9 University Admission Interview Questions And Answers

common university admission interview questions and answers.

Is your college interview turning you nervous? Don’t panic. Once you have gone through the application process, an interview is your first chance to impress. Take this hurdle with all preparation. This leaves you wondering how to prepare for a university admission interview- what questions are likely to be asked, how will I face them and much more. So, read on for an overview of the most common university admission interview questions. Do follow our advice on how to answer them.

What Questions Do You Get Asked At A University Interview

common university admission interview questions and answers.

Check out the top university admission interview tips from our interview experts. Here below we have enumerated the most common university admission interview questions and answers.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

Well, the most common, usually the first but not as simple as you think it to be. Here you cannot start narrating the essay on “Myself”. You have to put across your best self in just a few sentences. Remember, you have this question to prove yourself different from others. Avoid common and obvious statements such as “I am studious”.

Tell me about yourself – college
 interview sample answers

Well, we won’t give you an answer straight to mug up and repeat. Never try to do that. The best trick to answer this question to create a perfect blend of your past and present. Your goal is to add details from your life that demonstrate how you would be a great fit at the college. Add only your unique passions, quirks, interests and try to connect them to the college if possible. For instance- your die-hard passion for piano or your ability to write sonnets. Anything that you feel would have impressed you if you were an interviewer.

2. How Would Your Friends Describe You?

Well, this question is a blessing. It again gives you an opportunity to talk about your personality – but this time you can b more liberal as you are telling about somebody else’s opinion about yourself. Instead of simply saying that you are friendly, add what made them think of you to be friendly. Add details. Although being ‘caring and a good listener’ is great, it is probably not what particularly impresses the interviewers, or sound very sincere. So, say something that is more memorable and meaningful.

For example- that you’re very determined or motivated. You are a natural leader and are always keen to have a go when challenges come up. Also, try to back up what you say with examples.

3. Why Are You Interested In Attending ______ University?

One of the most common college interview questions. Firstly, this question requires research. So, research about your college and university. Get details.
Secondly, add both the academic and non-academic fronts to your answer.
Don’t just talk about the prestige of the college. You might sound selfish. Also, if you have joined the college because of its sports section, don’t just elaborate on it. Instead, toss it somewhere in between the statements like you’ve always dreamed of playing on the school’s basketball team and you really like the school’s hands-on approach to teaching biotechnology. 

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4. Where Do You Come From?
What Is Special About Your City/State?

Well, this is another interesting question and you need not recite the history of your state. You can’t answer this question in statements like-
-My hometown is famous. It is beautiful/ crowded/modern and so on.

Instead, highlight the unique things while not sounding repetitive. If your hometown has some title/nickname, you can use that while telling how the nickname suits the place. For instance- California is called “the golden state “because of its golden poppies in the month of spring and of course its goldfields. However, be careful. Use nicknames that reflect positivity. Avoid those that highlight a negative feature of your city/state. For example- you cannot state you belong to Las Vegas- The Sin City as it is famous for gambling.

Furthermore, you add about some landmarks and your relation to them. Food, people, culture, climate are some safe topics to talk about. However, ensure that you add your personal experience or views on them. Don’t just add statements that appear like you are reading about the place from a book.

5. Why Do You Chose To Study _________?

Yet another crucial question. The interviewers wish to know about your genuine interest. You need to highlight that you are following it for the right reasons. Commence by explaining what drew you to the subject in the first place. If you are applying for your masters, perhaps it piqued your interest in one of your undergraduate modules. Also, talk about how the subject fits in with your career goals. Do not mention how much you expect to earn through this field! You must never sound materialistic in any of your answers.

Lastly, don’t ever come up with weak statements like someone else suggested or picked the subject for you or that it was easier to get a place for. These can ruin your impression.

6. Who Has Been The Most Influential Person For You?

Well, this can be anyone from your friends, family, notable personalities. However, you must add why to this question in your mind while answering. Remember that why was the person influential is far more important than his/her name.

7. Share One Proud Moment With Us

It is important to understand that in this question the interviewer has not asked you just about your academic achievements. You can mention anything that made you proud. Here you can cover some extra-curricular. In contrast, you can also add something you achieved in your spare time which got recognition, such as running a student society or some volunteer experience. Such activity will not only show commitment but also your soft skills.

8. Your Weakness / Greatest Strength

You must be honest but not honest to the extent of ruining your impression. The weakness side of the question can be difficult but talk about a weakness that you have already taken steps to improve on. Also, add how you intend to keep working on this, then interviewers will certainly be impressed by your self-awareness. 

In the strengths, part avoids sounding cliche. State something thoughtful, backed with examples.

9. What Will You Contribute To The University?
Why Should We Offer You A Place?

This question in itself gives you tempting to exaggerate but don’t. Back up what you say with examples. For instance- if you mention the debates that you plan to be a part of and how you’ve been involved in a high school. This shows your contribution to the school’s community. Organizing an event is another great virtue to add here.

Here below is a free downloadable University Admission Interview Questions and Answers pdf. You can download and save it on your system and go through it whenever you want.

So, this completes our list of college interview questions. If you have queries, let us know in the comment section below. Our experts will guide you through the process. We wish you luck with your interview!


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