Best 3 Surgeon Resume and Surgeon Cover Letter

surgeon resume writing

Every professional surgeon looks forward to jobs in reputed hospitals. A well-written surgeon resume is a perfect job search tool. It provides opportunities for professionals to demonstrate the full range of their skills, experience, and accomplishments.

surgeon resume writing

So, before you move on to writing your resume for your next position, check out the surgeon resume examples below. These will help you to see how to effectively and efficiently present information. So, you will have a better idea about what to do to make your resume pop.

3 Eye-catching Surgeon Resume Samples

When you are talented, always make your career your priority. And your dreams are dear to us. Here we bring to you professional resume format samples. You will find surgeon doctor resume/ Medical CV and cover letters.  So, grab your favorite resume and waste no time. Reviewing these will give you an idea of how to frame yours.

Or to make things simpler you can download the free samples below. Just click on the download button. Your file will get downloaded for free. Customize it. And send it to potential employers.

General Surgeon Resume

About this resume-

-This resume for a general surgeon is set in the combination format style.
-It highlights the skills of the surgeon.
-The skills mentioned immediately catch an employer’s eye and prove that the candidate is an ideal one for the job.

General surgeon Resume

Dental surgeon resume sample pdf

About this resume-

-This resume is for a dental surgeon.
-It follows a reverse chronological resume format.
-It focuses on the specialties of the dental department.

dental surgeon resume

Neurosurgeon Resume

About this resume-

-This neurosurgeon resume follows the reverse-chronological format style.
-The experience section has been quantized to attract attention.
-The use of action verbs adds a confident tone to the resume.

Surgeon Cover Letter Samples

Surgeon Cover letter must be written carefully and attached to your application. They are a great way to make your resume outshine. They serve as a great tool to introduce yourself in a memorable and personal way in any job application. When you design your cover letter well, it goes over the details in your resume. A surgeon cover letter can include various aspects of your career.

For instance, if you are fresh, you might consider adding educational details. Furthermore, some extra-curricular activities and internships are great for entry-level candidates. However, one must be cautious. Ensure that you don’t restate your resume all over again. Just add a few highlights. Your cover letter post-residency cover letter must be written in a way that the reader wishes to read your resume.

Although ATS does not scan a cover letter, still you must add keywords to it. The reader will find your application apt.

Resume Samples

Quick Tips for Surgeon Resume Writing

surgeon career comprises of four years of a bachelors degree, to begin with. This followed by a doctorate. Next, comes a residency for four to five years. Then you earn a license for the practice.

1. List and Highlight Certifications

Credentials are an important part of this field. Therefore, list them. If you possess some special certifications in addition to licensing, you can consider adding a new section to put them in.

Usually, doctors add them to the education section. However, as they are so important in this profession, you must create a separate section. This draws the eye more and makes it easier for the employer to find.

You can list them similar to the education entries. So, you state the organization or company name that provided the certification first. Furthermore, the title of the certification and the date received comes next.

2. Do your Research Well

Well, before you write your summary or resume job description, some research is essential. Find out about the organization/hospital. Also, check out the position you are applying for. Discover the goals and major projects. So, when you create your resume, keep the audience in mind. Doing this will help you create a better resume that catches attention.

3. Write an Eye-catching Surgeon Resume Objective

Writing a summary or objective is entirely your choice. A number of employers these days consider objectives to be outdated. Therefore, a resume summary is a better idea.

While writing a resume, emphasize what you can bring to the organization. Avoid elaborating on your hopes from the job. Employers are not concerned about that part. They wish to know what you can do for them.

Make use of action verbs, keywords, and skills. This will create a resume summary/objective that hooks the reader.

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4. Add Surgeon Skills

You must add some good surgeon skills to your resume.

  • Good motor skills. For instance- Hand-eye coordination, attention to detail, manual dexterity are all absolute musts for anyone doing surgeries.
  • Teamwork.
  • Communication skills.
  • Decision-making skills
  • Resilence
  • Problem-solving.
  • Patience and stamina.

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These skills when added to your resume catch the employers’ attention. Ensure that you add them to your skills section. Moreover, resume summary and job descriptions can also incorporate a few skills.

5. Some dos and don’ts for Surgeon CV/ Resume

Here we have stated certain dos and don’ts for your Medical CV/ Resume. Consider them while writing your document.


-Do use plenty of action verbs at the beginning of your skills and your work experience details to catch the reader’s attention.
-Add license and certification.
-Do mention the license number.
-Do try to use quantitative data wherever possible. It makes a bigger impact. 
-Any surgery requires a team effort. So, highlight your teamwork abilities.


-Do not state job duties in your job description. Add accomplishments.
-Do not add references unless asked for.
-Don’t attach photographs to your resume.
-Do not mention any salary details or expectations.

So, follow the tips and experts’ advice. Create a resume that outshines. We wish you luck with your oncoming job.


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