Top 7 Impressive accessories for Business Attire


Are you thinking about how to transform your boring boardroom suit into a dapper, glamorizing look? Read on to discover the secret to this look.

Workplace appearance says tonnes about your professionalism, your character, and undoubtedly your personality. A strategic employer takes a number of details into consideration. The attire of the employer and employees reflect the organizational culture. Also, it tells whether the establishment is keen on professionalism.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we hope this style guide will surely have you accessorizing like a pro. Check out some Impressive accessories for Business Attire.


Necklaces that do not attract attention to low necklines, and bracelets that don’t make noise, provide a glamorous look. Never go in for ankle bracelets, but do wear a conservative watch. Here are some business attire accessories for women. Make sure you add these to your wardrobe and complete your glam look.

accessories for women


Want to be head-turning, yet do it subtly? Well, earrings catch attention as they are the closest to your face. Also, you can opt for some small loop-shaped earrings. For a traditional look, you can go with a pair of stud pearl earrings. Pearls have always been popular office wear. It not only adds elegance but also imparts a very professional and formal look. They have a timeless and sophisticated aura about them. Also, they complement almost any outfit. Pearls can be worn with a simple shift dress or blouse, and even formal suits. Always avoid large or costume jewelry. Earrings should be elegant and small.


Accessorizing with rings gives you a confident look. No matter if you choose to go stackable or rings embellished with precious stones, these can definitely turn up your outfit by several notches. In addition to this, they drive attention to your hands during presentations.

Some of the popular gemstones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and of course pearl.

Even your engagement rings attract attention and provide different air.


In contrast to the rings, bold necklaces are definitely for your parties and balls. Opt for a more subdued piece. As these are more appropriate for a conservative environment like that of an office.

Regardless of your dress, long necklaces go well. Like any other outfit rule, coordinate all colors cohesively. Long pendant necklaces surely add that bit of sparkle and personality to your outfit.

Delicate yet elegant jewelry expresses your personality in a more subtle but equally powerful way. It imparts a polished, refined, feminine and clean look to the wearer.

Whenever you are unsure of what type of jewelry to go with, a strand of pearls is always the safest option. Keep in mind that pearl necklaces should complement, not overpower your complete look.


Well, if you think brooches are outdated, you’re seriously mistaken. They can never lose touch in delivering a sense of elegance to a professional outfit.

So, adding the right brooch to your jacket or cardigan makes a definite statement. Definitely, you must avoid the fancy ones. But a simple looking brooch is nice. You can also opt for a brooch that promotes a certain cause.


The renowned fashion statement- coordinate your shoe color with the color of your purse. The colors you chose may depend on your dress, accessories, nail paints. A good purse should be easy to carry, not too large yet having enough space to accommodate your necessities.

Scarves and Ties

If you think, scarves can give an informal look. You are mistaken. It is fine to wear scarves in the office. However, make sure they are accessory scarves and not winter ones. Tie your scarf in a decent knot or go with a simple knot. Be careful while choosing the right color. Avoid dramatically brighter or electric shades. Opt for shades that complement your overall look.


Well, these are the most eye-catching. Some brand conscious people may be inclined to discover the brand and keep an eye on it. While some may just find it impressive. Decent sized, well-coordinated with the dress, watches are simply a booster to your professional look.


Ohkay so, accessories for office wear are not just important for ladies, our gentlemen look extremely sophisticated when they complement their attire with wisely chosen accessories.

accessories for men

Bags, Briefcases, and Padfolios

Every profession needs a functional bag. Remember, its usefulness shouldn’t outdo your sense of style. Crossbody bags and vintage satchels can give you a trendy look, and also provide needed space for your laptop and papers.

Prefer portfolios and padfolios over briefcases. Also, they should be padded in a neutral color. However, if you decide on a briefcase, it should be small.  A leather one in a neutral color is impeccable.

Leather belt

When your choice of clothes is safe, something as simple as a leather belt can seek attention to your look. Pick the right one to go with your business suit. Smart wear usually demands basic colors, like brown, black or tan. Also, the belt should match your shoes. Shiny belts are better. Keep the buckle simple.


Now that you have all set, opt for a nice watch. There aren’t any strict about detailing your outfit with a wristwatch. You can choose simple styles, vintage or royal, anything that is formal enough. It gives the finest touch to your personality.


The most recognizable role for cufflinks is that it is a formal alternative to buttons. It is made of a variety of different materials such as glass, leather, metal, stone, precious metal or combinations of these. When matching a set of cufflinks to your outfit, make sure that the shade is found somewhere else on your outfit. This can be your tie, parts of the shirt, or even the handkerchief.

So, it is extremely important to portray a professional image. However, the mundane look will be of no help. To get rid of this, choose to get creative and glamorize with office-appropriate accessories. Follow these tips on how to dress professionaly and you will have your coworkers’ heads turning as you stroll by.


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