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If you are searching for free, downloadable best resume examples and templates, you have come to the right place. Whether you are an entry-level, professional, or even an executive-level candidate, we have for you approved resume templates that are best suited.

Simply navigate through our template and sample libraries, download your favorite one into Microsoft Word, add in your own work experience. This is the easiest way out.
Highlighting your potential strengths and showcasing what all you have to offer are key points in preparing an effective resume. So, use our professionally-written resume samples, tips, and templates to build your profile and prepare to apply.

Free Creative Resume Templates

When you have a template, everything is readymade. You simply download it, work on it to add your personal details, customize, and it is done. Templates have everything set out for you. Download your desired template but make sure you follow the below-mentioned do’s and don’ts while creating an effective resume.

Resume Do’s

  • Customize your resume each time. Tailoring  the  resume for each position you apply for. Highlight your qualifications and expertise which matches the specific job requirements.
  • Highlight your tech skills. Summarizing the software and technologies that you are familiar with, also, pointing out proficiency level is beneficial.
  • Highlight your achievements. As you list your past positions, include instances of how the projects you worked on benefitted the company’s bottom line. Use statistics as they give authentication to your resume. 
  • Note your accomplishments. Incorporate a brief list of special recognition and awards you have received.
  • Proofread over and over again. Typos and other mistakes tell that you are not detail-oriented. Ask friends or colleagues to catch errors.

Resume Don’ts

  • Misrepresenting your education or experience. A single fabrication can prove to be grounds for termination. Therefore, stay honest in all of your job applications.
  • Giving reasons for quitting a job. Some recruiters might ask about your reasons for quitting your current position at the interview. So, this is not to be mentioned on your resume. leave something for the interview.
  • Getting too personal. Avoid including personal information. For instance- your photo, height, marital status, or religious affiliation is not at all required. However, the photo can be a part of designing sector resume.
  • Don’t miss out on using exact durations. This surely does not mean that you will have you mention the exact day you started a job 10 years ago. This is difficult and is not required as well. However, stating the month and year you joined and left each position is sufficient.
  • Experimenting with formats. Stick to a clean, professional-looking, easy-to-read format. You must aim at catching a recruiter’s eye with your experience, rather than some wacky fonts or designs.
  • Including high school education if you are a college graduate.  If you are in college, or a high school diploma candidate, you must mention your highest academic qualification. Experienced professionals need not include this.
  • Including your college GPA. This must be included if it is really impressive or if you’re still in college, have just graduated, or in case the job posting asks you to include this piece of information. 

Here are a few best resume templates that you can download for free.

Resume Template in Simple Text

Ronald Cullen

726 Layla River, Los Angles, California

989897989778 |


Extremely motivated to constantly flourish my skills and grow professionally. I am confident in my ability to come up with interesting ideas in order to help brands and clients increase their profitability.


ABC Company                                                                                             Los Angles, California

Relationship Manager                                                                                                     2014 – 2016

XYZ Company                                                                                             Los Angles, California

Assistant Relationship Manager                                                                                        2011-2014

  • List your key roles
  • Use statistics
  • Mention main projects


ABC University                                                                                           Los Angles, California

Master of Business Administration                                                                                   2009-2011

XYZ University                                                                                           Los Angles, California

Bachelor of Business Administration                                                                               2006-2009


Year- Name your awards along with the name of the organization that awarded you.

The Best Resume Examples Ever

Well, you are really lucky. Our experts have joined forces with recruiters and potential employers to create resume examples. Here are some best ones for various industries and positions. One of the most important facets of resume writing is the overall resume format.

Basically, there are three types of resumes formats: reverse chronological, combined, and functional.

Lastly, Combined Resume Example- Is a combination of the above two forms.

So, grab your favorite template and example and create a job-winning resume.


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