Best 7 Free Banking Resume Samples & Tips

banking resume writing

Check out the best free banking resume for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals. Also, go through our expert resume writing tips below to create wonderful resumes that win you your dream job.

banking resume writing

So, waste no time. Scroll down and use our free downloadable banking resume samples.

Sample Resume For Banking Sector

The banking field incorporates jobs that are involved in helping businesses or individuals manage their finances. It includes cashing checks at a bank branch, loan applications, or investing the capital of a large corporation.

The need for knowledgeable professionals to help common people and companies make, save and invest their money will always be required. Therefore, this sector always demands qualified individuals.

Here we bring to you, banking resume samples for various job titles. For a detailed guide on each resume, click on the links that follow.

We have also provided various banking resume objectives, summary statements, and tips on how to make a resume for a bank job. So, read on.

Banking Resume Sample for Fresh Graduate

The following samples are good for inexperienced or entry-level candidates in the banking sector. Also, check out the tips below.

Best Resume Format For Experienced Banker

Experienced individual? Check out the resume samples below.

Resume for Experienced Banker
Resume for experienced banker

Guidelines To Write A Bank Resume

After reviewing the above example of a banking resume, you must have now a had basic idea of what to include in a banker’s resume. So, here are some tips that will help you create a banking resume yourself, in a matter of minutes.

1. References on a banking resume

From the above banking resume samples, you can understand that most professional documents no longer include a list of references.

Even there is no need to write “references available upon request”. However, if the job advertisement mentions that you must attach some references, then you have to include a few.

Here, is a guide on adding references to your resume/CV.

In other situations, you need not waste your resume space by adding references. Instead, dedicate that extra space to enhancing the other important sections of your document.

2. What is the best length for a banking resume?

Well, this question strikes in every mind when it comes to resume writing. Most employers in the banking industry have a busy schedule and prefer a single-page resume.

Firstly, the key to writing a good resume is – Keep your resume to single page if you have less than 10 years of work experience.
However, if you possess more relevant experience, a two-page resume is appropriate.

You must keep in mind that hiring managers often spend very little time scanning your document. So, avoid the temptation of adding fluff to make your resume/CV longer. Secondly, don’t cut down your relevant content so much in an effort to shorten its length to a single page that you lose crucial information.

3. What all to add to a banking resume?

As you can see in our banking resume samples above, a strong resume should include-

  • Your contact information
  • Banking resume objective/ professional summary statement
  • Quantified banking resume accomplishments
  • Relevant Skills
  • Work experience
  • Education section.

Lastly, you need to make sure that your document remains concise and has good readability. These are two key aspects of resume-writing that you must apply to every section.

Pro Tip– Do attach a well-customized banking cover letter to your resume.

4. Add keywords To Your Resume

The addition of keywords not only impresses your bank employer but also optimizes your document for ATS.

So, here are a few keywords that you can add to your resume for bank job-

  • Cash Flow Management and Modeling
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Risk management
  • Ledger balancing
  • Value-added analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Trial balance
  • Payroll
  • Financial statements
  • Expense analysis
  • Financial and strategic planning
  • Tax reporting and planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Cross-functional team leadership
  • P & L management
  • Auditing
  • Operating and working capital
  • Budget management
  • Accounting
  • MS Excel and spreadsheets
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Crystal reports

For more targeted keywords, scan the job advertisement. Look for words or phrases in the requirements section of the ad. Now, you must try to use the same terms in your resume.

The competition in bank jobs is really tough. So, leave no stone unturned in creating your perfect banking resume.

5. Quick Tips on Writing Each Section Of A Banking Resume

Here is a template version of writing a perfect resume for your bank job.

Full Name
Permanent addresses | Telephone number |Email address

Career Objective: This has to be a short, two or three lines statement. Pinpoint your top qualifications. Try to use numbers, statistics, and resume keywords from job ads. Lastly, add the name of the company you are applying to.

Summary of Qualifications/Core Competencies: When writing a banking resume, it is crucial that your strengths and key qualifications are summarized within the top half of the first page of the resume. Use bullet points for this purpose. Add no more than 6 points.

Work Experience: This section again utilizes bullet points to communicate responsibilities in previous positions. Furthermore, show quantifiable results of your work. Make use of action-driven language. Do not add more than 6 and less than 2 points per job position.

Education Section– Finish off your document with a short education section that displays your degree, graduation date, and your school’s name and location. However, if you are a fresher or entry-level canddate then you can utilize the central part of your resume for this section i.e. before the work experience section.

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So, follow the above tips and use our free downloadable samples. Create your resume in no time. If you have any queries, do comment below. Our experts will resolve your problems.


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