how to stay fresh all day

In a monotonous life with no time for ourselves, to stay fresh all day long is easier said than done. Be it a student or working men and women, our motto has boiled down to scurrying out of the house, often at the last minute and somehow just getting through the day. And in the process, very little to we keep ourselves upbeat.


Wouldn’t it be just a blessing if you felt as fresh at the end of the day as you did when you stepped out of the shower this morning?

So, here is to make our lives easier. We need to pay heed on ourselves. These tips on how to stay fresh all day will surely help you get through. Follow these and you will look fresh-faced, rejuvenated and ready for just anything and everything.

How to stay fresh all day in the office?

Ohkay so, to be true, people in the office rarely find time for themselves once they get into work. So, why make the best use of your mornings and prepare in such a way that you stay smelling fresh all day.

Never compromise on your sleeping hours

The secret to a fresh look lies in your sleep. Haven’t you heard of beauty sleep? Well, in a busy schedule this may be difficult. However, make sure you do not miss out on your daily minimum sleep requirement. Sleep for 7-8 hours every day. In addition to staying fresh all day, It is the perfect way to recharge yourself. So, put aside every work and hit the bed at the right hour.

Fitness booster- Exercise and yoga.

The benefits of exercise and yoga are far too much to innumerate. So, make sure you find some time from your busy schedule for this as well. Maybe just 10 minutes of meditation. Freshen up by doing such an activity that can stimulate the right side of your brain.

Get away from your desk

Believe me regular mini-breaks at work will make you more productive. Even if it is a 10-minute walk to the cafeteria with your friend or some simple stretches in your chair, you are likely to feel a lot better and fresher later.

Some special tips for women at work

Once in office, it is really hard to find time to freshen up your look. Smudged eyeliners, melting foundations are a common sight. Here are some tips on how to make your makeup look fresh all day and how to make skin look fresh all day.

  • Opt for the right primer- Primer is integral for long-lasting makeup. However, it is important to check out that your primers offer the results that you are looking for. Also, it must cater to your specific skin type.
  • A sunscreen- Dermatologists suggest that choosing the right SPF for your sunscreen is critical. For working girls SPF 15-30 is sufficient. Avoid using thicker SPF on your face, they could cause your makeup to melt down.
  • Blot and blot- In order to avoid that greasy look, make sure you blot after applying your foundation or BB cream. Make use of a blender. Also, a concealer (where needed) is also helpful in making your makeup stay longer.
  • Highlighting- Some subtle strokes of highlighter on the higher parts of your face, add a perfect look.
  • Cover the eyeliner- Usually, gel liners smudge easily. So, make sure you add a coat of some eyeshadow/powder on top of it. For instance, you have applied a black gel liner, now apply a coat of black eyeshadow on top of it. This will seal your liner.
  • Satin gloss or a matte lip color- Prefer a matte lipstick or lip satin when you want to look fresh all day long.
  • A makeup fixer is a must- make sure you use a setting spray to set it all and prevent it from fading in the hours to come.

How to stay fresh all day in summer?

Mentioned below are some expert advice on how to stay fresh and clean all day.

  • Make sure you clean your face daily– By this, we do not mean simply washing away dirt. You must red rid of the clogged pores. Also, using an exfoliating cream and a light moisturizer is helpful.
  • A daily shower is a must– Shower every day. This keeps you fresh and clean all day long.
  • Choose the right moisturizer– When you step out of the shower, opt for the right lotion. it is better to use baby oil instead. Particularly in summers, make use of a lighter lotion. Avoid greasy ones.
  • Carry antiperspirants and deodorants.-One for odor and the other for sweat.
  • Use fragrant soaps, gels, and moisturizers- Especially during summers, they keep your skin better.
  • Choose an up-do hairstyle- this is for women with long hair. Make sure your hair is away from your neck. Ponytails, doughnut buns are smart looking and better options in summers.

Best diet tips to stay fresh all day long

Your diet and especially your breakfast plays an important role in keeping you stay fresh and energetic. Here are some best diet tips ever on how to stay fresh and energetic all day.

  • At least one fruit daily-  Eat fruits daily. Choose refreshing, fresh fruits. For example watermelon, oranges, grape, and strawberries. Citrus fruits are good for your skin as well.  These are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are essential for a fresh face.
  • Drink plenty of water to be hydrated- Drink lots and lots of water. Also, avoid staying out in the sun. Plenty of water is the secret behind glowing, fresh faces.
  • Yogurt and turmeric- These two are a must when you want to remain fresh all day long.

So, implement these easy tips in your day to day life and you will surely feel fresh even at the end of the day.


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