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Here we are going to learn how to write a cover letter for an internship. We bring to you guidelines to write a cover letter for internship, internship cover letter examples, best formats and much more

How to Write a Good Cover Letter for Internship

Here is a quick summary of the key steps and sections you need to include

  • Mention the particular position you are applying for.
  • Incorporate the right keywords.
  • Your academic qualification and coursework.
  • Add the most relevant skills.
  • State what makes you a perfect match for the internship role.
  • Elaborate on what the company will gain by hiring you.
  • Edit and proofread your cover letter.

1. Don’t be too formal

When you begin your cover letter, address the hiring manager with ‘Dear’. Take pains to find out the name of the hiring manager. Beginning your CV with -To whomsoever it may concern, spoils your impression. When you mention the name, it proves that you did your homework well.

2. Mention the particular position you are applying for.

Initially you begin by mentioning the position you are applying for. Simply state that. Do not indulge in praising the company. Avoid sticking to praising the company. Usually, this is a common cover letter error. Job seekers tend to talk about how great the position would be for us. However, the employer has no interest in company whereabouts and its available positions at that moment. He is looking forward to discovering you. So, stating what you are going to bring to the position and company is much more essential as well as relevant.

3. Incorporate the right keywords.

The job posting has laid out some key requirements. These when included in your CV prove to be relevant keywords. You have to present that you are an exact match for their requirements.

Also, you must make use of action verbs. These give a touch of determination and assertion to your letter.

4.Your academic qualification and coursework

Since you are a fresher and are applying for an internship, you don’t have experience. Lack of work experience isn’t the end of the story. So, freshers and graduates can mention their academic qualifications. Cover your education or any coursework effectively. Space is up by using bullet points.

5. Add the most relevant skills.

A huge heap of skills is never required. You must mention those that are relevant to the job you are applying for. For instance- mentioning that you have good fluency in English in a designing job isn’t essential. On the other hand, you must highlight your creative skills. Especially, interns should pay more focus to the skill section. However, make sure that you are not restating your resume.

6.State what makes you a perfect match for the internship role.

Most companies want to see that you are really excited about the position and company. So, you must customize your letter for each position you apply for. Statements like –‘Dear Sir/Madam, I am truly excited to apply for this position at your company, wherein I look forward to utilizing my skills to progress in my career.’ The recruiter will immediately recognize that this letter is what you attach to your resume every now and then.

7. Elaborate on what the company will gain by hiring you.

Rather than praising the company, you must focus on elaborating on what the company will gain. People usually talk about their accomplishments. You must. But remember that it is more promising to tell how you will fit into the role and position. State with affirmation that you will foster the growth of the company in such and such away. For this again, you must know what all is required in that particular position.

8. Edit and proofread your cover letter.

Typing mistakes, grammatical errors are real blunders and are not neglected. Be careful about them. Edit, edit and edit your cover letter. Ask your friend or family members to check errors. At times you may neglect some but they can be caught by others.

Template cover letter for internship

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