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If you have ever written a resume and/or cover letter from scratch, you know how daunting that blank page can be. In such a situation, templates can help you get started on creating your resume and writing cover letters. A number of free templates are available in the form of Google Docs Resume. They provide a perfect framework to display your experience and skills. You will find templates with sleek column options, color accents, and well-chosen fonts.

Tips for Using Google Doc Templates

A well-polished and professional resume is important for a successful job. It must be visually appealing, well written, and properly formatted. This becomes much easier when you have resume templates at hand.

Here are some benefits of using Resume Templates-

  • Templates help you structure your letter or resume in a way that it is more well-organized.
  • It helps in setting the layout of your documents.
  • Also, they show you what elements are to be included in your letters or resume.
  • Above all, a template helps you save time. As it gives you a suggested structure for your document, therefore you can quickly start writing. The time usually spent in creating and selecting format and layout is spent on polishing and proofreading.
  • Using a template as a starting point for your resumes is perfect. However, ensure that you change the elements of the template to fit your own personal details. For instance- if a google resume example has skills section and you do not want to have a skills section in your resume, you can simply delete it.

Create Resume On Google Docs

To access the Google Docs template, you first need to register if you do not already have an account. Follow the below-mentioned steps and create a resume using a beautiful google doc resume template.

  • Firstly, log in to your Google account.
  • Or you can choose the template first and then log in to your account to access it completely.
  • Navigate through the home page of Google. Click on Google Docs.
  • Now, click on the Template Gallery.
  • You will see a list of template options.

Google Docs Template Gallery

How to use Google docs Resume
Template Gallery of Google Docs
  • Here are multiple letter formats that can be used for your cover letters. Also, you will find a variety of resume formats. You can find additional Google Doc templates by clicking on the More arrows and scrolling through the options.
  • Now, choose and click on the template you like. It will open up in a new window.
  • Here you can easily personalize the template with your information.
Google Docs Resume Sample
Google Docs Resume Sample
  • The templates usually contain lorem ipsum dummy text. So, click wherever you want to edit, delete the dummy text, and start entering your details. The changes you make will automatically be saved into your account on Google Docs.
  • The template name will appear at the top of the screen, above the toolbars. To rename it, simply click on the template name. A textbox for editing will open up. Once you have changed the name, click out of the textbox, and your new file name is saved.

Formatting Your Google Docs Resume

Resume Template
Google Docs Resume Template Sample

Google Docs Functional Resume Template

Among a variety of Google Docs’ features is the ability to format your cover letter and resume. Format its appearance to highlight your work experience and skills to their best. Even if you are not familiar with using Google Docs, you can easily follow our guide as it is very simple and has formatting features that are simple to use. Here are the best tips for formatting your Google Docs resume.

Clear Formatting 
  • When you transfer text over from a previous resume, the option- Clear Formatting will help you greatly.
  • All you have to do is that simply copy the text from your previous resume, paste it into your Google Docs resume template, and clear formatting.
  • For this, you will first highlight the text, right-click, then click on the Clear Formatting option. This option will match all of your text to the default style in your resume.
  • This is time-saving as you do not have to manually change the font, size, and color to fit with the rest.
Copy format
  • At times you might prefer to copy the format of a line of text in your Google Docs resume.
  • So, all you have to do is simply click on the Paint Format icon. This is present on the left-hand side of the toolbar.
  • Now, highlight the text you would like to apply the formatting to. D
  • On Double-clicking the icon, the format gets locked into place. Now, every text you click on will change to the new desired format.
Tab stops 
  • Google Docs offers you easy control over spacing and text placement.
  • Using tab stops, resume layouts to present important information in a neat way.
  • For instance, you may choose to right-align important dates by adding a right tab stop.
Revision History 

This feature is helpful for job seekers because it allows you to check previous changes that have been made to your Google Docs resume. One can easily check out the changes in a file and restore the resume to a previous version. This makes it easy to clear up any mistakes.

In order to check your revision history-

  • Click on ‘File’ at the top.
  • Now go to ‘See revision history’
  • Click on a timestamp in the right panel to view a previous version of your resume.
  • In case you like you can restore your resume. Simply click on Restore this revision > Restore.

Furthermore, restoring your resume to a previous version will not erase any other versions of your resume document. Instead, this version will move towards the top of your revision history. The previous versions, as well as the current version, will still be available.

Saving and Sharing Your Google Docs Resume

On creating a final version of your resume, you can store it on Google Docs, update it, or even use it to apply for jobs. Furthermore, you can share it with hiring managers and employers.

Also, you can also choose to save it on Google Drive. Here one can create, upload, edit, save, and share documents in an organizational system. You must remember that a number of hiring managers prefer to receive resumes as email attachments or documents uploaded directly on to their corporate website.

So, when you apply online, follow the instructions in the job posting. If you are supposed to send your resume directly to a hiring manager, through any networking contact, ask about the preferred method of delivery.


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