Best office break ideas |How to take a break in the office

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Working long hours laboriously, glued to monitor screens “workaholics” find it very difficult to take breaks. Researchers state that skipping breaks or lunch and continuously working can hamper productivity and even harm your health. So, it becomes essential to take a break in the office. And being honest, is 10 minutes of scrolling through Instagram, not a break?

There are a variety of ways in which you can rest at work. This not only improves your concentration, physical fitness but also elevates your mood and refreshes you.

How to take break in the office

Best ideas for taking breaks at workplace

Therefore, if you want some quick tips on taking breaks and making the most out of it, here we have a number of different ways to take breaks that you can try.


  • For instance, you can try out doing some desk stretches. This helps to reverse that computer hunch.
  • You can head outside and walk around your block or building. In case you don’t want to move out you can get the same effect by walking up and down a few flights of stairs.
  • Make use of your phone call. Excuse yourself and talk on call while walking back and forth. This combination of walking and chatting will boost your energy before you head back to your desk.

How to take mental breaks at work

  • In order to rejuvenate yourself and reset your mind, you must step away from work. At this time do not look at your phone or computer screen. Try meditating. Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes. In addition to this deep breaths are also of great help. This is calm you down and provide great mental clarity.
  • Select a good activity especially something that you enjoy. You will get the most mental benefits from a break if you are engaged in something that brings you mirth. For instance, reading a novel/article, chit chat with a friend etc.
  • There are free online exercises to improve cognitive functions, including memory and attention.
  • Watch some quick news recap or some comedy show.

Power naps- a break in the office

  • Firstly, find a peaceful location for napping. It may be your office restroom(rest area in office), your desk, conference room, library or even a parked car.
  • Set a timer. This will help in sleeping just for a limited time period as and when required. Furthermore, you won’t run the risk of sleeping.
  • There are a number of benefits. Actually, the main goal of a power nap is to reap the revitalizing advantages of sleep in the least amount of time. Mostly, it is 10 to 20 minutes. On waking up you will likely enjoy:
    • Improved alertness and concentration.
    • Better recalling power
    • Reduction in stress levels
    • Increased stamina
    • Sharpened cognitive skills.
  • The best time to take a nap is the time after lunch or mid-morning hours.

Social Breaks- Coffee breaks in the office

Socializing is one of the best ideas in order to refresh your brain. It makes you ready to make it through the rest of the workday.

  • Finding a break buddy is of great help. This friend takes short breaks with you.
  • You can head down to the cafeteria for some tea/ coffee.
  • Coffee break in the office- Trust me caffeine in coffee is a good cognitive enhancer. Many researchers have stated that coffee, when taken in a limited amount (2-3 cups per day), boosts your cognitive skills. Coffee even reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s disease (memory ailment).
  • You may even move out for a short walk with your friend.
  • Even while sitting at your desk you socialize by sending some e-card to your colleague.
  • Check out social media. Suggest some friend or anything that you enjoys and lightens your mood.
  • Call your parents, siblings or friends. Such conversations are of great help.

Productive break in the office

  • You can organize your smartphone. This may take a few minutes. Delete unnecessary apps, sort your latest photos and file in folders.
  • Actually, you can also find time to go through your office drawers. Clear out things and arrange them in a better way. Get rid off stuff you don’t require.
  • Fish out something. For instance, find a nearby grocery delivery service.

In a nutshell, score out time in your schedule to do something you really love and find satisfaction in.


  1. Increase in productivity. Taking breaks make you a better worker. If you take short breaks to clear your mind, you will be more productive. You will actually work faster and better. With no troubles of daydreaming or focusing, you will be all the more efficient and quick.
  2. Rejuvenate your energy.  After a break, you will feel energized. If you engaged in a joyful activity,  you are likely to feel much relaxed and less stressed out.

Health benefits

  1. Many workers skip lunch in order to focus more on the job. This proves to be really harmful. It is actually counterproductive. When you skip a meal, your blood sugar level declines. You may have a headache. So, go out and grab a sandwich if you have very little time. This will help you get some fresh air as well. Regular breaks provide you more stamina. Also, you ditch the sedentary lifestyle. Moving around is great for blood flow. It keeps your blood pressure normal. Your eyes get a break too. Sitting in front of screens for long hours causes vision problems and headaches. Breaks reduce your risk of harming your eyes.
  2. Refresh your mind. These small breaks will reset your mental clarity. Even a 2-5 minute break will help you. Furthermore, it gets rid off your stress more effectively.

So, never miss an opportunity to relax as this will not only help you but also the company that you work for. After all, the success of a company comes from the contribution and well being of every individual. 


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