How to impress your colleagues and boss

impress your boss

Whether you are new to a job or it has been years, the rule remains the same. Make sure you know how to impress your colleagues and boss. The way you behave in your office is quite significant because you have to work with others. Everybody wants to impress colleagues at workplace. Before we go in for some expert advice and tips, let us realize the importance of making a good impression at the workplace.

how to impress your colleagues and boss

Why is it important to make a good first impression at work?

Generally, people tend to form opinions in the first few moments of meeting. So, it is of great importance to think about how you portray yourself.

First impressions and that too good ones in the workplace can often shape long-term reputations and perceptions. Especially, in the first few weeks when managers usually form the most lasting impressions.

Studies suggest that people make an initial judgment of a person within a minute of meeting them. So, focus on each and every minute detail that you provide to the viewer.


We go through our lives trying to seek approval from our superiors. As a child, we constantly desire to please our parents with good grades. Also, we leave no opportunity to impress our coaches on the field and of course our professors in the classroom. The story never ends and even in the workplace, we put in extra efforts to win over our bosses.

Keeping this in mind, here we have for you some best ways to impress your boss.

People judge employees by their perceived contributions. Before you put in efforts to impress others by employing various tactics why not improve yourself first. This will not only help the company you are working for but also it will improve your personality. Here are some tips to be more productive:

Dress Well

Generally, people who are well dressed than their peers are perceived as better workers. On the contrary, a higher dress code will stand out as an attempt at flattery. Be simple and elegant. Tidy shoes, proper hairstyles are surely helpful.

Arriving Early

Ever since the days of yore, this has always been impressive. Since it is hard to predict whether the traffic will be good or bad, sometimes the only way to ensure you are on time is to arrive early. Arriving before your boss arrives will surely give them a great impression.

Being tech savvy

Nearly all jobs, now require the use of a computer. Being efficient in technology makes you stand out and prove helpful.

Stay Focused

Don’t be seen doing personal work in the office. Don’t carry your home to the workplace. Furthermore, indulging in long chats with your colleagues about non-work related subjects can also lower your points.

Be Incredibly Honest

Never lie. Even if the truth is embarrassing. When you get caught in even the smallest lie, it really spoils your credibility.W

Once you have worked on yourself, it becomes very easy to impress the people around you.

Take initiative

If you want to be impressive, you should take initiative. Take charge of things. Most importantly, in this run give your colleagues more than they expect and do it cheerfully. Never be rude. Also, give others their space.

Be Quick, not sedentary

Make sure that people notice that you are active like you are very busy with your job. People who are usually not busy and are easy going are the first people looked at when firing employees.

Be Quick, not sedentary

Make sure that people notice that you are active, like you are very busy with your job. People who are usually not busy and are easy going are the first people looked at when firing employees.

Support your boss’s professional goals.

Generally, the primary job of any employee is to ensure that the boss’s life is easier.  Like you have certain goals, similarly, your boss also has professional goals. So, when he is in an attempt to accomplish them, assist him. This help will surely impress your boss.


Here, are some tips that will surely impress your co-workers and build healthy relationships.

Avoid group politics

It is natural to get involved in group politics. So, if you really want to stand out, make sure you avoid group politics as far as possible. Surely, it will be unwise to stay in your cocoon, you must be well aware of what is happening. You must master the skill to stay smart and mingle with colleagues simultaneously.

Be social and friendly

First and foremost, you must remember the names of your colleagues. The faster you do this, the better it will be for you. When you want to impress your co-workers, invite them for lunch or even a coffee. The cafeteria is a good place to share and create a bond. It is also a place that can help you to get things going. Moreover, the best place to impress your colleagues is by showing off your personality.

As you sow, so shall you reap

In order to get respect, you will have to give respect. Make sure you follow this rule to impress colleagues. If you try to be manipulative, indulge in gossips, backbite, then be prepared for the same.  Don’t be arrogant to anybody. Humility is a  virtue worth to possess.

So, these were some easy yet efficient tips to impress your colleagues and the boss. Once you follow them, you will make a great impression on everybody at your workplace.


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