An Early Riser- 7 easy tips to become an Early Riser

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“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” -Benjamin Franklin. The quietness of the morning, the din of the world hasn’t begun, a perfect time for meditation, exercise, some quiet reading, absorbing the beauty of nature.
So, if you want to be an early riser, here are the best 7 tips to become an early riser. Read on to discover how to wake up early in the morning without feeling sick or heavy headed.

7 tips to become an early riser

Benefits of Rising Early

  1. Helps you maintain a healthier Diet- Late riser tend to skip their breakfast more when compared to early risers.
  2. Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Skin- Since you are not rushing here and there when you wake up early, you have ample of time to devote to several things. A restful sleep and morning hours dedication to skin maintenance keeps your skin fit and glowy.
  3. Perfect Workout Time- Working out or gyming in the morning is certainly better and more rewarding.
  4. Better Concentration and enhanced Productivity- Research has proved that early risers have a better concentration power.
  5. Makes it easier to maintain your Biological Clock- Keeping your body on a fixed sleep routine will make it easier to go to sleep and wake up naturally at the same time. Therefore, it improves your sleep quality. 

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning | 7 Tips to become an Early Riser

1. Fix your bedtime

Strictly follow this. Whether you happen to be out at a birthday party one night, your favorite show just changed times and airs late or just feel like staying up but you shouldn’t. Be committed to it seriously.  So, no matter what happens if you have set your bedtime to 10 pm make sure you are on your bed at that time.

You will be tempted to loosen your commitment very occasionally. However, try to be as consistent as possible.

Furthermore, if you don’t get to bed on time, you won’t get enough sleep. Also, this can kill your chances of waking up early. Even if you do wake up you will not feel that fresh.

Also, get an accurate gauge of how much time you will be needing before laying down for bed. Generally, this revolves around changing into your night dress or some late-night meds.

An average adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep. So, you must set your time accordingly.

Set a bedtime of 8-8.5 hours before you want to wake up.

2. Take it slow

When you are starting out, push your wake-up time back by 15 or 20 minutes every morning. Generally, if you wake up at 8, set your alarm to 7:45 am and so on. Waking up at 5 will make you feel like a zombie. Your biological clock needs to adapt itself slowly and gradually.

3. Place your alarm at a distance

Make sure that your alarm is far away. Far enough that you have to get out of bed and take a few steps to turn it off. Alarms at an arms distance are usually of no help to people who don’t wake up easily. Forcing oneself to stand up and take a few steps really helps in waking up.

4. Never snooze

Furthermore, hitting on the snooze button of your alarm is the biggest blunder.  These never give you more of the restful sleep. Also, your body and mind are not recuperating, infact you are simply wasting time.

Generally, this habit of hitting snooze tends to make your mind start ignoring the alarm bells.

5. How to wake up early without an alarm

Now, this may sound impossible but it isn’t. This possible when you cultivate the right attitude. Be excited about being an early bird. Do not take it as a burden. Get excited about your forthcoming day, and you will jump out of bed. Don’t drench yourself with guilt about why you have to wake up early. Motivate yourself by doing some fun in the morning. Indulge in some leisure reading or anything that you find interesting.

6. Have a schedule- What to Do When You Get Up early

You surely do not want to get up early and wander here and there and have nothing to do. So, be productive and set out a plan for your morning.

Firstly, there are certain things you must not do with your newfound early-morning time: for example- checking emails, news, FB, Instagram, etc.

Do not waste this precious time in doing the same thing you always do.

Here we have some other options that you can give a try. For instance-

  • Drink a glass of water. Usually, you tend to get dehydrated from not drinking any water all night. This will make you feel more awake. In addition to this, there are a number of health benefits.
  • Meditate. Even if it is just for 2-3 minutes. It is a wonderful way to start your day.
  • Write something or take some quick revisions if you are a student.
  • Exercise, walk or a run, or workout is really helpful.
  • A cup of coffee or tea has great benefits especially black coffee/tea.

7. Lastly, be consistent

Once you wake up early, the main challenge is to stay up. However, most of us will love to relax and sip coffee. But trust me, getting too comfortable can be dangerous.

You must be in a fight to keep your eyes open. Go in for some exercise. This will help you stay awake.

Being an early bird is a blessing. It not only beautifies your morning but also has innumerable health benefits. In fact, it is the key to a successful career. An early riser makes the most of his day. While the opposite is the case of a late riser as they tend to miss out on some important time.


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