How to Prepare Resume Format for Undergraduates?


An undergraduate creating a resume has a hundred queries popping up in his/her mind. Creating a resume for a college student with no experience turns out to be tricky. However, with our guidance and best tips you can do that very easily. So, here you can download a resume format for undergraduates absolutely free and create a job-winning resume.

Before we move on to tips and templates, you must understand that creating a resume as a college student, you will need to emphasize not only your work history but also your education. Furthermore, demonstrating your skills and abilities by including volunteer work and other extracurricular activities work wonders.

How to Write A resume? Tips for Writing a College Student Resume

Read on for tips on how to write a strong Resume Format for Undergraduates.

Highlight your education

  • Firstly, create an emphasis on your academic history.
  • Mention the name of your school and degree.
  • Also, including any achievements, such as a high GPA or any academic awards is a must.  

Mention Relevant Courses

  • If you have taken any courses relevant to the job you are applying for, list those as well.
  • Include relevant jobs.

Skills Section

  • Ponder upon what skills and experiences may be required for the job you are applying for. So, include any jobs where you developed these qualities.
  • Even if you find that your work experiences are not directly related, think of ways to highlight the experiences you had that are relevant to the job. For instance, you can include a former job as a cashier if that helped you develop customer service or leadership skills.
  • Examples of College student resume skills-
Critical thinking and problem-solving.   Agility and
Collaboration across
networks and leading by influence.
Effective oral and
Accessing and analyzing information Curiosity and imagination.
Information Management Initiative and entrepreneurialism Creativity

Extracurricular activities.

  • Include extracurricular Activities
  • As you most probably have limited work experience, emphasize any non-work activities. For instance- these can be clubs, sports, babysitting, volunteer work, or community services. These can show your skills and abilities.

Emphasize Leadership Experiences

  • Include any leadership experience. If you have held a position in a club, or been a captain, have had any leadership responsibilities at your previous jobs or college, be sure to list these. As they show your ability to lead a team on your Resume Format for Undergraduates.

Action Verbs

  • Make use of action verbs. These show your responsibility. Therefore, whenever you are describing your achievements, use action words.
  • Check out this list of action words for useful examples-
Accomplished Designed Initiated Supervised Improved Achieved Planned
Facilitated Demonstrated Taught Trained Analyzed Quantified Programmed
Launched Accelerated Administer Composed Compiled Conducted Consolidate
Dedicated Declared Encourage Executed Established Implement Promoted


  • Include numbers, statistics, and quantify whenever possible. Your achievements can have numbers. For example, you might state that you worked as a cashier at a store and managed $10,000 daily, or that you helped 80 – 100 customers on a regular basis at your retail job. We do not include proper information

How To Put An Internship On A Resume Sample- For Undergraduates

A relevant internship on a resume sample can make undergraduates stand out from the crowd. Usually, we tend to place our internship experiences at the bottom of the resume. Do not do this as they may get ignored. Instead, highlight your relevant internship experience, elaborating on how they have prepared you for the job you desire.

An internship is a real-world experience. Give it as weight as a job. So, when you include an internship on your resume, mention the same information as you may do for any other job.

Tips for adding internship-

  • Firstly, mention the internship title. Rather than simply writing “Intern”, get some details from your supervisor. Add a detailed title, such as “Sales Associate Intern”.
  • Next, include the company name, location, dates of the internship (Month and year).
  • 2-4 bullet points, list your relevant responsibilities and achievements during the internship.
  • When you find yourself confused about what all you must include from your responsibilities and achievements, make a complete list of all that you did at each internship. Now, check out the job listing for the prospective position. So, incorporate only those that are matching the skills or abilities required for the job.
  • Lastly, format your internships in a similar way as you format your work history section.

For more details on the Internship Resume, check out- How to Put an Internship on A Resume Sample? Resume format for Internship


Internship Resume for Administrative law intern
Internship Resume for Administrative law intern

Best Resume Format for Undergraduate Students

Using a resume example or template to guide your own writing is a blessing. A resume example can help you decide what all content to include, as well as how to format your resume. However, make sure you customize/ tailor a resume example to fit your own experiences and the job you are applying for. Here are some college student resume template, sample resume for college students still in school, curriculum vitae format for undergraduate students. Download the best ones that suit your needs and field. You can download them for free. These are compatible with Google Docs, MS Word.

Curriculum vitae format for undergraduate students

This is a cv format for undergraduate pursuing a diploma and has an internship to his credit.

CV for undergraduate Sample
CV for undergraduate Sample

Resume format for Undergraduate with Volunteer Experience

Here is an example of an arts student with just volunteer experience to her credit.

ARTS STUDENT resume- Resume format for undergraduate

Sample resume for college students with no experience

Check out the resume format for a student with no experience. Carefully study the details and sections incorporated in this resume. Also, you can download the free sample and create one yourself.

Resume for College student with no experience - Resume format for undergraduate
Resume for College student with no experience

Now that you have done the writing part, edit, edit, and edit. Proofread your resume carefully. A clean, error-free resume will make you look professional and dedicated. Furthermore, you may ask a friend or family member to check errors for you as well.

You are done, send this to your prospective employers and you will surely win the best of jobs. All the best!


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