Best 3 Musician Resume & Cover Letter Examples


Note, scale, tempo. The career of a musician is melodious! The biggest challenge here is to prove your talent on a sheet of paper. Can be tough, but here we bring to you resume samples from professionals. Check out how skillfully they have penned down their skills.

musician resume writing

An ideal resume must hook the reader from the very beginning. It should be well-tailored to the job position.

So, if music is your passion, you can do it. Just pick the right skills and show them the right way.

Read on to discover the best musician resume samples.

Best 3 Musician Resume Samples

Reviewing a resume sample helps in innumerable ways. You may get ideas for the layout. You get some extra points to add to your resume which you might have missed.

If you’re applying for a position as a musician, your resume will be structured differently than a regular average resume. You need to be more straightforward and simple. Check out the samples below.

Church musician resume

The following music industry resume template is for a-

-Church musician-violinist with 5+ years of experience.
-She has a degree in music. Also, she has a number of awards to her credit.
-The resume follows a reverse chronological order.

Note how the various sections have been skillfully crafted. Create your own resume following the sample or you can use this as a resume template.

church musician resume

Music teacher resume

The following resume is for-

-An experienced music teacher.
-Noelle has 5 years of experience in teaching.

Note how she has highlighted her relevant skills in all the sections of the resume.

music teacher resume

Musician Cover Letter Template

The following musician resume cover letter is for a church musician. However, this resume template can be used by any musician applying for a job in any sector.

The photograph is not a compulsion. You can remove it if you want.

Just ensure that you add your details and most prominent features well on the resume.

Church musician resume cover letter

Tips for Writing A Musician Resume

A musician resume can be challenging. So, follow these tips to ensure that you get yourself noticed and called for more auditions.

1. Which Resume format is the best for a musician?

A proper standard resume format helps the recruiter look for things in your document. So, make it easy to find your high notes with the reverse-chronological resume format. It puts your best credits first.

If you are a beginner, with little or no experience then you can opt for the combination resume format.

Next comes the file type that you must submit. If the job ad welcomes PDF, then save your file in the pdf format for submission. Else, you must go for the DOC or Docx version.

2. Begin with Relevant Work History

Ensure that you write your experience in reverse-chronological order. So, your experience should be written from most recent to least recent. 

Basically, you will have to list all of your work experience that relates to performance. For instance-

  • The year(s) you played
  • The company/organization you played/worked for
  • Your instrument expertise
  • The section you played in/ role you played (such as the chair, if relevant)
  • If the job was on a regular basis or a part-time one.

If you’re an entry-level, aspiring musician, listing school performances, major recitals, as well as other small projects is a good of conveying that you have performance experience.

You can also upload some of your work on your social media account and direct the employers there. Include the link with the contact section at the top of your resume.

In a nutshell, you must entice the hiring managers to call you in for an audition.

3. Include an Awards section

Your achievements count. So, if you’ve won any awards or participated in music events/activities, including them on your resume will increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

Listing your awards is an excellent way of telling how competent you are. It conveys your expertise and s very very eye-catching.

4. Highlight the Education Section

If you have a degree in Music, it is a bonus. However, even if your education is not related to music, include it on your resume. An educated player is certainly more preferred over an uneducated expert.

Remember that your high-school should only be included if you did not attend college. However, the music-related experience in high school is still relevant. You must not miss out.

5. Top Skills for a Musician

So, basically in the skills section you-

  1. Pick the right skills for your musician resume
  2. Prove them

The resume must have a perfect blend of soft and hard skills. Both play a major role in your career.

Here is a list of skills that you can incorporate into your resume-

Some Soft Skills
-Interpersonal Skills
-Communication Skills
-Strong work ethic
-Active learning
-Music history
-Leadership and Instruction
Some Hard Skills
-Symphony Experience
-Specific Instrument Skills
-Technical Skills – Digital Audio Workstations, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, track mixing, etc.

Include the most relevant ones in your resume. Highlight them in not just the skills section but also in the summary and experiences.

6. Other Things to Add

You can add Certifications to your resume.

Also, one can add hobbies and memberships.

You can also add any volunteer work or welfare associations. These enhance your personality and are valued by employers.

Lastly, do not forget to format your resume in accordance with ATS. Attach a cover letter to your resume. You can use the templates and samples above.

Ensure that your cover letter is well-customized and has keywords from the job posting. Although a cover letter is not scanned by ATS, still you must add keywords. A customized resume and cover letter are appreciated in all industries.

So prepare yourself for the audition. We wish you luck with your interview and audition!

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