How to Write A CV for Professor? +Free Sample

CV for professor

Are you planning for a job at the university level? Well, you must know how important is a curriculum vitae for the university-level hiring process. Moreover, hiring managers for colleges and universities are very particular about the CV for the professor job. So, you must prepare a good one that makes you outshine.

CV for professor

When you have all the professional qualifications, but you find yourself clueless about how to write all that, find our tips and samples. Review the CV for the professor sample below. Follow the tips to customize your CV and make it all the more appealing.

How To Write A CV for Professor Job?

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between a CV and a resume.

How is a CV different from a resume?

Although resumes and CVs have a number of similarities, there are significant differences.

-First of all, a CV is more detailed than a resume.
-An ideal resume is single-paged while a CV is usually 2 -3 pages.
-Specifically, one adds honors, awards, and publications to a CV, but not to a resume.
-The CV provides a complete record of your career history and a resume is brief and has a targeted list of skills and achievements.

In order to write a perfect CV, you must first learn what all makes a perfect CV. Read on and discover the best pieces of advice.

1. What is an ideal CV?

  • An ideal CV is a personalized document that has effective use of keywords/ phrases from the job description.
  • Instances of how in your previous employment you fulfilled your duties and impressed the boss. Using numbers and statistics to explain your accomplishments is a good idea.
  • Ensure that you proofread your CV so that you do not lose out on your points.

Recruiters receive hundreds of applications for each position. They spend only about six seconds to review every application. You must keep in mind that about half of those applicants have the required qualifications for the position. So, applicants with CVs that stand outshine are more likely to get shortlisted for interviews.

2. What is the Best Format For CV?

A CV basically has the following sections-

  • Name and Contact
  • Professional Summary
  • Work experience
  • Education History
  • Skills
  • Awards and Honors
  • Publications

You may add other sections like hobbies and interests, references, etc. You may choose a reverse chronological format or a functional format for your CV. However, make sure that you place the most relevant and best section towards the top.

3. Professor Resume Objectives/ CV Objectives

Objective statements are often considered outdated. Employers these days are more inclined to know what you can do for them. Therefore, instead of writing goals, talk about your professional accomplishments. Moreover, state facts that prove you as an ideal candidate. Use keywords. Add relevant skills. Ensure that you use strong action verbs. All this should fit into 3-4 statements maximum. Be precise. Review our CV for Professor sample below for a clearer understanding.

College Professor Objective Example for CV-

A dedicated university professor with 5+ years of experience. Effectively implemented research to maximize students’ progress by 75%. Consistently strive to create a learning environment that produces scholars. Proven record of multiple scholarly publications”

4. Where do you put references in a CV?

Experts suggest that you must not state references right away. Instead, it is better to write “References available upon request“. Now, if the employer needs references, he may ask for references.

However, if you do wish to add this section or the employer has already mentioned, follow the tips below.

-Gather your references onto a “ProfessionalReference Page”. Or you may place this section at the end of your CV.
-Include each reference’s name, title, organization, number/ email address. Ensure that the list has the most impressive or important reference first.

5. How Do You Make Your Professor CV Stand Out?

Here are some special tips to make your CV outshine. In the education sector, the competition is fierce, so be very careful. The time spend in formatting your CV really pays off.

-Make a list of your skills and consider it closely. Include only the relevant skills on your CV. It is a waste of time and space to include everything.
– Proofread your CV several times. Prior to sending it, ask family and friends to scan for errors.
– State compelling reasons why you would prove to be a gem for their organization. While writing your professional summary, shows off your best characteristics.
– Tailor your CV to the specific open position and university. For this, you must carefully read the job posting on the university’s website.
– Do not just say what you can do. Instead, state what you have already done. Describe how you have helped students improve their analytical skills, knowledge, etc.
– Give instances of your teaching ability and the art of delivering effective instruction in the classroom.
Strong Action verbs add power to your CV.
-Lastly, optimize your CV for ATS.

CV for Professor Sample

Review the best professor CV example, below. Note the various sections and details. Study carefully on what Emma has included in her Lecturer CV.

About this CV-

-This CV for the professor follows the functional format style.
-It highlights the education section towards the top.
-A number of sections have been added.
-Technical skills add a different touch to the professor CV.

Press on the link below to download the professor CV template word file and professor resume sample pdf file respectively.

CV for Professor -Simple Text Format

A good sample is a blessing. It gives you clear ideas. Here is a CV/ Resume for a professor in a college in a simple, plain text format. Check out the various sections.

15/55, Main Square, Albany, NY
Contact: 555-111-5555 |


Ph.D., History, University of Los Angles, 2018

Thesis: “Traveling West, 1850-1900”

Thesis: “The history of the Gaza Strip”

M.A., History, University of Los Angles, 2015

Dissertation: “The role of the Christian churches in World War II in Europe”

Doctoral Advisor: Jacob Rodriguez

B.A., English, State College, 2011


Best Dissertation Award, University of Los Angles, 2018

Received an award for the best dissertation in the humanities.

Student Of the Year Award, University of Los Angles, 2017

This award was given to the graduate student earning the highest GPA in college.   

Dean’s List, State College, 2008-2011


Advisor, University of Los Angles, 2016-2018

  • Humanities
  • History of Technology

Teacher Assistant, University of Los Angles, 2014-2016

  • American History
  • Popular Culture in America


“Westward Expansion” American History Conference. Albany, NY, 20XX.

“The Interwar Period” American History Conference. NY, NY, 20XX.


President, University of Los Angles Students’ Association, 20XX

Conference Organizer, University of Los Angles, 20XX


Co-organizer, Homeless Children Campaign, University of Los Angles, 20XX


Organization of American Technology

Rotary International


English: Native Language

Spanish: Advanced Reading and Writing

French: Fluent Speaker


Microsoft Office, Social Media Handling, WordPress, Google Analytics, Photoshop.

These were experts’ suggestions for a perfect CV for professor writing. Review the sample and create an outshining CV for your job application. We wish you luck with your oncoming job.

If you have queries, comment below. We look forward to your comments. For more tips and samples, visit-


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