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Applying for a waiter/ waitress job? Check out our waiter/ waitress resume examples. Also, go through the resume writing tips below to create a perfect resume.

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If you want to qualify for job interviews and get through your job search more quickly, a perfect waiter/waitress resume is a must. Writing an eye-catching resume is simple when you have the right guidelines and tips.

Here we bring to you some great waiter resume examples. Incorporate the most important components and formatting in your resume. So, let’s begin writing and fine-tuning your tailored waitress resume.

Latest 5 Waiter/ Waitress Resume Examples

A good sample helps you immensely. You get an idea of what to include and what not. Moreover, you get to know some added sections that can be a part of your resume.

Given below are certain resume samples that are ideal for both experienced and inexperienced candidates. You can download these for free. Press on the download button to download these.

Waiter Resume Examples

About this resume-

-This is an Experienced waiter resume.
-Remus possesses 5+ years of experience.
-The resume follows a combination format style.
-The waiter job description contains quantified accomplishments that are eye-catching.

About this resume-

– This is a Waiter resume no experience.
-The candidate has included volunteer experience section.
-The skills are in a graphical representation.

Waitress Resume Examples

About this resume-

-This is a waitress resume with no experience.
-She has designed the resume in a manner that is eye-catching.
-Volunteer experience and a well-crafted summary attract attention.

About this resume-

-This resume is for an experienced waitress hostess resume.
-The resume follows a combination resume format.

Server Resume Template Free

About this Resume Template-

-This Server Resume Template Free is ideal for both waiters and waitresses.
-Add your years of experience. Replace the text with your own personalized details.
-The template is simple yet artistic.

Server Resume Template Free

Waiter/ Waitress Resume Writing Guidelines

Once you have chosen your favorite resume template from above, you must go through these guidelines. These will help you create a resume that outshines.

1. Waiter / Waitress resume objective

Waitress/ Waiter resume objective or a summary statement must be written carefully. It should be well-tailored to the position you are applying for.

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We suggest adding a career summary. Since many employers consider objectives to be outdated.

Your career summary has to do a lot of work in a limited space. Think of it as your first impression. Since you have a short space, get out as much relevant information about yourself as possible.

Career Summary example-

“Dedicated waiter with 6+ years of exemplary service in the foodservice industry. Committed to providing helpful and fast service to patrons. Demonstrate active listening and communication skills to ensure customer satisfaction. Experience in various settings, including family restaurants, banquets, bars, cafeterias, and room service. Seeking a waiter position at ABC”

In the summary above, notice how each sentence has a purpose behind it.

-Initially, the candidate has added a strong trait- “dedicated
Next, he has included his prior experience. “Waiter with 6+ years of exemplary service in the foodservice sector. “
A perfect blend of a variety of skills. “ Committed to providing helpful and fast service to patrons. Demonstrate active listening and communication skills to ensure customer satisfaction. ”
What she will bring to the team: “ Experience in various settings, including family restaurants, banquets, bars, cafeterias, and room service .”
-Lastly, the role he’s applying for: “Seeking a waiter position at ABC”

Therefore, a well-written career summary or objective should draw in the attention of your future employer. Moreover, it must give the reader a clear idea of whether you would fit in with their vision for the restaurant.

2. Waitress job description for resume

The bullet points that describe your previous roles are referred to as job descriptions. Here is an example of a waitress resume description.

“-Memorize restaurant’s wine stock as well as appropriate entrée pairings, leading to daily wine sales averaging $160, 15% higher than the company average.
-Note customer’s food orders on slips, memorize orders, and manage food resources in a 150+ seat restaurant.
-Effectively operate POS terminals to enter customer orders, swipe credit cards, and input cash amounts received.
-Trained 7 interns for proper food handling techniques, including proper freezer placement, appropriate soup temperatures, and equipment cleaning processes. “

Your bullet points must be quantized. Use resume strong action verbs.

Furthermore, include resume keywords from the job posting. The best trick is to follow the PAR rule. PAR stands for problem action results. So, in your bullet points first, you state a problem that you came across. Next comes the action that you took to solve it. Lastly, you state the result. This gives a complete idea of your abilities.

It is crucial to be aware of your bullets when making lists. Often we come across resumes that have listed job duties. Some experts warn against excessive bullet lists. The main reason behind this is that too many could reduce their impact altogether. Review the samples above. They contain no more than 5-6 bullet points in the job description. So, make sure you do not create heaps. Be precise and relevant.

3. Waitress resume skills

When selecting skills for your resume, pay attention to whether your skills are hard or soft skills.

While both types of skills are important on your resume, hard skills should be more prominently featured. This is because hard skills are often more industry-specific. On the contrary, soft skills are transferable. Thus, they don’t necessarily imply how experienced you are in your field.

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Review the samples above. Notice how she has a perfect mix of hard and soft skills.

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Follow the tips. Use our samples. Personalize and create job-winning resumes. Also, share your thoughts below. We look forward to hearing from you.



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