills.
    Check out some skills below.
  5. Include some other sections such as-
    These make your resume stand out from the crowd.
  6. Attach a customized pediatrician cover letter to your application.

What Makes A Good Pediatrician?
5+ Skills of A Pediatrician

Just like any other doctor, there are certain skills are a must in any pediatrician. Here we bring to you the top 8 skills of a pediatrician.

Include these in your resume and outshine in the crowd of applicants.

1. Patience

A doctor must be patient with patients of all ages. However, pediatricians need to have an extra level of patience and understating when working with children.

A child crying for no reason or the stubbornness of adolescents, pediatrician deal with the age groups that require utmost patience and sympathy.

You need to be gentle and caring to be a good child specialist.

2. Sound Knowledge of Child Development

Knowledge of child development is a must. This includes both physical and emotional development.

Right from infants to adolescents, you have to deal with varied developmental changes. For this, you must have the required knowledge background.

3. Attention To Detail

Pediatricians may be checking up a toddler one minute and talking with a teenager the next. Therefore, the ability to switch gears quickly is essential. It is also helpful to have a sense of humor and compassion.

4. Teamwork Ability

Working with nurses, lab assistants, and other doctors require teamwork ability.

You must know how to supervise and yet be polite with those below you in position. As well as the skill the match pace with seniors is also required.

5. Strong Communication Skills

A pediatrician should be skilled at communicating with both the children and their parents.

For a smoother communication, it is really important to listen to the children and their caregivers attentively.

This brings in the twist! As a pediatrician, you should listen to the things that the patient (children) are not saying. You are required to catch up with the non-verbal cues while dealing with the children.

6. Problem-Solving Ability

A doctor needs to be really quick in catching the problem of the patient and rendering effective treatment.

How to handle an emergency situation is a basic skill.

A doctor may deal with common issues repeatedly. Still, he should take each patient as a new puzzle. Children react differently. This is the reason every case is new even when the problem remains the same.

The ability to research on the case, analyze it from every possible aspect, and take a firm decision quickly make a good doctor. 

7. Ability To Handle Children

A child may be found crying at the top of his voice, fiddling with the doctor’s instruments, sleeping when you need him to be awake, hurt and the list goes on.

A good pediatrician has to handle all sorts of children. You cannot be harsh with them. So, your ability to handle children really counts.

8. Organizational Skills

Pediatricians need exceptional organizational skills. There is a lot of paperwork, calls, research, and lab results.

A well-organized pediatrician is easily able to prioritize which task needs to be done first on the basis of their importance.

Moreover, expertise in time-management helps in completing each appointment timely, and successfully. Furthermore, if you have to supervise others, you must help the team to utilize most of the time effectively in an organized manner.

The above skills are not learned in medical college through some books. These need to be developed over time through training and experience.

So, follow the above tips. Use our free downloadable pediatrician resume sample and create a resume that outshines.

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