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A skilled driver? Need directions for crafting a driver resume? Check out our downloadable sample and expert writing tips below for some guidance.

driving a car

Best Driver Resume Samples

Reviewing samples is beneficial in many ways. It gives you an idea of what to include and what not. You come across formats that are creative and eye-catching.

Personal driver resume

The following resume is for a personal driver. You can download it by clicking on the download button.

Personal driver resume

Car driver resume sample Doc

Here you will find both the Doc and Docx version of your resume.

Car driver resume format doc

Delivery truck driver resume

Truck driver resume

Cover Letter Templates

Driver Resume Writing Tips

Once you have had a basic idea of the resume formats, it is time to grab some experts’ advice. Here are some tips that will make resume writing much easier.

You need to emphasize the following traits on your resume:

  1. The type of Certified Driver’s License you have
  2. Your safety record during your years of experience
  3. Ability to pass a basic physical fitness exam

It is only after you obtain your license will you become employable as a professional driver.

Follow the tips below to create an impressive resume for a driver.

1. Begin with a Resume Objective

Review the Career Objectives in the above resume. They include all of the traits a recruiter will want to see in your resume. Above all, the resumes above rightly emphasize how this applicant will help the company rather than how the company can help the applicant.

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Here is how you can write a driver resume objective. Usually, we come across driver resume objectives like-

“Experienced driver seeking a position with a reputable company”

Writing such a career objective has no significance. This career objective above just won’t make it. Recruiters already know you are applying for a driver position. Therefore, this objective is really just a waste of space.

As stated above, the main target of a career objective is to emphasize how you can help the company achieve its goals. So, you highlight the relevant experience, accomplishments, and certifications.

Example of a truck driver resume objective

Heavy Truck Driver with 3+ years of experience driving concrete transport trucks. Effectively manage time for delivery purposes. Zero accidents or injuries throughout entire career. Possess a Class A Certified Driver’s License as well as ME Certificate.

Now, such a statement will immediately make the recruiter interested in you as a candidate. They will then look out for instances in your Experience Section.

2. Writing the Professional Experience Section

In order to get the most out of your experience section, you must provide specific details.

So, firstly you begin with the name of the company you have worked for and the tenure. As a driver tell the hiring manager what types of vehicles you drove, and for how long.

You can also mention if ever you have trained any new employees. This shows that the management trusts you with big tasks and that you are knowledgeable about your job.

You must always quantify wherever possible. Adding number/statistics help understand your capabilities in a better way. For instance-

  • Trained 2 new employees in driving truck while following routes, and adhering to safety standards.

So, if you trained any employees, you can use the template sample above and make it relevant to your own experience.

The experience section must have precise bullet points that contain metrics.

You must not add more than 5 bullet points. Adding too many may ruin the effect. Moreover, use action-driven language in your resume. Check out the list below.

3. Action verbs for A Driver Resume

Use of action verbs in your statements conveys that you are a potential candidate. Here are some relevant action verbs that you can use in your resume.

Deliver PickupFill
CleanConduct Transport

4. Highlight Skills That Are Relevant

Drivers need a range of basic skills. These may be physical, mental, and technical skills. Here are some skills that you can add-


Math SkillsTime management skills
Technical SkillsPhysical abilities
Customer service SkillsVehicle repair
Engine maintenanceTire changes

So, if you possess these skills, put them in the Skills section to ensure that the recruiter calls you in for an interview.

Remember to add both soft and hard skills. Together they make your resume impressive.

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5. Some Dos and Don’ts for Driver Resume

Here are some dos and don’ts for a driver resume. You must follow these to create an impressive resume.


-Do attach your license to drive.
-Include repair skills to your resume.
-Customize your resume for the job position.
-Attach a well-tailored cover letter.
-Do add numbers ad metrics.
-Incorporate your driving skills as well as soft skills.
-Do check out your resume for ATS.


-Do not attach a photo unless mentioned.
-Don’t complain or make negative statements about previous employers.
-Do not add personal details like religion, marital status.
-Avoid jargon and use of personal pronouns.
-Do not add too many bullet points or skills.
-Never brag or lie.

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So, these were a few tips that you must follow while creating your resume You can also make things simpler for yourself by using our free downloadable samples. For more tips and advice stay connected to We are here to solve your queries as well. Feel free to comment below.

We wish you luck with your oncoming job!


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