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If you master the skill to write a resume, you will never be far from a paycheck. And this is no big deal. We are here to explain all the dos and don’ts as well as the steps of writing one. So, read on and discover the secrets to a perfect resume. Here we have focused mainly on the resume format for experienced individuals.

Your resume isn’t a job history nor it is a summary of skills. However, it is an advertisement, where you are the product. The main goal is to get hiring managers to purchase what you are selling.

Simply having a resume isn’t enough to get you an interview.

In order to stand apart from the crowd, your resume must quickly demonstrate your abilities. Else it will be discarded.

A brief idea on types of resume formats

If you are wondering about where to begin? Firstly, consider the three options.

  1. Reverse-Chronological
  2. Functional
  3. Combination.

Each of these formats has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Format 1: Reverse-Chronological

Here is a Reverse-Chronological Format Example

It includes the following-

  • Contact Information
  • Career Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Additional Skills
  • Awards & Honors

These formats are generally more flexible. Furthermore, they can be used by applicants with any level of experience.

When to use it:

  • You wish to show a vertical career progression.
  • You are applying for a job in a similar field.
  • Want to promote your upward career mobility

When not to use it:

  • You possess major gaps in employment history.
  • Changing your career path.
  • You change jobs frequently.

Format 2: Functional

Here is a Functional Format Example

  • Contact Information
  • Qualifications Summary – It highlights your strongest areas right away.
  • Work Experience – This is a small section. Time periods are omitted. This is done to de-emphasize experience while highlighting other sections.
  • Relevant Skills
  • Education –Mention your highest degree. Also, list a key (relevant) certification here as well.
  • Awards & Honors -If you have achieved any, do not miss out on them.

The chronological format emphasizes on career progression. A functional format is designed for a skills-based resume. It is more suitable for individuals with an expert level of experience.

When to use it:

  • You have gaps in employment history.
  • Changing your career industry.
  • Wish to highlight a specific skill set.

When not to use it:

  • Wish to highlight your upward career mobility.
  • You are an entry-level candidate with a lack of experience.
  • Lack transferable skills

Format 3: Combination

Here is a Combination Format Example

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Profile – These formats are chosen by highly skilled people, and the professional profile highlights these skills in a concise way.
  • Work Experience – Experience is more detailed in a combination resume.
  • Skills Sections
  • Education – education is less crucial. However, you must incorporate it on the resume.

As the name suggests combination format merges bits from both chronological and functional formats. Like the functional format, it lays stress on specific qualifications, however, the body of the resume contains professional experience similar to chronological format.

When to use it:

  • You wish to highlight a well-developed skill set within a specific career.
  • When you are changing your career path.
  • You master the subject you are applying for.

When not to use it:

  • You want to highlight education.
  • When you lack experience or you are an entry-level candidate.

So, when you are drafting a format for experienced individuals, choose the combination format or a functional one. The choice is ours depending upon what areas you wish to highlight.

Sample resume format for experienced individual

Here we have for you a sample resume format for an experienced banker.

Resume for Experienced Banker

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