Best 3 IT Technician Cover Letter & Resume Free Download

IT Technician cover letter writing

In a fast-paced technical environment, an IT technician is a must for all industries. To apply for a good job, you need a perfect resume and IT Technician cover letter. Check out our free downloadable IT Technician cover letter and resume. Also, go through the expert writing tips that will make your application stand out.

IT Technician Cover Letter & Resume Free Download

A technician is responsible for carrying out a number of fixes more than just computer parts. He may also repair network connections, computer equipment, such as external hard drives, and many more.

Scroll down and discover the best tips and samples.

IT Technician Cover Letter Sample & Resume

Here we bring to you some best 3 IT technician cover letter templates. You can find IT technician cover letter no experience as well as for experienced candidates.

IT Technician Cover Letter No Experience

cover letter template sample

IT Technician Cover Letter With Experience

IT Technician Resume

Computer Technician resume format

Tips To Make Your IT Technician Cover Letter Stand Out


Check out the best IT technician cover letter writing tips. Implement these while writing your cover letter.

1. Top Skills for Repair Technician

Whether you are a freelance IT technician resume or one for any specific company, technical skills are a must.

Ensure that you add a mix of soft and hard skills. However, the number of technical skills should be more than soft skills.

The technical skills on your resume and cover letter should account for your abilities and the requirements of the position you are seeking.

Therefore, keep the position and organization in mind. If the job requires you to work on particular computer brands or devices, you must emphasize your competency with those systems.

So, for this, you must first scan the job advertisement carefully. Jot down what all do they require in a candidate. Then frame your resume and cover letter accordingly.

Here is a list of some IT Technician Skills. Incorporate the ones that you possess in your resume cover letter.

  • Software installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair services
  • Expertise in fixing Windows and Mac computers.
  • Hardware configuration
  • System disassembly
  • Teamwork
  • Organized
  • Quick-learner
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Inventory management
  • Documenting and recording information.
  • Decision-making skills
  • Data collection
  • Inspecting equipment, structures, and materials.

2. Highlight Certifications

Just like you emphasize your certifications on a resume, do add a teaser on your cover letter. In a cover letter, you need not provide details of your certification like the dates or the rewarding organization. So, simply state the certification.

Especially when you are seeking a position that requires certification, you may want to draw attention to the necessary credentials in your cover letter itself. Do not miss them out. It will compel the recruiter to take your application seriously.

3. Include Your Best Technical Accomplishments

Include one or two instances where you outshone in your career. Add your best accomplishments.

In the field of job search, numbers can often speak louder than words. So, include numbers and statistics to illustrate your impact on companies you have worked for in the past.

Your recruiters love to see numbers. It shows them that you speak their language. Also, it states that you understand what they are looking for in an employee.

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4. Customize Your Cover Letter To The Technician Position

First of all, you address the recruiter with his/her name. Never write- “to whomsoever it may concern”. It ruins the effect.

Initially begin by mentioning the position you are applying for. Simply state the position.

Do not indulge in praising the company. Usually, this is a common cover letter error. A number of job seekers tend to talk about how great the position would be for them. However, the employer has no interest in company whereabouts and its available positions. While reading your application, he is looking forward to discovering you. So, stating what you are going to add to the position and the organization is much more essential as well as relevant.

5. Cut The Formalities

Being overly formal may seem as if you are insincere or robotic. You do not look friendly or approachable.

Some may not find you to be a wonderful person to work with. So, avoid indulging in formalities like-‘I am glad to convey my interest in the available position at your fine establishment’.

Such a formal attitude is not appreciable. On the contrary, you must be sincere and must not sound way too casual. This again puts down your image.

 6. Incorporate the right keywords.

Every job posting has laid out some key requirements. These, when included in your Resume/ CV/ Cover letter, prove to be relevant keywords.

These can be certain qualification, any technician certification or some technical skills.

Your main goal is to present that you are an exact match for their requirements.

Also, you must make use of action verbs. Action-oriented statements give a touch of determination and assertion to your letter.

Finally, in the end, you must scan thoroughly for typing mistakes, grammatical errors. These are real blunders and are not neglected. Be careful about them. Edit, edit and edit your cover letter. You may also ask your friend or family members to check errors. At times you may neglect some but they can be easily caught by others.

So, follow the above tips and use our free IT Technician cover letter templates and land more job interviews.

We wish you luck!


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