Best day to take off from work

day off from work

With increasing workload and stress, are you thinking about which day to take off from work? Well, workaholics, we have some expert advice on which day can prove to be the best off-day.

You are envisioning long weekends, but when it comes to truly rejuvenating, science says there is a better day to take off other than Fridays and Mondays.


According to Dawna Ballard, time and communications professor at the University of Texas, the human being’s experience of time is controlled by internal and external “pacers.” While the internal pacers are unique to the individual i.e. a person may be a morning riser or a night owl,

the external pacers are set up by the world. The work week is an example of an external pacer. “Ballard stated that some people are slower moving, on the other hand, some people are faster moving.

Researchers state that when you take a day off from work it benefits you in various ways. Taking off on Wednesdays can put down the pace of a busy work week. It allows people a day to live at their own pace.

Some of the outshining benefits have been mentioned as follows-

  • It is stress-relieving.
  • It not only rejuvenates our energy but also help us come back with increased enthusiasm.
  • Improves alertness and concentration.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Enhances cognitive thinking
  • Better recalling power and dedication.
Best day of from work


Let us discuss the pros and cons of taking off days of a week.

The best day to take off from work in the first half of the week

  • Starting with Mondays– each one of us would love to take off on Mondays. Mondays are surely the unpleasant days when it comes to working. They really upset our newly formed biological body clock which was formulated during the lazy weekends. How good a thought it would be to have Monday as the best day to take off from work. This will reduce our week‘s length! But unfortunately, Monday is not just the best day to take off from work. The reason that on your return on Tuesday you will find everyone else already into the working week. And trust me, it feels worse than usual.
  • Next one is Tuesday. This is a sort of middle day. As the week has just started a day before, there will be lots and lots of tasks to manage. Hence Tuesday is not the best day to take off from work.
  • Ah! Here comes Wednesday. One of the best and civilized idea is to take off on Wednesdays. It is just like working for a couple of days, then a taking a day off then another couple of working days and off for the weekend. Curiously, a Wednesday is far more acceptable than any day from Monday to Friday.

Thursday or Friday- which is the better day to take off from work

  • Thursday is a tricky one. If you have to return to work on Friday again Thursday is not the best option as you can not fully wind down.
  • A Fridays off are just like making and enjoying a long weekend. Although it is one of the most popular days to take time off work it is not always the best day for the purpose. Everyone looks forward to the weekend on this day. Fewer emails, last moments panics, winding down and leaving early. Therefore, making it one of the lightest days in the office.

​Friday versus Monday is a difficult debate to discuss. What do you want an early start along with a three day weekend or on the other hand an opportunity to recover from the weekend with a marvelous Monday off?


The tempo of life on the weekend in relation to the work week will help to explain why it is so hard to get immersed in the work on Monday morning.

But that does not mean that the best way to freshen yourself is to take off from work in the form of a long weekend. A mid-week break i.e.,

Wednesday never disrupts the work week. It gives us time to reinvigorate. It can be really hard to demand for time off from work even when you are justified to ask for vacation or any other leave.

Hence there are certain strategies, you can use to ask your employer for time off. It is likely that you get approved.

Hunt for the best time to plead your boss. Try to schedule the time off in advance.
Try to persuade, do not tell.
Request for time off should be given in writing.

Inform all the co-workers concerned.

Always play fair with your co-workers.


Here is a list including the best excuses to get out of work- believable excuses to miss work. Good reasons to stay home with justifications to take off from work are to be found. There are times when we require to take a sick day but we clueless about what to tell our boss so that they believe. Health-related excuses to miss work are the most popular ones to take off from work. Sometimes such excuses to take off from work are believable, but each time you can not make use of the same reason.

Believable and best excuses for taking off from work are either very specific or very vague. Therefore, here are some reasons listed for the best excuses for taking a day off from work. For instance-

  • Sickness issues.
  • Need a personal day.
  • Child or any family member is sick.
  • Car trouble.
  • A tragedy took place.
  • A physician’s appointment.

So, finally, we can conclude that Wednesdays are ideal to take breaks from work. Also, these breaks can be relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating.


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