Best 10 Hospitality Resume Samples & Writing Tips

hospitality resume

Create your most impressive hospitality resume by using our free downloadable hospitality resume samples. Check out various resume samples for different job titles. Also, go through our resume experts’ special tips on hospitality resume writing.

hospitality resume

Hospitality Resume Examples

Check out the various hospitality resume template free. You can also download these for free by clicking on the download button.

interior designer resume for fresher

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Tips To Write A Good Hospitality Resume

Be it a receptionist, housekeeper, chef or hotel manager, all the hospitality resume must follow the below-mentioned. So, read on and create your resume accordingly.

1. Top Skills for A Hospitality Resume

Here we bring to you some top skills for a hospitality job. Include the most relevant ones in your resume.

-Ability to work flexible hours, nights, and weekends.
-Expertise with telephone switchboards, computers, and other devices.
-Exceptional written and spoken communication skills.
-Ability to prioritize tasks for optimum efficiency
-Strong leadership skills
-Teamwork abilities
-Friendly and service-oriented
-Innovative and reliable
-Proficient with reservation management systems
-Handle customer databases and digital records
-Analytical thinking

Furthermore, you must try to showcase transferable skills.

This sector has many entry-level positions that don’t require candidates to have years of prior work experience.

Therefore, when you are applying for your first job in hospitality, make sure you add a number of transferable skills that make you stand out. This way you can successfully deviate employers’ attention from your lack of relevant work experience. Freshers can also add volunteer positions or academic experiences that honed problem-solving or interpersonal skills.

For creating a more targeted resume, scan the job description/advertisement to find out what skills the employer values. Now, list the ones you possess in your qualifications section.

2. Quantify Your Accomplishments

Ensure that your work history takes up the bulk of your resume. In your work history section, your goal is to show how your experiences at previous positions have prepared you to excel in the new job.

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Under each of your previous job positions, use four to six bullet points for and focus on the most impressive and relevant information. Instead of adding your daily tasks, use statistics to show how your actions had pronounced, significant results.

For instance, you could add the number of guests you served on a daily basis or how much time you saved or how you resolved conflicts and dealt with situations.

3. Create A Targeted Resume

In most cases, a hiring manager will spend just a few seconds scanning your resume before deciding whether to call you in for an interview.

Therefore, to create the strongest first impression and set yourself apart from other candidates, you must ensure that all the information on your resume is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

For this, you must stay focused from the very beginning.

Hospitality resume objective / Resume Summary

A resume objective is ideal for entry-level candidates with little or no experience. It focuses on your aspirations rather than work experience.

Resume Summary, on the other hand, highlights your core accomplishments that learned skills.

Showcase your customer service skills. Describe how you have helped customers solve issues in the previous job position. Add a commendation or award if you received any. Let hiring managers know that you are up for any customer service-related challenge.

Include Hospitality Resume keywords in your resume. Use them throughout your resume. Keywords optimize your resume for ATS.

Lastly, while writing a cover letter make sure you add keywords to it as well. Use a straightforward font to create an clear and readable document.

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So, follow the above tips and create your perfect hospitality resume. We wish you luck with your oncoming job interview!


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