Best 7 Free Information Technology Resume Samples & Tips

information technology resume writing

Win your dream job in a crowd of competitors with a resume crafted by our professional writers. Check out the expert resume writing tips below for creating an impressive information technology resume.

information technology resume writing

Information technology, as depicted in the image above, comprises various fields that closely deal with computers and telecommunications.

Here we have compiled for you some best information technology resume format. Also, here you will come across-
-IT resume skills
-IT Resume objective/ summary
-Information Technology resume keywords
-Information technology resume action words

So, waste no time. Grab the best samples and customize them for free!

Information Technology Resume for Freshers

The following resume samples are ideal entry-level information technology resume with no experience. Scan through the samples and get an idea of what to include and what not.

Dot net resume experience- information technology resume
Dot net resume sample for fresher
information technology resume
Entry-level programmer resume

IT Resume Samples for Experienced Professionals

The following resume format samples are ideal for experienced individuals.

How To Make Your IT Resume Stand Out?

Follow the tips below to make your information technology resume stand out.

1. Information Technology Resume Objective/ Information Technology Resume summary

Resume introductions are great beginnings. They give the employer a basic idea of your qualifications and capabilities. Often your resume introduction may be the first and the last thing read by the employer.

For an IT resume, you could either use the information technology resume objective or the more effective, modern, statistics-heavy resume summary, the choice is yours.

You just have to ensure that it is well-customized and definitely not vague or general.

From the very beginning of your Information Technology Resume summary ensure that the hiring manager knows immediately whether you match the job requirements.

You have to make sure that you make your points clear in the very beginning.

For instance-if, the hiring manager’s job description reads: the hiring manager is seeking someone with 3+ years of professional experience in information technology, then your resume can be like-

“….dedicated IT technician with 4 years experience in developing.……”

So, the moment your hiring manager reads it, it will immediately tell him the resume is worth considering.

Furthermore, instead of telling the recruiter that- ” I have all the necessary requirements to do the job, so please read my resume.” you can place the associate degree front and center in the career objective. It is far better.

Quantify wherever possible.

You must quantify your accomplishments in your resume objective as well as the experience section. The key to a strong professional resume is emphasizing your accomplishments and not your daily duties.

2. Best Information technology resume skills

This job industry requires skills, skills, and skills.

Therefore, due to the technical nature of IT jobs, employers are well-aware that you understand more than just the basic IT skills.

So, be specific.

Talk about your relevant advanced, technical, and software knowledge, skills, and abilities.

So, incorporate a detailed list of your computer skills. (Check out the link for top 45 computer skills for resume.)

By including an IT skills list, you will surely satisfy the ATS. Moreover, these will give the hiring manager an insight into your skills.

There are a variety of skills that you can add. For instance-

  • Security
  • Programming languages known
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Networking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operating Systems

Add IT skills to your introduction, experience, education as well as the skills section.

Furthermore, along with these hard technical skills, make sure you add a few soft skills as well such as teamworking ability, communication skills, etc. These are also an integral part of the IT sector job skill requirements.

3. Information technology resume keywords

Remember, most of the resumes are filtered through an applicant tracking system (ATS). Now, this software scans for keywords and phrases relevant to the role. So, to beat the resume bots, you must pepper your resume with relevant keywords to show you have the skills for the job.

To beat the resume robots, you’ll need to pepper your resume with relevant keywords to show you have the skills for the job.

The most relevant examples can be found in the job posting. Use them and highlight the IT skills in demand within your resume.

4. Information technology resume action words

A resume that has relevant action verbs is far more attractive and sounds confident. Here is a list of information technology resume action words that you can add to your resume.

Consolidate Install
Analyzed Implement
Operate Perform
Administered Develop
Create Investigate
Determine Maintain

Need more action verbs, check out the longest list of action verbs for resume, here.

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