Best 3 Dermatologist Resume Samples Free Download


Being a skincare specialist, you know the importance of clarity and flawlessness. So, make sure that it gets reflected in your dermatologist resume as well.

Dermatologist resume writing

When you are looking for a job at a new hospital, you need a resume that summarizes your experience over the years and highlights the skills you’ve learned. The following Dermatologist resume example is a perfect inspiration for you to understand how to craft job-winning resumes.

Do not miss out the expert resume writing tips below.

Best 3 Dermatologist Resume Examples

Here we bring to you three resume samples. Basically, there exist three main resume format layouts.

Deciding which resume format is the best one for you, your experience and industry is entirely your choice.

So, check out the three sample formats below. Dermatologist Cover Letter has also been attached. Do go through the facts about each one of these mentioned below.

About this resume-

-This resume sample is set in the reverse chronological resume format.
-The work history is listed in reverse order. So, you begin with your most recent job and head backward.

It is best suited for-

-Individuals with a strong background and no gaps in between the career.
-Even entry-level candidates can use this resume as a template. You can include volunteer experiences as well.

Dermatologist Resume in Simple Text

15/54, Main Square, NY. · 111-111-1111 Email · LinkedIn Profile ·


Dedicated and caring dermatologist with 8+ years’ experience in clinical practice helping over 50 clients with their skin ailments on a daily basis. Possess New York State license. Employ my potential and practice in dermatology and have increased patient satisfaction by 40% in my current job position.


Medicare Hospital, NY. —Dermatologist  
June 2015 – PRESENT

  • Screened and assessed patients for skin ailments ( psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, etc.). Reviewed the family history of each patient with tumor and cancer concerns.
  • Have performed over fifty surgeries in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological problems. Effectively carried out radiological diagnostics with 99% patient satisfaction.
  • Examine up to 40+ patients on a daily basis.
  • Carefully analyze test results to diagnose illness and prescribe medication accordingly.
  • Refer patients to specialists in case of severe issues.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, NY. — Resident Dermatologist  
December 2011-2015 

  • Maintained patient records and documented history in detail.
  • Explained procedures to patients and their family to reduce eczema and other skin diseases.
  • Examined 30+ patients daily.


License– Possess NYS License.
-CPR Certified


  • Vast expertise in performing dermatological surgeries and other cosmetic procedures.
  • Preventive care expert.
  • Excellent Patient and family communicator,
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Caring and empathetic, Adept in handling equipment & machinery

How to Make Your Dermatologist Resume Stand Out?

When writing a dermatologist resume, check out the expert resume writing tips that will help you create a resume that stands out from the crowd.

So, waste no time. Grab the best pieces of advice and follow them.

1. Research about the Organization

Before you begin writing your resume, firstly, conduct some research about the hospital or organization you are applying to.

Knowing about their main goals and keeping the audience in mind, helps you create a better and targeted resume.

Furthermore, you also get some keywords for your resume.

So, check out the organization’s website and if you know a few people there, learn about the hospital from them.

This not only helps in resume writing but also prepares you for your interview round.

2. Scan the Job advertisement for Keywords

Well, as we have always told you that the best place to find resume keywords is the job advertisement/ posting.

Look for keywords in the qualification/requirements section.

They must have listed the required skills, years of experience, expertise, educational background, etc.

So, incorporate the same terms in your resume. This shows the employer that you took the pain to customize the resume and that the job is important to you. Moreover, it optimizes your resume for ATS.

3. Leave the Dermatologist Resume Objective, Write A Summary

Resume objectives are considered outdated by many employers. So, begin your resume with summary statements.

Emphasize what you can bring to the organization as well as the position. Prove how you will be a gem for them.

Ensure that you add action verbs, keywords, and skills to your profile. These develop the interest and make your resume targeted to the position.

4. Create A Powerful Experience Section

The experience section is never overlooked by any employer. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to this section.

Firstly, you need to add the organization name that you have worked for. Your designation and tenure come next.

Every job position that you have held needs to be supported by a few bullet points-job descriptions.

A maximum of 5-6 points is sufficient.

Use action-driven language in your points. Follow the PAR formula. PAR stands for Problem, Action, Result. So, first, you state an issue or problem that came forward, next you include the action that you took to resolve and lastly you state the result.

Quantify your experience. Addition of percentage, numbers, and statistics give a better understanding of your capabilities.

Furthermore, the best way to make your resume eye-catching is to add accomplishments rather than duties.

5. Add dermatology Skills and Other Sections

The skills section is a must on your resume.

Being a doctor, you must highlight your soft skills. Review the dermatologist resume samples above for a clearer understanding.

There are other sections as well that help in making your resume stand out. For instance-

Licenses– Include the name and number. You may also add when you earned it (the year).

Volunteer Experience– It is good to mention some volunteering on your resume. It gives the impression of your keen interest in the medical field.

Memberships– If you are a member of some NGO or organization, you must include it. It gives a great impression.

Other interests-You may add other interest that makes your position strong as a doctor. Some management skills or leadership qualities.

6. Attach A Customized Dermatologist Cover Letter

Although your cover letter is not checked by ATS, still a customized document helps in creating a good impression. Therefore, create a cover letter that develops the interest of the reader.

Lastly, remember that you must not restate your resume in a cover letter. Just a few highlights are perfect to draw attention to your application.

So, follow the above tips and use our free downloadable dermatologist resume samples. We wish you luck with your oncoming job!


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