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Often we come across the words job resumes and Curriculum Vitae in the job descriptions. Usually, most of the freshers may end up using these terms interchangeably. However, attention is needed to unfold the actual difference between the two. Here, we bring to you the acute differences between a resume and CV. Also, you can download resume format and Curriculum vitae in MS Word.

Difference Between a CV and a job resume

CV or Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word meaning- ‘course of life’. This is an in-depth document. It depicts your achievements as well as credentials. There is no restricted length as such in CV writing. Also, no set structure is strictly followed. that you need to follow for it.

A job resume is a more concise document. It briefly summarises your professional achievements and experiences. Resume possesses a very defined structure. Experts prefer one paged resume. Thus, it is not as detailed as a CV.

Furthermore, a CV is elaborate while a resume is not. A resume is to the point. A resume is more job oriented and a CV isn’t. It focuses mainly on the advances you have made so far in your career journey. Resume must be customized for every job while a CV is so detailed that it need not be customized for each and every job.

Best Simple Resume for Freshers for Job – Ms. Word samples

A sample resume always helps freshers. Here we have for you a sample resume format. It is simple and professional. You can also download this resume for free in MS word format. This resume is for a teacher with no experience. Note how various sections have been divided and important aspects highlighted.

Lily James

15/55, Main square, Los Angles, California.

Contact: 99999999999



Seeking a position for developing fundamental life skills as an actively involved teacher at the elementary level. Devoted to helping children reach their topmost potential by fostering a supportive learning environment.

Core Qualifications

A self-motivated teacher, determined to bring out the best in pupils through the educational opportunities available to them.

  • Classroom planning
  • Interactive learning
  • Able to optimize the learning process by effectively addressing individuals and groups as and when required.
  • Proficient in the use of relevant technology to support classroom education.
  • Skilled at evaluating progress.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Appropriate discipline maintenance
  • problem analysis and resolution


University of California, US

Bachelor of Science

Year- 2017-2019

GPA- 83.5

Activities: Student Advisory Committee, Intramural handball, Student Orientation President, Peer Tutor


State Certificates in Elementary Education

Work Experience

Student Teaching Internship

Spring 2018

St. Francis Academy

Spring 2018

  • taught English, biology, and physics.
  • incorporated a science exhibition into the curriculum
  • planned and led language lessons
  • individually tutored students in chemistry and reading
  • assisted in the evaluation and reporting on student’s progress
  • assisted in maintaining educational records
  • participated in parent-teacher conferences

Technology Skills

  • MS Office
  • Web designing
  • GradeKeeper

Core Competencies

  • organizational and planning skills
  • adaptability
  • communication skills
  • high energy level
  • stress tolerance

Sample resume in ms word

Sample CV Curriculum Vitae for freshers

Top 10 Resume formats for fresher in MS word

Selecting the right resume format is the key to successful resume writing. A well presented professional looking format wins jobs. However, the format is specific to the field you belong to or chose to apply for.

Basically, there are three main types of formats-

  • Reverse chronological format-ideal for job seekers with relevant work experiences.
  • Functional Format. This format is also called a skills-based format of resume. This is an ideal choice for freshers.
  • Combination Format- as the name suggests is a combination of the above mentioned two formats.

Here are top 10 resume formats for freshers that you can download for free. Make sure you do the necessary changes and customize your resume according to the job position.

  1. Graphic Designer
Resume for Graphic Designer

2. Writer resume format in ms word

Writer Resume

3. Resume sample for architect in ms word

These were the top ten formats for freshers. The images along with MS Word file have been attached. So, quickly grab your favorite resume template, follow the sample format, make necessary amends and your resume is ready. For more such tips, sample resumes, do visit


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