What is a Relieving Letter? Sample Relieving letter for an Executive Chef

relieving letter

If you have to draft a relieving letter, here, is all that you are looking for. We have also attached a sample relieving letter for executive chef.

What is a relieving letter?

Relieving letter is a specific type of official document. It is provided to an employee on the resignation. It confirms that he/she has been relieved of duty. An incoming new employee often requests this letter just to ensure that the employee completed his/her notice period. It establishes the fact that the ex-employee and the employer completed all the necessary formalities.

Relieving Letter

What to include in a relieving letter?

Through this letter, the HR addresses to the employee leaving the organization. Furthermore, it is written on the letterhead of the company. The last date of employment is also mentioned. It is essential that the employer obtains from the employee a resignation letter, prior to providing a relieving letter.
We have also attached a sample relieving letter for an executive chef. Employers can use this sample letter. Experts recommend that it must be printed on the letterhead of the company and duly signed by the HR or department head.

When do you Recieve a Releiving Letter?

This type of letter is issued to you on the same day that your resignation from a company gets officially accepted. In the case a company has yet to issue you a relieving letter, then that can only mean there may be certain complications that are preventing them from doing so.
Basically, they are all related to the fact that you may have a couple of unfinished simple tasks with the company. This means that you won’t be able to officially resign unless you have finished every single one of them.

One must note that this letter is proof that you are no longer an employee. Also, check out the formal letter format sample below.

The Purpose of a Relieving Letter?

In addition to the purpose of needing it to leave your current job, the letter will definitely prove its importance when you apply for another job with some other company. There are certain countries which require you to provide a relieving letter. Employers definitely look for a relieving letter when employing candidates with prior experience.

Also, the company uses this letter as a tool to show that the company has officially accepted an employee’s resignation. Moreover, it proves that the company has relieved the employee of all duties and responsibilities from the very moment that they sign the letter. People often confuse relieving letter with a resignation letter. However, the main difference is that this is issued by the company while the employee makes a resignation letter.

Sample relieving letter for an executive chef

Here is a sample letter for an executive chef. Note how to details have been put together.

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25th April 2019


Employee’s Name

City, State, PIN

Subject: Relieving Letter

Dear Employee’s Full Name,

This is in response to your resignation letter dated 25th March 2019 wherein you had placed a request to be relieved from your services. We wish to bring to your notice that your resignation has been accepted. You are being relieved from your position of Executive Chef with Company Name with effect from 25th April 2019.

Your complete and final settlement will be processed and credited in the oncoming 45 days to the account you have provided during your employment. We highly appreciate your contributions to Company Name. Lastly, we wish you all the best for your bright future endeavors.


HR Manager

Sample Relieving Letter

So, this was a formal format that you can customize according to your needs. In case you have queries, comment below.


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