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neurologist resume writing

Check out the Neurologist Resume below. The key qualities required for this doctor resume are highlighted. So, discover how to organize your credentials, education, training, certifications, licensure. Also, go through the tips below to create a perfect medical doctor resume objective /summary that hooks the reader.

neurologist resume writing


Neurologist Resume Example Free Download

Check out the free samples below. You will find samples for both experienced and inexperienced candidates. You can download these by clicking on the download button.

Entry-Level Neurologist Resume

About this Resume
-This resume is ideal for an entry-level candidate.
-The resume follows the functional format style.
-Ronald is following his residency program which is a pre-requisite for all doctors. It is only after completing this that you get a license for practicing medicine.

Entry-Level Neurologist Resume
Neurologist Job Resume

At this resume-
-This resume for a neurologist follows the reverse-chronological format.
-It is ideal for all candidates.
-The simplicity and color scheme are loved by all.

About this resume-
-This resume follows a combination resume format.
-It has a photograph section where you can place your photo. A professional headshot.
-The skills have been given in a diagrammatic form.


Neurologist Resume – Simple Text


15/54, Main Square, NY. · 111-111-1111 Email · LinkedIn Profile ·

A Dedicated and caring neurologist with 8+ years’ experience in clinical practice helping over 50 clients with their neurological ailments on a daily basis. Possess New York State license. Employ my potential and practice in neurology and have increased patient satisfaction by 40% in my current job position.


Medicare Hospital, NY. —Neurologist June 2015 – PRESENT
-Screened and assessed patients for neurological health.
-Reviewed the family history of each patient with tumor and cancer concerns.
-Have performed over fifty surgeries in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological problems.
-Effectively carried out radiological diagnostics with 99% patient satisfaction.
-Examine up to 40+ patients on a daily basis.
-Carefully analyze test results to diagnose illness and prescribe medication accordingly.
-Refer patients to specialists in case of severe issues.

Leo Hospital, NY. — Resident Neurologist December 2011-2015 
-Maintained patient records and documented history in detail.
-Explained procedures to patients and their families to reduce anxiety and depressions.
-Examined 30+ patients daily.


– 2011
LICENCE Possess NYS License.


Vast expertise in performing neurological surgeries.
Preventive care expert.
Excellent Patient and family communicator.
Decision making under pressure.
Caring and empathetic.
Adept in handling equipment and equipment.

 How to Write A Neurologist Resume?

After you have reviewed the above neurologist resume examples, you have a clear idea of what all has to be added to your resume. Read on to discover how to create good content for personalizing your resume templates.

Here we bring to you a step by step guide on writing a resume.

1. Choose an ideal resume format

Firstly, you must opt for a good resume format. Basically, there are three standard formats-
-Reverse chronological

You can choose any. However, we suggest the reverse chronological resume style. It is a recruiter’s favorite.

To read in detail about each of the three resume formats and their uses, Best Free Resume Formats Pdf

2. Create a stellar neurologist resume objective/summary

A neurologist resume objective is probably the first thing a recruiter reads on your resume. Owing to its top position it must be created wisely.

A number of employers consider objectives to be outdated. So, it is certainly better not to give the heading as objective. You write- resume summary, about me, professional summary, etc.

The rules, however, remain the same.
-Firstly, you begin with your most prominent feature.
-Add a few skills.
-Make use of keywords from the job posting.
-Include your years of experience.
-State the position you are applying for.
-Include your areas of expertise.
-Add your greatest achievement.
-Lastly, add how you will prove to be an asset for their hospital/ organization.

Tip- Quantify wherever possible. Add numbers instead of words. They catch attention.

Therefore, a well-written career summary or objective should draw in the attention of your potential employer. Moreover, it must give the reader a basic idea of whether you would fit in with their vision for the hospital.

3. The Neurologist Job Description section

Your bullet points in the work experience section are important. An employer is keen to know what you have accomplished in the past. Do not waste your space by simply stating job duties.

Your bullet points must be quantized. Use resume strong action verbs.

Furthermore, include resume keywords from the job advertisement. The best way to write bullet points is to follow the PAR rule. PAR stands for problem action results. So, in your bullet points, you state a problem that you came across. This is followed by the action that you took to resolve it. Lastly, you state the result. This sequential description gives a complete idea of your abilities.

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It is essential to be aware of your bullets when making lists. Often resume writers commit the mistake of listing job duties. Add accomplishments. Furthermore, experts warn against excessive bullet lists. The main reason behind this is that too many could lower their impact altogether. Review the samples above. They contain no more than 5-6 bullet points. So, make sure you do not create heaps. Do not be vague. Be precise and relevant.

4. Resume Education Section

Since you are applying to a medical field, your education is important.

Therefore, follow the reverse-chronological style. State your latest degree on the top. So, doctorate comes first. This is followed by your bachelor’s degree.
If you had an impressive GPA, include it. Else omit it. Furthermore, if you were a medalist, you must mention that. It enhances your position.

Lastly, if you are an entry-level candidate, you may include extra-curricular.

5. Do not miss out the licenses

A number of states value this. In fact, it is a pre-requisite. Therefore, if you do possess a state license, you must highlight it. It is advisable to mention it in your resume summary.

Also, you can create a separate section, titled- Licenses. There you can mention your state licenses.

There are many other things that are important on your resume.
For instance- the skills section. It must have both hard and soft skills.
You may add a core competencies/ skills section towards the top. Use action-driven language. This area is ideal for including keywords from the job posting.

Lastly, do not forget to optimize your resume for ATS.

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and create a perfect resume. You can also use our downloadable samples as templates. So, waste no time. Create resumes that stand out.

We wish you luck with your oncoming job!


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