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Would you not try your level best to choose a perfect outlook for yourself on the day of the interview? In the process of grooming and preparation, we often tend to undermine the outlook of our resume. It is almost like dressing your resume up. A resume format is designed in a way to highlight the best of your abilities in the most appealing way. These formats ensure that your greatest achievements are right there on the top. The position where they would get noticed. Check out the top free resume pdf formats.

Types of Resume Formats

Commonly, there are three resume formats: the chronological, functional, and combination resume format. It is for you to decide which one you find attractive and whether it suits your position and industry.

Which Resume Format is the Right Choice for You?

Here we will describe in detail the various format options available. Furthermore, check out the advantages, disadvantages, best suited for, and other details about each type.

Reverse Chronological Resume

This job resume format lists your work summary in reverse order. Starting with a current or most recent job and heading backward.


  • It is easy to write.
  • It emphasizes on a steady employment record.
  • Employers love to see all that they are hunting for. The job titles, responsibilities, and dates of your work experience.


  • It calls attention to any employment gaps on your resume.
  • Skills become difficult to spot unless they are properly listed in the recent jobs.
  • Freshers with little or no experience become clueless about what to include and what not.

Best suited for

  • When an individual wants to emphasize their past career growth or development in the career field.
  • When the mentioning of a former employer holds significance to the prospective employer.

Do not use when-

  • There are glaring gaps in your employment history.
  • When calling attention to your age can create a problem.
  • When you have changed jobs often.
  • You are an entry-level candidate or you are entering the job market after a long absence.

Functional or Skills-based Resume

This job resume format especially focuses on the skills and strengths that may be important to employers. It omits specific dates, places, and names. Furthermore, it de-emphasizes the work history section.


  • It de-emphasizes the work history section.
  • it gives you a chance to highlight specific strengths.
  • Highlights transferable skills.
  • These sections might not be obvious when included in purely chronological order.


  • It has no elaborate work history.
  • The Content of your resume may appear to lack depth.
  • It is disliked by many employers as they think you may be trying to cover up your age, employment gaps or lack of relevant experience.

Best suited For

  • Freshers and entry-level candidates.
  • To emphasize on the transferable skills you have gained and used in volunteer work or paid work.
  • Individuals with limited work experience or those who are changing careers.
  • Freelance workers.
  • Those who do not want to call attention to their age.

Do not use when-

  • You wish to emphasize growth or development.
  • If your duties and responsibilities in jobs were limited.

Combination Resume

This resume format perfectly blends the flexibility and strengths of the other two formats of resume.


  • This resume format depicts a strong employment history record with upward mobility.
  • It shows how you have used the skills in past jobs.
  • Clearly lays Emphasis on transferable skills.


  • Work history may often be shifted on the second page, an employer may not read that far.

Best suited for

  • Showing off your skills gained throughout your work history rather than the specific positions you have held.
  • In the case of your making a career change, the names of former employers may not be of importance to the prospective employer.

Do not use when

  • Your professional experience is limited.
  • There are wide gaps in your employment history.

Free Resume pdf for Freshers

Here is some top resume format pdf download. Check out the latest simple resume format in word, free resume templates, job resume pdf as well as download the student resume format pdf.

If you are planning to apply for a job then create a resume by using our templates and samples. These will help you highlight your educational qualifications and past experience in detail.

Creating a proper resume is very important as your competency is analyzed through it. So, why create a resume by starting from scratch all by yourself when you can make use of these well designed simple and Best Resume Formats.

Download our pdf formats, add your details, customize for the desired position, proofread and you are done. A beautifully appealing resume is all set to send out to the job employer.



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