9 School Admission Interview Questions and Answers for Students in UK

School Admission Interview Questions and Answers for Students in the UK

Is it your school admission interview? Or you are a parent, preparing your child for a school admission interview? Well, put all your worries aside and read on to discover the best piece of advice on school admission interview questions and answers for students.

Student Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews give your admissions team a deeper knowledge of the related details. It is one of the most crucial hurdles of the admissions process. Here are several private school interview questions that are common amongst schools in the UK. So, check out the best replies to common interview questions below.

School Admission Interview Questions and Answers for Students in the UK

Primary school interview questions for students

For students aged five to eleven-primary school students, the question are rather simple. Parents must focus on preparing their child’s confidence. The interviewer notices three things in a primary school student-
1. Confidene
2. Body Language or Mannerisms
3. Discipline

Here are some common primary school interview questions for students.

1. Tell me about youself and your family

Usually, the first question and the interviewers favourite one. In addition to this, they can also ask about your favourite family member and why he/she is your favourite. Despite the fact that primary schoolers are quite young, they expect a smart reply from the student. So, avoid stating the obvious and choose statements that catch attention and hook the interviewer.

For example- “Well, we are a family of four including me-John, my homemaker mom, civil engineer dad and a sweet toddler sister. My mother is my favourite as I truly find it inspiring how she manages everything at home, never neglecting the slightest of details and I am working to develop that ability too.”

Students belonging to grade two and above should add some proud achievements from the past as well.

2. What are your hobbies?

This question should not be dealt with in a light manner. It gives you a chance to show your creative side as well. So, you can state things that make you outshine. For example-

“Reading is my all-time favourite hobby. I truly treasure its power to transport me to a different world whilst I’m still on my couch. Although I love fiction, I try to read at least one non-fiction book every month.”

We would also advice you to add some outdoor activity as well that shows you aren’t lethargic.

3. What is your favourite sport and why?

This question also gives you a chance to tell the school admission team that you can be an asset for them. Here is how you can answer this-

“I like a number of sports and can play football, cricket and badminton very well. However, football is my favourite one. I have been playing football since childhood. Although I am not a professional footballer but would love to get some training and represent my school at the state level. “

Middle school interview questions for students

In addition to the above mentioned questions, a middle school student can also be asked the following common interview questions.

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is one of the most common middle school interview questions for students. Here you must avoid stating the obvious. Honesty is a must but don’t be honest to the extent of ruining your impression. Here are a few answers-

“My greatest strength is my ability to solve issues efficiently. I believe in having the right patience to ease the toughest knots rather than hurting and creating a worse jumble.”

“My weakness is that I am a bit shy in public. To help myself improve in this area, I have started to participate in my society’s events and it is really helping. To my surprise, last month I was able to host the singing show in my society with much less hesitation.”

5. What do you do when you face a hard time in a subject?

The interviewers put across this question to guage your problem-solving ability. Be smart in your replt fo this one. Do not state things like “I seek help from my mother/father/tutor”. You must show that you are quite self-dependent.

“So, whenever I get stuck in a subject I ensure that my basics are clear and revised. Once I do that things get easier themselves. Also, I believe in taking small breaks during my study time as they help refresh my mind”

Remember, this answer can also lead to another question such as -“what do you do in yourstudy breaks?”. So, be preparec for that as well.

6. Why do you want to study in ______ School?

One of the compulsory school admission interview questions. Yet, you must not sound monotonous. Instead of talking about the prestige of the school, talk about the achievements of their students, teachers, activities, their values and also add how they align with your goals. Do not state weak answers as someone suggested you this school.

“I did my research on some of the best schools in town and realised that your school focuses not just on academics but the overall personality development through extra-curricular activities. The recent National debate competition where a student from your school secured the first position convinced me that this school is the best one for me as my love for oratory is endless.”

High school interview questions and answers for students

High school admission interview questions require mature answers. You must prepare for the above questions as well. Additionly, here below are some more common interview questions that can be put up to you.

7. What would you like to accomplish during your time in school?

“I am looking forward to bring laurels to the schools through my public-speaking skills. Through collaborative assignments, I will be glad to develop teamwork ability as well. The school’s fundraiser events are truly inspiring and I look forward to being a part of them.”

8. An achievement that makes you proud

Unless mentioned by the interviewer, tis question does not only concern your academic achievement. It could be anything you are proud of. Volunteer work is truly impressive.

“Being a leader of Go Green Welfare Community has made me proud. It was such a bliss to organize fundraiser events to fund campus improvements. So far we’ve established a community garden and we also donated a third of our funds to food banks.”

9. One change that you would like to do in the education system

This question need you to be specific yet not pinpoint directly at the flaws in the school’s education system. Here is an example-

“I would like to ensure equal respect to all the subjects. We continue to survive in the education system where the science stream tops the stream hierarchy. Students are pushed to become a machine that only goes for high-profile subjects. Subjects like languages, communications, arts are looked down on although they have equal status.”

This completes our list of common school admission interview questions. For more such updates, stay connected.


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