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head chef resume writing

Cook your best head chef resume. Flaunt your leadership abilities as a head chef. Check our best head chef resume example below for inspiration. Also, check out the head chef resume cover letter template.

To make things all the more perfect, we have the best resume writing tips from experts. Do go through them and create job-winning resumes.

head chef resume writing

Best Head Chef Resume Sample

The following resume for head chef position is of a candidate with 6+ years of experience in culinary. However, it can be used by any candidate at the head chef position. Here we have provided both Word file and pdf file that you can download for free.

resume for head chef position

Simple Text Head Chef Resume

15/54, Main Square, NY. · 111-111-1111 Email · LinkedIn Profile ·
Professional Head Chef with 6+ years of experience in creating restaurant menus and innovative cuisines while inspecting all orders for freshness and hygiene. Achieved 5-star culinary satisfaction rating according to a national food critic. Seeking to leverage my culinary skills at ABC Restaurant and bring about high customer satisfaction.
Head Chef                                                                                2016 – Present
·   Responsible for all supervising procedures involving food purchasing, creating menus, hiring and training procedures.
·   Create financial budgets while keeping profits and loses (P&L) into account.
·   Hired trained and supervised 5 commis chefs.
·   Updated operational policies and procedures.
Executive Chef                                                           2013 – November 2016
· Supervised 5 cooks and ensured that every food order followed the hygiene norms.
·  Performed purchasing functions for this camp specializing in kosher cuisine.
·  Established menu and assure quality control and minimize waste.

Degree in Restaurant and Culinary Management, 2013
ABC Culinary Education, NY.
Food Science Certification 2015                                                                       
Excellent teamwork ability
Food safety consciousness
Strict time management ability
Teaching and mentoring kitchen employees
Culinary skills
Communication skills

Head Chef Resume Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter to your application enhances the effect. It gives you an opportunity to describe yourself in a more personalized way. You can make full sentences instead of phrases.
However, make sure you add only a few highlights of your career. Do not try to include all that you have said in your resume. It ruins the effect.
Your cover letter should be like a teaser to your resume. Its main goal is to entice the reader to read your resume.

Quick Tips on Writing A Head Chef Resume

Given below are some of the best pieces of advice from experts. Follow these and make your resume outshine in the crowd of competitors.

1. Create An Outshining Chef Resume Objective

Being a head chef you must highlight your core credentials in your chef resume objective.

While writing your resume objective, ensure that you-
-Highlight the key skills of a head chef.
-State the food that you specialize in.
-Include your years of experience in the field.
-Quantify your greatest achievements. For instance- the scope of what you can handle by including the number of tables you can serve.
-Include keywords from the job advertisement. You must target your resume objective to the organization and position you are applying for.
-Add your innovative skills and creativity in utilizing ingredients to create new menus.
-Do highlight your certification if you have any.
-State how you would prove to be an asset to their restaurant or any other eatery.

The main goal of a career objective is to give the potential recruiter a reason to continue reading your resume.
Check out the sample above and see how the candidate has succeeded with his Career Objective.

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2. Highlight Certifications

The fastest way to catch attention through your resume is to display your certifications. However, if you do not have any, consider earning certifications.

Any certificate in culinary, food management, food safety works wonders and enhances your chances of selection.

3. Head Chef Job Description

The most eye-catching part of your resume is the addition of a few numbers and percentages amidst the words.
So, back up the claims, you made in your resume objective with examples from your work experience, listing them in bullet points.

Here are a few examples of the head chef job description.

  • Redeveloped the restaurant menu in 2017, increasing sales revenue by 125%
  • Employed effective use of food materials and reduced food wastage by 46%.

So, if you have had any such outshining experiences that you believe would impress the recruiter, do mention it. The key to writing a good resume is emphasizing your key skills and strengths in a quantified manner.

Do add a few skills here as well. 50+ Best Chef skills of resume that make you outshine

However, make sure that your bullet points do not exceed more than 6 in the job description area. Adding too many may ruin the effect.

4. Add Strong Action Words For Chef Resume

The use of action-oriented language in your resume adds a touch of confidence. It boosts the overall effect of your resume. So, make sure you add some strong action verbs.

Determine Develop
Organize Ensure
Entertain Hired
Supervised Managed
Devise Delegate
Designate Perform
Handle Verify

Each bullet point should begin with an action verb. Check out the list above for more — 150+ resume strong action verbs.

5. Target Your Head Chef Resume To The Position

A well-written customized resume is bound to win.

And how do you do that?

Read on.

  • Firstly, scan the job advertisement. Take note of their requirements. Add the same terms that they have mentioned to your resume.
  • Next, you must include the name of the eatery in your resume objective.
  • Also, add the name of the hiring manager in your head chef resume cover letter.
  • Most importantly, figure out what the restaurant is known foe-their special cuisines. If you have any of them as your speciality, mention that.

A targeted resume gives the recruiter a very positive impression. It convinces them that you are serious about the job and have taken pains to frame the resume exclusively for them.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips and use our free head chef resume sample and cover letter.

We wish you luck with your oncoming job!


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