How To Get a Job Without a College Degree|12 Jobs With No Degree

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Well, are clueless about finding your first job? And this is just because you do not have a professional degree? Here we have some best piece of advice. Yes, it is possible to find a job without a college degree, even a good paying, flexible job. Even your high school diplomas have the potential to fetch your list of good-paying jobs.

So, here we will surprise you with some promising jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

Also, check out some best tips for non-degree holders.

List of good paying jobs without a college degree:

1.Web developers

Working online is one of the best available options. You can design a top-notch site that attracts traffic in addition to having a user-friendly design and running efficiently. Generally, all you have to do is design, code and modify websites, set layout to function and act according to a client’s specifications. Web developers also write web design programs. Furthermore, skills required to become a web developer are-

  • Knowledge of a variety of computer languages, such as HTML or JavaScript.
  • WordPress, Photoshop, analytical skills such as problem-solving.
  • SEO skills.

With the advancement of technology, the web development industry is growing exponentially. You can find web development jobs all over the world. So, if you master the above-mentioned skills, you can strive for the highest paying jobs! Consider this career if you’re willing to get an associate’s degree.

2. Real-estate brokers

If you are good at dealing with people and you take interest in the sale and rental properties of your area, then this option is open for you. Brokering real-estate transactions like selling, buying, rentals, and loan arrangements prove to be a good job for someone without a college degree. Above all, you do not require much investment.

While a broker can work independently, an agent will have to work under a licensed broker in order to represent clients.

3. Call center job

Call centers are a fundamental component of customer service teams. They are the primary means of communication between a business company and it’s customers. In order to work in a call center, you will need to be motivated by customer success. Paticularly, call center workers are tenacious problem-solvers. They are extremely committed to enhancing customers’ experience with a company/ brand.

The key skills required are-

  • Command on your language in which you will have to deal with customers.
  • Attentiveness- you must to attentive to each and every call and the details given by the customers.
  • Knowledge retention- customers do not like to repeat their problems again and again. A call center agent should be able to grasp the problem immediately and provide a timely solution, thus satisfying the customer.

Some more Jobs For Non-Degree Holder

4. Work-from-Home Call Center Agent

Call center jobs can be either an office job or work at home (called virtual call center) job.  
Companies often hire call center agents for their own business needs. Also, they may contract with business process outsourcing firms (BPOs). These provide call center services to other businesses while charging a fee. Most of the available home-based call center jobs are for such BPOs. Some company’s providing these jobs are-

  • American Express
  • American Airlines
  • Apple at home

5. Accounts Payable Assistant

An accounts payable assistant pays a company’s bills on time. Also, he makes sure the company is being billed the proper amounts. Basic knowledge of accounting is essential in this field.
The assistant usually receives, opens and logs invoices. Moreover, he may approval to pay invoices from department heads when required.  

6. Biology assistant/ Caretaker

A biology assistant or caretaker can easily find jobs in a laboratory, school or even in various firms handling biological equipment. Usually, training is provided when hired. No prior experience or specific degree is essential in this job.

7.Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistants are contract-based or freelance workers. They do their jobs from home. Moreover, they focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of a secretary or executive assistant.

Websites like and specialize in contract workers and a number of listings for virtual assistants.

8.Tour Consultant and Area Expert

The main job of a Tour Consultant is to provide travel information. He has to answers inquiries made by tourists. They also assist with database management, handling of bookings, creating itineraries, and travel documentation. Furthermore, they make reservations for sightseeing tours, trips, sporting events, etc. Therefore no degree is required.

9. SEO Copywriter

Here an individual has to work online. In SEO Copywriting one has to create useful, compelling and valuable content. The write-up must targets specific keywords that other people hunt for while searching on that topic. You just need good writing skills for this job and basic knowledge of SEO.

10.Data Entry Specialists

There is no specific educational background for a data entry specialist. Data entry involves entering information into electronic formats by using word or data processing software. Key Requirements are-

  • Proficient typing skills.
  • Knowledge of software packages like MS Office and Computer skills.
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills.

11.Customer Care Service Specialist

Being a customer service specialist, you will have to respond to customer inquiries, guide customers on the purchasing process. Moreover, you may also make product or service recommendations, resolve complaints as well as technical concerns. The employment industry dictates additional or specialized skills that you may need. However, they do not ask for any specific degree.

12. Freelance Article Writer

Here you write articles like essays, research papers, blogs for various clients. This again is an online job. Sites like, livingston research, upwork provide freelance content writing jobs. However, one must possess creative content writing skills.

Remember perseverance in your job search pays off. There are a number of options available even if you are without a formal education.

9 Tips to Get a High Paying Job Without a College Degree

Follow these tips and the job of your dreams is just a few steps away-

1. Know where to look in for the right job

Firstly, you must weigh the options available. Professions like that of a doctor or an engineer will always require higher education. But surprisingly there are a number of career fields where a diploma/ professional degree is not essential. The list of good paying jobs without a college degree include positions in customer service, writing, technology, administration, and many more assistant positions even in the medical field. These may only require a high school diploma, a certificate, or an experience.

2. A training certificate greatly helps

If you can grab some quick secondary training or education, it can help you stand out from the crowd. Job seekers should consider paths such as employer-based training, industry-based certifications, an associate degree, post-secondary certificates, some apprenticeships. These will tremendously increase your chances of getting hired for the job you want.

3. A promising resume and cover letter

Always remember that your resume and cover letter contribute to your first impression. Always spend some time checking out the requirements listed for a job. Think about why an employer should hire you. Incorporate some practical skills and work experiences that you have and are relevant to the job. Furthermore, highlight it in your resume and cover letter the points that will make you outshine. Remember to follow up on resumes you send out.

4. Prepare well for your interview

You must do your homework well before heading for an interview. Pay close attention to your dressing attire. Rehearse well. You can easily learn about prospective employers. Never forget to spend some time pursuing the company’s website. Prepare beforehand on interview questions you may be asked, practice answering them before the interviewer. Often employers ask job seekers if they have any questions, have a few good questions prepared ahead of time.

5. You must be willing to give in your best

Working with a positive attitude enhances your chances of success. Most of the recruiters hunt for applicants who diligently follow directions and pay attention to details. Always clarify and ask questions if you are unclear of what is expected. Try to go above and beyond what is required.

6. Networking

Networking is a great way to get an interview. Moreover, when you are applying for a job without a college degree, it helps immensely. So, reach out to anyone you know who is an expert in your field. See if they are willing to write you a recommendation. In your cover letter, you can also mention that you spoke to this person about the job. If you do not get recommendations you might discover newer options at the least.

7. Ask yourself if you can do the job

Often in a rush, we accept offers that might not match our skills. Never do so. Before applying for any job, look carefully at the job listing. Read the job description, hunt for any “required” skills or experiences in particular. Then question yourself, “Can I do the job?” Apply and accept job offers on when you are capable and match their requirements.

8. Grab some Technical Knowledge

In today’s technical world, people with computer based knowledge are required everywhere. Moreover, even if the industry doesn’t require that in particular, it adds to your value. So, make sure you have some basic essential knwoledge of programs like MS Office.

9. Never give up

It is hard to believe, but finding a good job is difficult even for job seekers with professional degrees. Therefore, apply for jobs your expertise, skills, and experience qualify you for. Even if you do not meet the educational requirements, go for it. lastly, never forget that you have a good chance to stand out due to other qualifications and find a job without a college degree.


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