Sample resume for students with no work experience

students with no work experience

Have no work experience? Don’t worry. You are in need of a job in order to gain some experience, but then you need some experience to gain a job. This idea irks most of the students. Just because you do not possess a work experience doesn’t mean you can’t create a convincing resume. Here we will tell you ideas to build a creative resume for students even without any experience.

1. A summary statement

Objective statements are where you state exactly what career goals you desire to achieve. Therefore, this resume summary statement basically sums up who you are as a professional. It occupies the top corner of the page. It is usually a sentence or two. The main purpose is to create that first impression which would keep the recruiter reading. A resume for students mostly has this section.

2. Resume format

From the three main resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination, decide which ones suit you the best.

A chronological resume format

This format lays out an individuals work experience in reverse-chronological order.

A functional resume format

So, this format highlights the candidate’s skills and accomplishments, rather than work experience. Therefore, the functional resume for students format is an attractive option for job seekers with little or no experience.

Combination resume format

It combines the characteristics of both the above-mentioned formats.

3. Formatting and Editing

Whenever you are editing your resume, ensure that there is no punctuation, grammatical,  or other errors. This ruins your impression and makes your resume look unprofessional. So, ask your friend or family member to read it again in order to catch any mistakes which you might have missed. You just cannot afford a typo or a missing word. Also, be utilize action verbs throughout your resume. This keeps your reader engaged.

4. Achievements

Draft a list of everything you have done that might be useful on a resume. Now, from this list, you can easily narrow down what all to actually include on your resume. This differs from job to job. So, keep a complete list and pick the most relevant things from it when you tailor your resume.

5. Your education and skills are the main highlights

For freshers and students, it is best to expand and focus on education and skills.  Emphasize on all that you do well that this job requires. Things that will be useful to the hiring company, your activities at school, your soft skills are incorporated here. Even a high school graduate can mention their accomplishments, leadership, activities that they volunteered, etc.

6. Do miss out any Internships

Whether it is a paid or an unpaid college internship, you mention your internships. These are one of the best weapons you possess against the “experience required.” Every recruiter acknowledges the fact that these give you some real-world work experience. Also, they allow you to network and make connections.  So, when you are applying for a job without any experience, make sure you list any internships that you completed.

7. Extracurricular activities/ volunteer work

According to the latest surveys, employers say that they take volunteer experience into consideration. So, in case you have any volunteer work that highlights your talents or they were a learning experience, put them on your resume. Remember, include hobbies only if they are relevant to the position.

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