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You own the confidence to perform in front of the entire audience,

don’t let a piece of paper hinder your career goals. Check out the latest tips to write a performing artist CV. Here we bring to you the top musician CV examples. You can download them for free, customize and get a winning curriculum vitae in no time!

Performing Artist CV

Performing artist meaning- A person who performs in front of an audience, any form of creative activity is a performing artist. He/she might perform drama, music, or dance.

Well, to put down skills that are performance-based, on paper can be tricky. So, here are the best music CV examples as well as dancer CV examples for you. Check them out. Reviewing a sample CV helps in innumerable ways. You may get ideas for your own CV layout. Moreover, you might get some extra points to add to your CV which you might have missed.

Below are some performing artist CV template Word. The files are free to download and can be customized as per need. Do check out our tips to customize your Dancer/ Musician CV.

Also, How to write your first CV.

Job Winning Musician CV Example

The following is a church musician CV example for-

  • Experiened Church musician-violinist with 5+ years of experience.
  • Anastasia has a degree in music. Also, she has various awards to her credit.

Also, check out Music Teacher Resume Example.

Best Dancer CV Example

The following is a Dancer CV for-

  • An experienced ballet dancer with 3+ years of experience.
  • Emma is a theatre performing artist.
Dancer CV example
Dancer CV example

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Performing Artist CV Writing Tips

Earlier in the era of kings and queens, performing artists had just their talent to convince their employers. Today, we are blessed to have certificates, degrees, CVs or resumes to our credit. Utilize this blessing. Ensure that your employer is impressed through your CV even before you perform. Resume and Curriculum Vitae act as first impressions. So, be careful while drafting your curriculum vitae for a performing artist.

You have seen above a music industry CV template as well as a dancer CV sample. Check out the pro tips to customize a dancer/ musician CV template or create your own performing artist CV.

1. How to Write A Music CV?

As you can see in the musician CV above, the best way to begin is to create a stellar introduction. This should be customized.

So, begin with a professional summary that describes you. This profile statement should include-

  • who you are and what you do.
  • Some top skills
  • Years of experience
  • Keywords from the job advertsiement
  • The company/group you are applying to

Next comes a list of your skills, including hard and soft skills. Your work experience has to be in reverse chronological order followed by your education. Those with little experience and a good academic record can place the education section before experiences. Ensure that you make use of bullet points while specifying some of your responsibilities and achievements. Take a look at our music CV sample for examples of each section.

2. Best Skills to Put on A Musician CV or Dancer CV

Here is a list of top skills that you can add to your performing arts CV.

Tops Dancer CV Skills Top Musician CV Skills
Stamina Collaboration
Teamwork Confidence
Flexibility Time management
Facial Expression Ability to work well as part of a team.
Weight Transfer Language Skills
Knowledge of dancing techniques-
ballet, contemporary, jazz, street, hip hop
Instrumental Skills
Mirroring Logistics.
Rhythmics Music Mixing
Movement Memory Symphony Experience
Gestures Digital Audio Workstations
Floor Work Acoustics

3. How to Make Your Performing Artist CV Stand Out?

With hundreds of applications flooding in for a single job opening, it becomes difficult to catch the employers’ attention. Here are ways that will make your musician CV or dancer CV stand out.

Ensure that you follow presentation and format guidelines if specified by the job advertisement.
Mention all relevant experiences. These can be -teaching music, even if you do it only on an occasional basis. You can add private music lessons or music-specific summer camps when applicable.
Try to stick to your recent past. Don’t list high school music classes on your CV.
Always list dates. Remember, you must be true in this section. Don’t manipulate them to conceal gaps in work history. Instead, include them if you have any. However, never mention why you left particular positions. Leave certain topics to discuss in the interview, but don’t bring them up on your own.

Moreover, you can also add some extra sections to your CV. For example-

  • References
  • Awards and Honours
  • Grants
  • Publications
  • Performances
  • Volunteer Work
  • Hobbies

This completes our important tips for writing a Musician CV/Dancer CV. For more such guides, visit


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