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Best Resume for Teachers- Entry level and Experienced

Resume format for teacher
Written by Alan Win

Have you been looking for teaching jobs? To be considered for top teaching jobs, a resume that puts you at the head of the class is a blessing. Therefore, here are the best resume writing tips, sample resume for a teacher, best Resume for Teachers, as well as resume templates in Word.

In order to write a perfect resume, firstly you have to consider your audience. Who will check out your resume? What are the main points they are looking for?

Imagine yourself to be the hiring manager or the school owner. Firstly, what all will you be hunting for in a teacher if you were the one hiring?

Lack of experience is not a dead-end in your career. You can still write a good resume that will be eye-catching and the hiring manager will find interest.

An ideal resume is –

  • Spell Checked – a teacher must know how to spell. So, take the time to proofread your resume. Closely study each and every line. We also recommend reading aloud your resume and asking a friend for feedback.
  • Formatting – this may take some time but it is definitely worth it. So, take the time to ensure that your resume looks professional. Also, try these templates and check out our websites for more free templates.
  • Short and Simple – an ideal resume is one-paged. However, a resume should not exceed 2 pages.
  • Straightforward – Make Use of bullet points to make it easier for the recruiter to read. Furthermore, carefully choose the color scheme, font, and easy to understand layout.
  • Relevant– An ideal resume has all the detail relevant to the position you are applying for. Avoid getting too personal or amusing.

CV for Teaching Job Fresher

CV for Teaching Job Fresher
Teaching Job Fresher CV

A fresher must have no worries. As there are a number of things to include on your resume besides work experience.

A number of recruiters tell that volunteer experiences are really an impressive section on a resume. So, when this is crafted out wisely, a fresher can have an advantage over an experienced individual.

Thus, always remember that every experienced person was once a fresher or entry-level candidate.

Experienced Teacher Resume

Data to Include in Your Teaching Resume

Just like a good lesson plan, a resume must have clear points. However, it should be laid out in an easy to read and easy to follow format.  The following are necessary elements we recommend including:

  • Firstly, Your Full Name
  • Address
  • Contact Details
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Career Objective
  • Education History
  • Relevant Coursework or Certifications
  • Relevant Work Experience
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Awards, Merits, Honors, and Certifications
  • Lastly, Hobbies and Interests which are optional

An experienced teacher can elaborate on the work experience section. Add relevant work experiences. Also, highlight the accomplishments you achieved as a teacher.

Best Resume for Elementary Teacher
Best Resume for Elementary Teacher

Sample Resume for Teachers with and Without Experience

Here is a sample resume for an experienced teacher with 5+ years of experience in the teaching field. So, check out the various sections, layout, resume keywords, and create your own resume. Also, you can download for free the sample template and create your own job-winning resume.

Sample in Simple Text –Best Resume for Teachers


Contact, email, address, LinkedIn link


A professional with proven teaching, guidance, as well as counseling skills. Possess a strong record in improving child’s scores and teaching effectively. An effective team player with expertise in resolving problems and conflicts professionally. Skilled at communicating information in a simple yet entertaining manner. Looking forward to contributing my knowledge and skills in a school that fosters career progression.


  • Bachelor of Arts – University of Los Angles, California
    • 2012 -2014
  • Degree in MASS COMMUNICATION- University of Los Angles,California
    • 2010 – 2012


  • Excellent interaction With Children
  • Teaching expert
  • Communication Skills
  • Time management
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • MS Office package
  • Proficient in classroom technology


    • ABC Education CentreCalifornia / 2017
  • CELTA – a Certificate in Teaching English to non-English Speakers
    • CELTA Course Online2015

Professional experience

  • 2015 – Present- ENGLISH TEACHER / Huddard High School, California
    • Meet parents and school officials; maintain discipline in the classroom; provide resources for lessons; simplify lessons, introduce study plans that assist students to prepare for examinations in a 3,500+ student school.
    • Assess and mark 150+ students’ progress throughout the term.
    • Work closely with other staff members to efficiently plan and coordinate rules.
    • Conduct informative presentations for students regarding different subjects of studies to ensure all students fully comprehend.
    • Trained so far five new English teachers, emphasizing on classroom control and new strategies.
  • 2013 – 2015-TEACHING ASSISTANT / Methodist Secondary School, Los Angles
    • Responsible for training students participating in various inter-school competitions.
    • The students trained won 20+ interschool events.
    • Worked with the other teachers to ensure that all avenues of the curriculum are met.
    • Conducted a personality development class.

So, download your favorite template or sample in Word format, edit, and customize. Proofread your finished CV or resume and it is time to send it out to the potential employers.

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