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Creating a resume or CV gets a lot easier when we make use of software and applications to create a CV. Now the question arises what is the best CV software to make a resume?

Nearly, all of us would guess this answer correct. 85 percent of professionals create their resumes using Microsoft Word or Microsoft CV Maker. This program is an obvious choice for job seekers. It is user-friendly. Also, it provides dozens of resume templates. One can choose from them so that you are not working on a blank canvas.

Selecting the Best CV Software

An important rule of applying for jobs is that you require a cover letter. This letter must be customized for every position you apply for. The same rule is applicable for resumes.

For instance, when you are applying for a position in a marketing agency, a creative resume with more graphics than text is likely to get noticed. However, a position at a corporation where you are submitting the resume through an applicant tracking system, it automatically looks for keywords. In such a case, a traditional resume document is certainly better.

Coming to the bottom line- you need to have multiple versions of your resume so that you can customize it to the job you are applying for. For this, one requires good resume builder software. The best software must have the following features=

  • User-friendly interface: The software must not require expertise in web development. It must be simple. Anyone with basic computer skills should be able to use it with minimal learning.
  • Simple design tools: Some software does all the designing for you. While some may have you customize the design. However, all make the design process simpler.
  • Free trial: A variety of software offer this. You can see what your resume looks like in a premium template. So, this gives an idea before you pay for it or download it.
  • Self-service: The software must offer tools that allow you to make a resume on your own.

The Data Your Resume Builder Should Include

“The Employers wish to see where candidates have learned, earned, and contributed.”- Tina Kashlak Nicolai, a resume expert.

Here is a list of the data you must include in your resume. So, as you are building your new resume, ensure that you don’t omit crucial information. For instance, all resumes must include at least a piece of contact information. This can be your email address or phone number. So, a resume needs to have-

  • Contact information
  • Previous Employers
  • Experience
  • Any relevant degrees or certifications
  • Industry-specific expectations
  • A summary
  • Career objective
  • Personal skills list
  • Accomplishments and awards.

You must incorporate these in your resume or CV. However, if your favorite template does not allow all of these, make sure you don’t miss the crucial ones.

Best CV Software For Creating a Resume or CV- Free Download

Want a CV /resume that makes your skills stand out? These tools will do the work for you. So, build an appealing resume with little-to-no design skills. These applications will offer huge libraries of images, templates, illustrations, and icons. These are specially created by professional designers.

  Software Best suited for Price Supported on
  Canva Creating a custom-designed resume Free Web, iOS, Android
  Visme Choosing the perfect design assets quickly Free Web Creating an interactive visual resume Free Web


Canva Snap
Canva Snap

Best suited for creating a free custom-designed resume.

Out of various infographic resume tools on the list, Canva provides the maximum options for customizing a resume. You can choose from a hundred resume templates. Also, you can adjust fonts, color schemes, and select designs from a massive library.

Canva’s advantage and disadvantage

  • One can search by keyword as well as filter by element type like photographs, icons, illustration, shape, etc.
  • The sorting options are limited.
  • It is possible that one spends quality time scrolling through and searching for designs.
  • Canva Price options: It is free if you make use of Canva’s built-in free design elements. If you add premium graphics, you will have to pay $1 per graphic.
    Canva has one of the most flexible pricing of all of the mentioned infographic resume tools. Instead of paying a monthly fee, one has to pay only for the premium elements in use. However, if you do not use any premium elements, the building and downloading process of a resume is for free.
  • Canva Sharing Options: You can download your resume. Also, you can share it, print it, email it, or even post it on social or your website. Furthermore, you can also upload it to a job portal when applying for jobs.


Visme Snap

Best suited for choosing the perfect design assets quickly.

Visme has fewer resume templates and design elements to offer than Canva. However, this makes the tool more accessible to people who do not have prior experience of using design programs.

  • Visme Price options: It is free for a basic plan. This may include limited templates, allows you to download a resume as JPG or PNG files. In the case of the $10/month- Standard plan, all premium templates, and PDF can be downloaded.
  • Visme Sharing Options: One can download resume and share it. One can also print it, email it, post it, or upload it to a job portal.

Visualize me snap
Visualize me snap

Best suited for creating an interactive visual resume

Using this software, if you possess a LinkedIn profile, you can build an interactive infographic resume instantly. The system grabs on information from your LinkedIn profile and uses it to create a web-based infographic. It effectively highlights your experience, education, skills, and more.

  • Price options: It is free to share your resume online. While downloading or printing may require from $19/month.
  • Sharing Options: One can easily share a link to your resume on social media platforms, email recruiters.

If you wish to print your resume, you need to have a paid subscription with Venngage. However, it is the best-used tool for creating a resume that can be shared on your website, social media.

So, try these resume builder software and programs to give your resume an outstanding appearance.


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