21 Best Resume Examples for College Students

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Ohkay so, writing a perfect resume is often a daunting task. For undergraduates or recent college/ high school graduates, it is all the more challenging. Usually, one of the most common complaints we get to hear from such entry-level job seekers is that they could find no guidance on how to write a resume or a Curriculum Vitae. Here, we have some best resume examples laid out for you.

Often colleges have a separate career center, but unfortunately, students fail to utilize the opportunities at such centers before or after graduation.

So, all graduates must make use of their alma mater’s career center. These are really beneficial as they offer free resume writing guides, as well as interview preparations.

Coming to the main concern, how to write a resume for a typical undergraduate or new graduate.

College students basically fall into the below-mentioned 4 basic categories. We have examples, guidelines, and templates that will surely help you out.

  1. Firstly, Resume examples for college students seeking internships
  2. Resume examples for college students with no work experience
  3. Sample resume for college students for summer jobs
  4. Lastly, Resume Sample for an Entry-Level Position (postgraduate)

Resume Examples for College Students Seeking Internships| College Students With no Work Experience

Most internships ask for a proper resume and cover letter from the student applying for it. Students tend to get frightened by this. The main reason behind is that they possess no experience related to the internship.

However, one must remember that most employers are not expecting an extensive experience on your resume. It is an established fact that an internship is the first experience students have in their chosen field.

So, here we are there to help you write a perfect resume. Also, you can check out how to put an internship on a resume sample below.

Firstly, a person seeking an internship has very little or no professional experience. However, volunteer experience can be vital. This shows the recruiter or internship coordinator that you are a potential go-getter. Whether you are seeking an internship or you are applying for an entry-level job, employers place a great deal of value on volunteer experience. The volunteer experiences connect to your professional abilities in the near future.

Check out the internship resume example below and download it for free in MS Word.

Resume Example for Internship

Sample Resume for College Students for Summer Jobs

Usually, college students have to pay bills and look for ways to make ends meet. This is often where a summer job or a part-time job comes into play.

Part-time or summer jobs are often on a training basis. So, here as well you need not be scared of the work experience section on your resume. Although pursuing a relevant degree in the related field can prove to be an advantage.

So, here are some important tips for part-time job seeker resume. Firstly, if you possess an advanced degree i.e. a Masters or higher, you should drop that from your resume. This is because recruiters may see your advanced degree and conclude that you will only stay long enough until you find something better.

Again, in this type of resume, including a ‘Summary of Qualifications’ is better. This highlights your skillsets relevant to the work being completed.

The education section can be placed at the end. Lastly, just like the internship resume, those with little experience must consider including volunteer experience. Check out the example for an individual seeking a summer job.

Resume Sample for an Entry-Level Position (postgraduate)

Just like the above-mentioned categories, applying for entry-level positions, a recruiter will not expect applicants to have extensive experience.

For recent college postgraduates or graduates, incorporating a list of relevant coursework is a beneficial thing to consider as employers like to hire candidates with up to date knowledge relevant to the field. Also, listing relevant technological proficiencies is important as many elder employers may have limited experience in computer programming and technological repair.

Furthermore, including relevant skills and experiences is an important thing. Drop out anything that is irrelevant.

Check out the sample below and format your resume accordingly. You can also download the sample template resume available in MS Word format.

Resume for entry level position

21 Resume Examples for free Download

Here are 21 free resume examples that you can download for free.

So, download the free samples and make the best use of them. For more keep visiting- wantcv.com. Also, if you have any queries feel free to comment below.


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