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When you are a qualified candidate, do not let your resume hold you back from winning a job. Confused about how to write a good nursing resume?
Here we bring to you the best entry-level nurse resume that will help you land a position at your first choice hospital rather than settle.

Also, check out the resume writing tips below. These will help you turn that nursing student resume into a job offer.

Entry-level Nurse Resume

So, scroll down and discover the best nursing resume formats for freshers.

Nursing Resume Format for Freshers

Do not be disheartened by the thought of your inexperience. Even an entry-level nurse resume has a lot to it. It can win jobs over an experienced candidate. Review the nursing resume examples with clinical experience below.

You can download the files-Doc, Docx, Pdf versions. So, simply press the download button and download the file for free!

Free Doc File- Entry-Level nurse resume doc

Entry-level Nurse Resume Sample

Here is the Doc File- Nursing Resume format for Freshers Doc

Nursing Resume Format for Freshers

Doc File- Resume for Nurse Doc

Nursing resume

Quick Tips For Writing A Nursing Resume

Entry-level nurses have a lot to write on their resumes. Owing to their resident experiences and internship, they have a lot of details for their work history section. This has an advantage over professionals.

Nursing resume format for freshers must have a customized career objective. Here one must explain the educational background and desired position within an organization.

Now that you have a basic idea of the resume format and styles, let’s move on to the writing part. If you wish to create a resume yourself, from scratch, read on. The following guidelines will also help you personalize a resume template or sample.

1. Entry-level Nurse Resume Objective

Your resume objective is read first. Ensure that you craft it well.

So, follow the guidelines for a perfect entry-level nurse resume objective.

-Firstly, you must kick start with your most prominent trait.
-State that you are an entry-level candidate.
-Most importantly, do not forget to mention your state license.
-Add resume keywords from the job advertisement.
-Include the position you are applying for.
-Add a few skills that are relevant.
-Lastly, wind up in a maximum of 4-5 lines stating how you will be an asset to their organization.

Al the while, be relevant. Do not write stories. Do not try to summarize everything on your resume. Be precise. Quantify wherever possible.

Tip– Some professionals consider ‘objectives’ to be outdated. Include a resume summary or about me section.

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2. Include Certifications and Highlight Education

The education section can be broken down into – degrees,  relevant coursework, and Licenses and Certifications.  Each of these contributes to making the resume more attractive in unique ways.

In the education section, you must include university-specific educational specifics. These are the year of graduationGPA average (only if above 3.0), and academic affiliations.

Licenses & certifications

Licenses and certifications are vital in a nursing resume. They should always be included when writing a resume in the medical industry. The main reason behind this is that organizations are legally required to employ only licensed and certified individuals.

Often not listing the correct license or certification gets a resume rejected. Also, specify your individual license number and the issuing organization.

Incorporating licenses and certificates are critical for gaining employment.

3. Relevant Action Verbs for Nursing Resume

What are action verbs? Well, these are certain verbs that express an action. This action can be physical or mental.

To read in detail about action verbs, visit- 150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

Resume action verbs can be of two types- strong and weak.
The strong action verbs add a confident tone to your resume. So, you must add these verbs to enhance the power of your resume.


Where can you use action verbs?

The best place is your resume job description area. The bullet points that describe your job. In addition to this, resume summary and core competencies must also have strong action verbs.

4. Include Clinical Experience and Other Relevant Experiences

Ensure that your entry-level nurse resume focuses on medical-specific educational and internship experiences. However, there is often room for notable nonmedical-related work experiences as well.

Most of your work history section should be focused on preceptorships, residencies, and internships. These are the most relevant experiences for the position you’re applying to.

So, under each of your experiences include bullet points. Here you must state your accomplishments rather than duties. Most candidates include duties. Recruiters are not interested in knowing your duties. They look forward to what you can do. Or better still, what you have done in the past.

So, the best trick is to follow the PAR rule. Problem, Action, Result. First comes the problem that you came across. Next is the action you took to resolve it. Lastly, you state your result. This sequence creates a perfect impression.

Do not write more than 5-6 points. Writing too many ruins the effect. Be relevant. Do not be vague. Do not use personal pronouns such as “I”

5. Tailor Your Resume

All your efforts go in vain if your resume is not tailored properly. Moreover, you must optimize it for ATS.

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Tailor your resume to the position you are applying for. Add resume keywords. The best place to find keywords is the job advertisement.

Furthermore, you must also tailor the resume to the organization. Check the official website of the hospital. Discover their major projects. Now keeping this in mind, create your resume.

You may consider adding a tailored cover letter. Cover letters enhance the power of your application. Moreover, a tailored cover letter proves that the candidate is serious about the position.

A resume that is well-tailored stands out. The medical field has fierce competition. Therefore you must focus on what and how your resume can outshine. Follow the above-mentioned tips.

Also, review samples for a clearer understanding. Be consistent in formatting. Optimize for ATS. Your application will win you the dream job.

Do share your thoughts below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have queries comment below. Our experts will give you the best suggestions for resume writing.


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