How to Prepare the Best Resume Format for Teacher?

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Have you been looking for teaching jobs lately? In order to be considered for top teaching jobs, a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd is a blessing. Therefore, here are the best resume writing tips, best resume format for teacher, sample resume, best Resume for Teachers job application, as well as resume templates in Word.

resume for teacher
resume for teacher

Firstly, to compose a perfect resume, you have to consider your audience. Who will be checking out your resume? What are the keywords and main points they are looking for?

Picture this, that you are the hiring manager or the school owner. So, what all will you be hunting for in a teacher if you were the one hiring?

A Good Sample Resume for Experienced Teacher

Here is all that you would need to know about an experienced teacher resume, elementary teacher resume. For guidance, check out the sample resume below, and download free the best resume samples of your choice. In this competitive field of education, you surely want your resume to stand out. So, highlight your abilities and grab the chance.

How to write a resume for a Teaching Job

1. Compiling your Personal/Employment details-

Doing a bit of preparation is great. So, collect all the details/information you need to include in your resume before you begin writing.

2.Pen down Your Resume

Topmost section

Full Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip code.

Email Address (a professional one)

Telephone Number

Personal Profile or Objective

Incorporating a personal profile/an objective to your resume gives the employer an overview of your qualifications. This is optional. Here you direct on what employers are seeking rather than what you want in your job.


This job basically requires specific degrees and certifications. So, highlight your qualification. Also, include your abilities, skills, experience, and what qualifies you for the position.


Only include relevant teaching experience. In case you possess limited teaching experience, you may include volunteer positions. Remember that your work history is the most important portion of your resume. Employers would like to know where you have worked, how long, and what responsibilities you have held in the past in each and every role. They look forward to how your experience matches what they are hunting for in prospective employees.

Education and Certification

Here you must list down degrees earned, with the highest first, class tenth and twelfth.

It should be listed in reverse chronological order. This means that the most recent and advanced education first. Include the name of the institution, the date you graduated as well as the degree possess and certifications. You may mention your GPA only if it is praiseworthy.

Awards and Accomplishments

They show the hiring manager that you are a well-credentialed applicant who has been recognized for your accomplishments.


List down your related abilities here, using bullets. These play a major role in your resume for a teaching job.

3. Format Your Resume Text

Font- A basic font like Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Verdana is a good choice. Yours has to be easy to read. Furthermore, avoid using different fonts, use the same font throughout.

Font Size and Colour

These can vary. The largest font size is of your name. Make use of bold and italics to highlight various details.

Avoid Paragraphs

Make sure you use a bulleted list wherever possible. They are easier to read than a paragraph.

What Should Be The Skills Of A Teacher To Get Hired?

The skills section is yet another eye-catching area on your resume. Always include the relevant skills on your resume you must include-Soft skills, Hard Skills as well as Technology skills on your resume. An entry-level teacher often gets selected when this section is rightly composed.

Check out the skills of a teacher resume can be mentioned to hook the reader.

•             Creative Lesson Planning
•             Instructional Best Practices
•             Experiential Learning
•             Classroom Management
•             Technology Skills- MS Office, Web Designing, Grade Keeper
                        Proficient in Classroom technology
•             Standardized Testing
•             Curriculum Development
•             Learner Assessment
•             Special Needs Students
•             Communication skills
•             Time management
•            Conflict Resolution
•            Adaptability.

Writing An Objective For A Teaching Resume| Teaching Objective Examples

An objective though optional is a great area to create your first impression. It hooks the reader. Also, it displays how you are a perfect potential candidate for the job position. Here are some sample resume objectives for teacher jobs.

  • To secure a position as an elementary school teacher wherein I will utilize my dedication to children’s educational needs and development.
  • Enhance creativity and higher-order thinking in a way that increases student performance.
Some more examples-
  • To build a long-term career as a primary school teacher in a position that offers opportunities for career growth, and to keep pace with cutting-edge teaching technologies.
  • To secure a position in special education teaching that will give me a chance to use my strong passion for student development coupled with skills and experience that will enable me to make a difference at XYZ School.
  • Seeking a teaching position at XYC School as a physics teacher to share my passion for the subject and enlighten young minds.
  • To obtain a position at XYZ School where I can maximize my teaching experience, training abilities, and student developmental skills.
  • To secure a teaching position that utilizes advanced teaching methods, including e-learning and team learning.
Teacher Resume Job Description vs Resume Summary

A professional resume summary is a list of about 4-5 bullet points. It summarizes your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements as they pertain to a job opening. This can be thought of as a teaser for the rest of your resume.

Example- Attentive and adaptable High School-Grade English Teacher skilled in using empathy and other emotional intelligence skills to efficiently manage classroom behavior. Grasps student feedback to create dynamic lesson plans that address students’ strengths and weaknesses.

A resume job description

Job descriptions show employers what all you have accomplished in the positions you have held. They also provide a complete synopsis of your experiences and skills.

Example of a job description-

  • Design educational activities that enhance the physical, social and intellectual growth of students.
  • Promote learning abilities and good habits in children.
  • Communicate with parents about every students’ progress and development.
  • Maintain classroom records, discipline, cleanliness, and orderliness.
  • Ensure a safe and ideal learning environment for students in the classroom.

Download Free Resume Sample for Teacher| Resume Format

Teacher Resume Template Free |Best Resume Format for Teacher

Best Resume for Elementary Teacher
Assisstant Teacher
Teacher Resume Word Template
Teacher Resume Word Template
Artist Teacher

Download these, format, customize and create a job-winning resume.


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