Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates For Freshers

Free templates for freshers

Resume writing gets much easier with templates. Here are some best of Microsoft Word Resume Templates. You can easily download them by clicking on the download button. So, add your details and customize your resume.

What Puts Down the Impression of your Resume?

To understand and write a good resume, you must first know where you can go wrong.

  • A resume that is poorly worded
  • filled with typos, grammar and spelling mistakes
  • contain any humorous element,
  • has too many colors, is a bad option.

These features when present in your resume will not help you get an interview, let alone a job. These tactics do get the attention of the employer, but the outcome is only a head shake and a delete.

Biggest Mistakes on Resumes

As you draft your resume—or give your resume an update —make sure it does not contain any of these common resume mistakes mentioned below.

  •  Typos and grammatical errors– These are real blunders on a resume. They adversely affect your chances of getting hired.
  • Squeezing things on a single page – Undoubtedly, a one-page resume is a good option But if you have relevant and outshining details to your credit, do not miss out on them. In this process, people often cram things together. Do not do that. Give space to every section.
  • Including duties instead of accomplishments– Usually, in the work section, individuals commit this mistake. Employers are not looking for what was assigned to you in your previous job. They search for your abilities that are proved by your past accomplishments.
  • No action verbs– Do not use phrases like “responsible for.” Instead, make use of action verbs. These help to show off your initiative. Words like increased, resolved, efficiently developed, etc help punch up the overall impact of your resume.

Simple Resume Format in Word

A clean, simple as well as a traditional resume. This reverse chronological resume template features bold headings, well-bulleted lists, and there is ample space to highlight your experience, skills, education, achievements, and interests.

Benefits of Simple Resume Templates


Simple resumes typically possess a very classic and traditional look. While they often have some color to add emphasis, in general, the main goal of this template is to have universal appeal. This is highly beneficial when applying for multiple jobs, different types of organizations.

Easily Read

Another common benefit of this type of resume is that it clearly yet elegantly communicates your work history, experience, accomplishments, and education. All of this can be in the order you desire. Freshers can choose to highlight skills and education. While experienced individuals can emphasize on their work History. The plain white background makes it easy to read.

Easily Made

A simple resume is easily made. This means that you do not have to spend hours trying to understand the intermediate and advanced features of Microsoft Word. A Basic layout is easy to edit, even if you have never tried making a resume before. To make things easier, we have provided a download link. Press and download the template in MS Word for free.

Sample Resume Templates For free in MS Word

This is a basic resume template. It highlights your skills. Freshers with little or no experience can use this template for resume writing. Furthermore, the simplicity gives a touch of professionalism.

Basic template

The black and white theme of this resume template works wonders. It adds a touch of creativity and also saves you from the over-creative lot. It is professional looking and elegant. Try this template to impress your employer.

However, Freshers can shorten the Work experience section and expand the education section. In the work experience section, freshers can include volunteer work as well as training or internships.

Black and white tEMPLATE

This creative style resume template is suitable for designing and creative fields. It highlights your skills. Depending upon your current status entry-level, fresher, experienced professional-you can elaborate or shorten sections.

Creative Style template

Download these Microsoft Word Resume Templates, edit, proofread, customize and it is complete. If you have queries, feel free to comment below in the comment section.


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