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Is your most awaited interview turning you restless? You find yourself clueless about where to begin. Undoubtedly, interviews have always been nerve-racking. Here you will find some most common interview/ study tips. Check out the common questions and their best replies, interview tips and much more.

The questions are a tricky part but getting ready for your interview is even more. Even if it is your first job interview or just another one in your professional career, these pro tips will help you out. Brace yourself up, get ready, learn the best ideas to crack your interview.

summer work outfits


Well, work outfits have always been a thought to ponder upon. Now, when it comes to the scorching temperatures, it can be all the more challenging. You strive not to sweat to...
personality and job

Good Body Language- Top 7 Tips that Matter

Does personality matter for a good career? Body language is actually communication which is nonverbal. It is judged through body movements and gestures.  Positive body language exudes enthusiasm, interest, and positive reactions...
impress your boss

How to impress your colleagues and boss

Whether you are new to a job or it has been years, the rule remains the same. Make sure you know how to impress your colleagues and boss. The way you behave in your...
Office politics

Office politics and how to deal with it

What is the first thought that pops up in your mind when you hear the words "office politics"? A slurry of words like "backstabbing," spreading rumors, “deceit", “rivalry” etc. However, all you...
How to dress up for an interview female

How to dress up for an interview female

A wardrobe full of your favorite clothes yet you find it difficult to choose the correct one. Remember, do not let your dress up for an interview cost you a job....
how to stay fresh all day


In a monotonous life with no time for ourselves, to stay fresh all day long is easier said than done. Be it a student or working men and women, our motto has boiled down to...

Top 7 Impressive accessories for Business Attire

Are you thinking about how to transform your boring boardroom suit into a dapper, glamorizing look? Read on to discover the secret to this look. Workplace appearance says tonnes about your professionalism,...
photo of a worker relaxing in office

Best office break ideas |How to take a break in the office

Working long hours laboriously, glued to monitor screens "workaholics" find it very difficult to take breaks. Researchers state that skipping breaks or lunch and continuously working can hamper productivity and even harm...
day off from work

Best day to take off from work

With increasing workload and stress, are you thinking about which day to take off from work? Well, workaholics, we have some expert advice on which day can prove to be the best...
interview questions

Common interview questions and their best answers

When an awaited interview turns you restless. You find yourself clueless about where to begin. Interviews have always been nerve-racking. Here are common interview questions and their best replies.

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