7 Latest Cloud Monitoring Services- Check Pricing and Features

best cloud monitoring services

In today’s fast-changing market trends, a serious challenge to organizations comes in the form of complexities in traditional IT infrastructure. A perfect solution to this is served by Cloud Computing. It acts as a saviour by addressing several business-critical tasks, thereby lowering manual intervention, time and resources consumption, and overall expenses. However, often cloud services utilization brings up some critical challenges such as support from the service providers, storage, security, compliance and others. And this where ‘Cloud Monitoring’ comes into the picture! Here we bring to you the top cloud monitoring services that will tackle all your issues and provide a hassle-free experience.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

Some of the major benefits of cloud monitoring are:

  • They offer quick installation which is backed by infrastructure and configurations in place
  • Hardware tools and relieving burden is maintained by the Host. 
  • It offers scalability by using the right monitoring tools for changing cloud activity
  • Cost-effective as subscription-based solutions allow one to skip the initial infrastructure or maintenance costs. These costs are spread across multiple users.

Top Cloud Monitoring Tools 

Basically, Cloud Monitoring Strategy has divided into Infrastructure Management and Configuration Management. However, the sole purpose is to keep your cloud computing environment safe and secure. There are innumerable IT companies that provide cloud monitoring services. It gets challenging to choose the right cloud monitoring service provider. After much research and comparative analysis, we have here for you the best cloud monitoring service providers below. 

1.     Datadog

This performance monitor offers complete visibility of modern apps. One can track observation, troubleshooting and execution speeds through interactive dashboards. Furthermore, it also allows easy integration with hundreds of cloud and software environments.

Pricing– Datadog offers a free trial for all its plans.

  • The free $0 plan offers core collection and visualization features. 
  • Pro Plan costs $15 per host per month while it centralizes your monitoring of systems, services, as well as serverless functions. 
  • Enterprise Plan costs $23 per host, per month. It offers advanced features and administrative controls. 

2.     BMC TrueSight Pulse

TrueSight Pulse is a SaaS solution effectively useful for real-time monitoring and alerting. It checks streaming metrics from web-scale applications, underlying cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Moreover, it delivers extreme agility and scalability. It delivers 99.99% uptime on application services. TrueSight Pulse is famous for generating alarms to pinpoint abnormal data making networking easier than ever. It tracks multi-cloud operational performance, and this cloud monitoring tool helps you build an all-around cloud management solution. It has up to 10,000+ customers worldwide.

Pricing– Its starting price is $8/month. It also offers a free trial and is also open source.

3.     Microsoft Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring gets easier than ever. You can monitor and track workloads running on Microsoft Azure. It allows real-time insights on log files, security threats, and more. Moreover, one doesn’t require any additional software as it comes built-in with Azure.

Pricing– It is free to get started with Microsoft Cloud Monitoring.

  • You need to pay as per the amount of monitoring data you collect.
  • Its Pay-As-You-Go pricing allows billing per Gigabyte (GB) of data ingested into the Log Analytics workspace.

For Data Ingestion- 5 GB per billing account per month the price is $2.76 per GB.

Get details on the pricing of the Microsoft cloud monitoring tool.

4.     Amazon Cloudwatch

Amazon CloudWatch is one of the most famoud Cloud monitoring tool and observability service. It is developed for DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers (SREs), developers and IT Experts & managers. Amazon Cloudwatch does not require any additional software. This tool helps monitor and track cloud resources as well as application operations running on the AWS cloud. One can use CloudWatch to detect anomalous behaviour in your environments. Furthermore, you can also set alarms, visualize logs and metrics simultaneously, take automated actions, troubleshoot problems, and discover insights for smooth running applications.

Pricing- This cloud monitoring tool is free to get started with.

  • It offers a free tier.
  • The Paid Tier has no minimum fee as such and it works on a pay-as-you-go basis.

5.     AppDynamics

AppDynamics is adaptable to any system/software environment. It offers cloud-based network monitoring services. AppDynamics provides you with the current state of cloud apps. It gives an insight even at the deep-root levels of business transactions as well as coding. So, one gets high control and visibility in crucial IaaS/PaaS platforms such as Azure, AWS, among others.

Pricing– It offers a free trial.

  • Enterprise Edition- $90/month per CPU Core
  • Premium Edition- $60/month per CPU Core

6.     New Relic

New Relics comes with abilities to manage complex and ever-changing cloud infrastructure. So, you can get insights into cloud apps. It servers running in real time and offer scalability. 

Pricing- It offers a free trial as well as paid plans.

7.     Solarwinds

Solarwinds cloud monitoring tool manages and tracks everything from app performance, resource utilization to hardware issues in a virtual environment. This is carried out in a single real-time dashboard. Also, it makes predictive recommendations to improve components’ performance.

Pricing– It offers 30 days free trial.

  • Smaller Teams can choose the $19 per month per technician plan
  • For growing businesses, a $39 per month, per technician plan is popular. 
  • For IT organizations it offers a $69 per month per technician plan.

So, these are the top 7 Latest cloud monitoring service providers. Check out the pricing and features. If you have queries, feel free to ask.


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