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How to Write A Physician Resume? Download 5 Samples Free!

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Written by Alan Win

An attractive resume is your key to getting a job. The keys to a successful Resume are still brevity and a stellar list of accomplishments. How to write a physician Resume? What all to include and what not? How to include? These questions arise and must be carefully followed. But when you are here with us, resume writing is as easy as pie!

CV Maker for Doctors

So, scroll down to discover easy yet creative resume writing tips. Follow these and create an outshining resume in a few minutes.

How to Write a Physician Resume?
Step by Step Guide

Although one can begin writing from a plain sheet of paper, why put in so much energy. Here is some ready-made material for you. We have created this physician resumes samples that are free. So, download your favorite one. Customize them following our tips and suggestions and you will end creating a job-winning resume!

1. Choose A Physician Resume Sample Format

General physician resume format

Free Physician Assistant Resume Templates

If you have to build an online CV/ resume, here is some help – online physician resume builder Top 5 Online CV Maker for Doctors- Create a Perfect CV in 5 Minutes!

2. Writing a Resume Objective

Writing a resume objective carefully is important. Remember that it is the first thing that a recruiter reads on your resume. Therefore, follow these tips-

  • Begin with your strongest trait.
  • Add a few skills.
  • Include your accomplishments instead of what you desire.
  • Lastly, do not forget to mention the position you are applying for and what all you can bring to the organization.

Physician resume objective examples-

Skilled physician with 12 years of medical service. Committed to providing excellent care to patients while carefully listening to individual concerns. Experienced in diversified healthcare settings and with patient age ranges, from pediatric to geriatric. Determined team player, collaborate with other medical staff to deduce effective treatment solutions. Efficiently work to maintain the high standards of the field. “

3. How to write the Experience Section in your resume for a physician?

The experience section of your resume should break down the last 10 years of your employment history. Begin with your most recent job. List the employer name, city, state or county, years of experience, and lastly, your job title.

Furthermore, break down your tenure in a series of six to eight bullet points. Make use of action-driven language. Advertise your accomplishments to the fullest using metrics wherever possible.

4. What are the top Physician Skills for a resume sample?

Well, even a resume for a physician requires a mixture of soft and hard skills. Besides being an excellent communicator, one must also be efficient in handling instruments. Here are some top skills that can be included in a physician resume.

Communication Skills- Verbal Communication, Written Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Positivity.
Adept in handling equipment and medical instruments
problem-solving skills
solid background in pharmacology
caring and empathetic
Deductive Reasoning
Time management
Effective at multi-tasking and emergency handling

5. Licenses and Education

If you are a fresher, highlight your education. Else you may place it later. Include your highest degree. Mention GPA only if it is too impressive.

Furthermore, under the “Certification” section you may list boards and national examinations taken. Include dates/years. “Licensure” will include the states in which you currently hold a license to practice medicine.

Lastly, you may list references. At least three and no more than six. Here as well write the name, title, and contact information.

6. How to Format your Physician Resume?

Firstly, you must understand that being creative is good but do not go overboard. Here are a few tips to format your resume. So, follow these and make your resume stand out.

-Try to keep your resume to one page. If you run out of space, it is okay to add another one. However, do not drag it to the second page purposely.

-Ensure that you check accuracy before you send it. Resume Errors may eliminate you from consideration.

-Always customize your resume before sending it out to potential employers. Add resume keywords as much as possible.

-Give employers a glimpse of your other positive attributes with relevant hobbies.

For basic formatting you need not worry because everything is already set in our template samples. So, simply grab your favorite. Download. Edit. Proofread and send it out.

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