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bartender pouring a drink
bartender pouring a drink

Resume writing is a challenging task. There are so many things to consider. What to include and what not? How to include?
Well, we are here to make things easy for you.
Check out
free bartender resume templates below. Also, go through the best resume writing guidelines for a bartender.

Latest Bartender Resume Sample

Here we bring to you bartender resume sample. You can download it for free. Simply click on the download button and you will have access to the file for free. The bartender resume pdf is also available below. You can download either Docx. or pdf file.

Head Bartender Resume

About this resume-

-This resume is for a head bartender.
-He has 4+ years of experience.
-The resume follows a combination format style.
-Action driven language and keywords make it a perfect resume for the industry.

bartender resume

Bartender Resume- Simple Text Format

The text version of the above sample is given here.


Mobile Number


Head Bartender with 4+ years of experience in cocktail preparation and creation. Posses a bartending license certified by the District of California. With a sound knowledge of local craft beers, wine, spirits, and cocktails, as well as their optimal food pairings. A dedicated individual seeking to leverage my bartending skills to fulfill all the duties of the Head Bartender position at your ABC restaurant.


-Good communication skills
-Ability to make a strong and healthy relationship among the staff members and customers.
-Cocktail Preparation, Menu Creation


Excellent interpersonal skills, strategic thinking.  Dedicated to bringing out the best in every opportunity using creativity and concepts


ROYAL CLIFF BAR – Los Angles, California.
Head Bartender, July 2015 – Present.

  • Introduced a “Spring Cocktail Season” to our menu that was well received by customers and increased 24% monthly sales.
  • Trained 4 brand new bartenders on various job duties from drink preparation to knowledge of local and branded beer.
  • Exceptionally skilled at building valuable customer relationships and upselling techniques.

FELIX BAR & GRILL – Los Angles, California.
Bartender, Dec 2013 – July 2015.

Enhanced customer satisfaction by actively recommending beverage pairing, responding to their queries, took food orders from guests at the bar, and recommended beverage pairings which boosted spending by an average of $10 per customer.


St. Josephs High School, Los Angles, California.
Advanced Diploma, May 2013

Bartending Licence Certified by District of California.

Quick Tips For Writing A Perfect Bartender Resume

Once you have reviewed the samples above, check out some best tips to write your bartender resume perfectly. Resume writing gets a lot easier when you have the right guidelines. So, scroll below and get started.

Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that the job outlook for bartenders over the next decade is quite promising. The employment rates are expected to grow by at least 10% between 2014-2024. It is difficult to estimate the salary of a bartender because the tips may vary. However, the average salary can fall anywhere between $45,000-$73,000. At the most lucrative places for bartenders, such as cocktail bars, fine-dining restaurants, and high-end resorts, one can certainly earn more.

However, getting hired for a bartending position can be fiercely competitive. So, it is important to have a resume that is tailored to the bar industry.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure that your resume has all the required items.

1. Your Alcohol Server Certification is important

Although bartenders do not need any particular degree as such from any bartending school, they may need to obtain an Alcohol Server Certification. Almost 30 regulate alcohol server training. A number of these have made server certifications mandatory. Moreover, some states offer incentives such as reduced administrative penalties for those getting certified.

So, when you are writing your resume, your certification is one of the most important information on your resume.

If your state or employer does require an Alcohol Server Certification, then it’s crucial that you include your certification early on in your resume. Other than your contact info, your certification is the second most important piece of information on your resume. The first thing a bar owner wants to know is whether or not you are qualified for the job or not.

So, your certification must be included towards the top in your bartender resume description.

Here, in the above sample, the candidate has mentioned certification detail in the resume objective. It is advisable that important information such as this should be incorporated in your resume introduction. When you do this, you save the employer’s time.

2. Include the Needs of the Bar

Job advertisements help a lot when it comes to filling in your work experience section. A number of people may find this challenging. Here we are to help you decide the best things that must be included.

So, first of all, you must scan the job posting/description/advertisement. Look for the qualifications or requirements section. Here the employers list a number of job requirements that the candidate must be expert at.

All you have to do is that lift phrases from the job posting and incorporate them into your bullet points. These will act as keywords. They will immediately catch the employers attention and prove that you are a perfect match.

Furthermore, you may add some buzzwords specific to the industry.

Quantify wherever possible. Being able to add numbers to your resume gives employers help to gauge your experience. Therefore, you must add them.

3. Top Bartender Action Verbs

Action verbs add power to your resume. Moreover, they make your tone confident. So, adding action verbs to your resume is great to make an outshining document. Use these in your bartender resume objective or bartender resume description.

Here are a few action verbs that you might consider adding-


Need more verbs? find – 150+ Resume Strong Action Verbs To Include

Do follow the tips above and you will have a bartender resume that is certainly better than the rest. If you have any queries, on formatting or content, comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.feel free to ask below!



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