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After years of labor and hard work, engineers look forward to promising jobs. Trust me, these years of hard work when highlighted in a creative manner on your resume, earn the best of jobs.

Here, we have for you some special guidelines to beautify your resume when you are engineering fresher. So, follow these and grab your desired job interview.

No matter what subjects you have chosen for your engineering, these tips are for all engineers. Furthermore, with the right content and formatting to your resume, you can transform that 5-second glance into a successful interview.

The right format for engineering freshers

Since, you are an engineering fresher, you should choose a format that highlights your skills and education rather than professional life. Usually, fresher have very little or no work experience. So, a chronological resume format is suitable for them.

Main contents on your resume

  • First of all, Personal details
  • Contact Information
  • Objective
  • Qualification Summary
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Skills
  • Lastly, Awards and Achievements

Setting Up Your Contact Information

The information that you should add depends on the format you choose. Basically, you mention:

  • Name (this is the largest font on a page
  • Mailing Address
  • Contact number
  • Email Address (make sure that it is professional, don’t use your account.)
  • Also, you can provide a link to online portfolio (optional)
  • LinkedIn Profile

Also, you must not accidentally add the contact information in the header. Some applicant tracking systems may be unable to read it.

The resume introduction

This can be one of the following-

  • Resume objective/ career objective
  • The qualifications summary
  • Professional profile/ resume profile
  • The resume summary / professional summary

Your main goal is to gain the attention of an employer by highlighting relevant skills and experience.

Qualifications Summary

This is a bullet point list. It should range from 4 to 6 points. An Engineering fresher must incorporate the most outstanding career achievements. Avoid generic statements.

Career Objective

An objective is a 2–3 sentence statement. It provides an overview of your skills and experience. Therefore, this type of intro is best for entry-level candidates.

Professional Profile

This is a combination of both the career objective plus qualifications summary. Also, it is the most flexible.

Resume Summary

Resume summaries/professional summaries include four to six bulleted sentences. These highlight your past achievements by using data.

Creating an Education Section- Engineering Fresher Resume

So, when you possess a solid education section, display creatively the foundation of your knowledge and expertise. For instance, engineering fresher and high school students who lack seasoned professional experience can benefit from emphasizing their education. Place this before the professional experience section.

Since freshers lack a wealth of professional experience, it’s appropriate to keep this section highlighted.

In case you do possess work experience, it is advisable to keep that on top and highlight it. Then you can set the education section small and sweet.

Here are the key points to include in your academic section:

  • The names of your college/university, Location of the college/schools (city, state)
  • Dates of graduation (month, year)
  • Degrees
  • Lastly, GPA (Remember, this isn’t compulsory, you must include it only if your GPA is above 3.0, round off to the first decimal place, and always use this format: GPA: 4.5/5.0)

Skills in Your Resume

Hiring managers and employers look out for skilled individuals. However, a heap of skills on your resume does not prove that you are skilled. You must spread your various capabilities throughout your resume. This will catch the eye of the employers vetting your application.

Firstly, you must have a clear understanding of Hard vs. Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Hard skills are concrete as well as quantifiable abilities. Language fluency, expertise in computer programs, the ability to operate heavy machinery are types of hard skills. Here we have listed out some popular hard skills used in resume writing:

Accounting Tools such as SAP, Oracle, etc., Web Architecture, Software development, Data Presentation, Statistical analysis, Technical Reporting, Data mining, Software QA, and User Testing. Foreign Languages, Cloud Apps like JSON, Rest, etc., Database Management, Software Adobe Creative Suite, Data Engineering, Vulnerability Analysis           Perl / Python, Mac, Linux- Unix Systems, Java

Soft Skills

On the contrary, soft skills are more personality-centric traits. These may involve being a team player, great attitude. Here are some soft skills that employers search for on your resume:

Organization, logical reasoning, Self-motivation. Open-mindedness, persistence, Decision making, responsibility. Initiative, discipline, Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, empathy, Time management.

An ideal resume maintains a balance of both hard and soft skills.

Technical Skills

IT or Engineering fields may require specialized knowledge and hands-on skills. Therefore, this technical skills section is quite helpful in showcasing your knowledge.

Furthermore, breaking up this section into categories is better. For example:

  • Software: Proficient in Oracle, Microsoft Office Suite, Vision
  • Programming Languages: Expert in HTML, Java, C++, and Python
Additional skills sections

This is a ubiquitous element of the modern resume. However, sure it’s concise and only incorporates skills relevant to the job you are applying for.

They end up being a combination of hard and soft skills.

Key Certifications, Awards, & Honors

This is one such section you may want to consider adding to help strengthen your resume.


The section is the most important. You can add certifications or licenses section depending on your industry. For instance, the nursing field usually has strict licensing requirements while the customer service sector may not require it.

Awards and Honors

This section is yet another area where you can add layers of customization to your resume. Here, you can provide evidence of your abilities. Incorporating relevant awards will help you stand out from your competitors. You can mention grants, academic Honors, some scholarships, Professional Affiliations.

How many pages should a resume be?

This is one of the most argued points in resume writing. While some professionals may vigorously discourage applicants from exceeding one page, others argue that it is acceptable.

Therefore, if you have information that is highly relevant to the position you are applying for, then go ahead and add another page.

Otherwise, you must stick to one page. However, do not add pages just for the sake of increasing the number.

Computer-Science-Engineer Resume Sample

Computer Science Engineer Resume


Resume for bioinformatics Engineer

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